Top Moments – Outlander Episode 401

Droughtlander is over people and I couldn't be happier. Drums of Autumn is by far my favorite book of the series because it feels like coming home. You get to see Jamie and Claire live life together on a day to day basis. Diana’s incredible writing allows us to see, hear and smell what life … Continue reading Top Moments – Outlander Episode 401

Top Ten Moments: Timeless Season 2 Episode 6

I’m Taylor Swift and this is agent Timberlake...Lando Calrissian, British intelligence, this episode was a delight. The tension is building, the plot is thickening and I am so happy to be on this ride. Whenever I watch an episode of timeless I start out with no less than 20 moments that I loved. The writers … Continue reading Top Ten Moments: Timeless Season 2 Episode 6

Outlander Episode 309: The Doldrums

First I have to mention that I love the new title sequence. The percussion and the foreshadowing tidbits sprinkled throughout is an absolute delectable feast for my eyes and ears. The changes in the title sequence are a signal to us viewers that a change is upon us in the series. We are finally setting … Continue reading Outlander Episode 309: The Doldrums

Outlander Episode 308: First Wife

Well I feel extremely satisfied after watching Episode 308, First Wife. However, I realized how much I missed seeing plaid while watching this episode, it just seems so blatantly absent...damn that no kilt law.   We open at Lallybroch and it always feels like home when we’re there. However there was no warm welcome when Jamie, … Continue reading Outlander Episode 308: First Wife

Outlander Episode 307: Cremé de Menthe

It’s crazy how short episode 307 felt after watching the super sized episode 306 a bunch of times. This episode was action packed and before we know it the end credits start to roll and our mouths are hanging open. In the previous episode we got to relish and linger in the moment with Jamie … Continue reading Outlander Episode 307: Cremé de Menthe

A. Malcolm Printer and Panty Dropper: 16 Times Jamie Slayed Us with his Sex Appeal

Episode 306, A. Malcolm, was the culmination of everything we’ve been waiting for since the end of season 2. And boy did James Fraser deliver on the sexy factor...I’m not sure how I actually survived to be able to write this post.  ^^same {actual footage of my feelings} A full review of episode 306 is … Continue reading A. Malcolm Printer and Panty Dropper: 16 Times Jamie Slayed Us with his Sex Appeal

Outlander Episode 303 Recap: All Debts Paid

Outlander Season 3 episode 3 All Debts Paid, was written so beautifully by Matthew B. Roberts. I felt like I was watching two completely different shows. Claire and Jamie's lives are so utterly independent from the other physically, it's hard to imagine them ever being together in the same frame again.  We open in Boston … Continue reading Outlander Episode 303 Recap: All Debts Paid

Outlander Episode 302 Recap: Surrender

Episode 302 entitled, Surrender has left me with So Many Feelings. Anne Kenney did an incredible job writing this episode. She seamlessly wove together the similarities of Jamie and Claire's lives and how they are coping without the other. There is something very interesting about the way this whole episode was shot, and the way it illustrated … Continue reading Outlander Episode 302 Recap: Surrender

Outlander Episode 301 Recap: The Battle Joined

As the opening credits begin and the Skye Boat song sails us through the title sequence, my eyes fill with tears. Not just because Droughtlander is finally over (thank heavens...and STARZ) but because of the journey our beloved and ill fated (at times) hero and heroine are about to endure. It's amazing what it does … Continue reading Outlander Episode 301 Recap: The Battle Joined

Outlander Season 3: Advanced Screening 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to an event that Starz put on at The Grove in L.A. I had such a fun time fan-Girling with my best girl Becca.  We arrived just before 10 AM stood in a really long line to get tickets for the advanced screening. It really didn't take that … Continue reading Outlander Season 3: Advanced Screening