Outlander Episode 405 – Savages

Jamie’s sextacles…I mean spectacles make another jolly appearance to remind us that Jamie is a middle-aged hottie whose nay likely to disappoint ye in bed…ahem I mean to remind us that he is a respectable gentleman in his forties who will scold ye for not being the meek and obedient type…I mean…oh just forget it…

Outlander Episode 404 – Common Ground

the single best part about this entire episode is when Jamie’s season one hair made a glorious cameo and by the firelight to boot! Not only do we get to drink in the beautiful ruggedness of his perfectly shaggy locks but we also get to see him in full highland warrior glory dragging a carcass behind him, face bloodied and shirt ripped. Hallelujah the Outlander God’s have answered our prayers.

Top 10 Moments – Outlander Episode 403

  Yippee! This was a fun episode! One of my favorite aspects of how Diana Gabaldon writes the Outlander series is jumping between two time periods. This Episode entitled, The False Bride does just that! Here are my top moments from Outlander Episode 403 --   Brianna and Roger Reunite   After an awkward hello … Continue reading Top 10 Moments – Outlander Episode 403

Outlander Episode 402 – Do No Harm

The warm welcome that Auntie Jocasta gives her Nephew, Neice in law and great Nephew was about the last warm fuzzy thing that happened in this episode. We get to meet Ulysses and Phaedra as well as John Quincy Myers. We see young Ian's curiosity and fascination with Native Americans increase. Jamie and Claire arrive at … Continue reading Outlander Episode 402 – Do No Harm

Top Moments – Outlander Episode 401

Droughtlander is over people and I couldn't be happier. Drums of Autumn is by far my favorite book of the series because it feels like coming home. You get to see Jamie and Claire live life together on a day to day basis. Diana’s incredible writing allows us to see, hear and smell what life … Continue reading Top Moments – Outlander Episode 401

Top Ten Moments: Timeless Episode 208

Only one more week left of this delectable show. This episode entitled The Day Reagan was Shot brought the 80's back with a bang and it was glorious. I really enjoyed getting to see Agent Christopher's back story this week. How cool would it be to get a peak into each of the time team's … Continue reading Top Ten Moments: Timeless Episode 208

Top Ten Moments: Timeless Episode 207

Episode 207 entitled, Mrs. Sherlock Holmes takes us to New York City on March 4th, 1919. Chills ran down my spine as I watched the opening scene depicting the women's march. The streets are filled with courageous suffragettes, simply chanting "Votes for Women". We see Alice Paul marching along with her fellow women, with unified … Continue reading Top Ten Moments: Timeless Episode 207

Top Ten Moments: Timeless Season 2 Episode 6

I’m Taylor Swift and this is agent Timberlake...Lando Calrissian, British intelligence, this episode was a delight. The tension is building, the plot is thickening and I am so happy to be on this ride. Whenever I watch an episode of timeless I start out with no less than 20 moments that I loved. The writers … Continue reading Top Ten Moments: Timeless Season 2 Episode 6