Top Ten Moments: Timeless Season 2 Episode 6

I’m Taylor Swift and this is agent Timberlake...Lando Calrissian, British intelligence, this episode was a delight. The tension is building, the plot is thickening and I am so happy to be on this ride. Whenever I watch an episode of timeless I start out with no less than 20 moments that I loved. The writers … Continue reading Top Ten Moments: Timeless Season 2 Episode 6

Book Review: Bodyguard of Lies

Donna Del Oro throws us into the opening scene, written as the prologue. We find ourselves In 1940, on a Ferry setting sail across the Irish Sea. Nazi Spy, Clare Eberhard watches as her husband (also a Nazi spy) bludgeons a young woman to death. This poor woman, Mary McCoy, was murdered because Clare was … Continue reading Book Review: Bodyguard of Lies

Outlander Episode 302 Recap: Surrender

Episode 302 entitled, Surrender has left me with So Many Feelings. Anne Kenney did an incredible job writing this episode. She seamlessly wove together the similarities of Jamie and Claire's lives and how they are coping without the other. There is something very interesting about the way this whole episode was shot, and the way it illustrated … Continue reading Outlander Episode 302 Recap: Surrender

Printshop? What Printshop? Take me to the whore house!

Everyone is like "Oh my gosh I can't wait for the print shop!" "The reunion is going to be all kinds of amazing!" "Do you think Jamie will faint as gracefully as described in the book?" "The looks on Jamie and Claire's faces when they see each other is going to break my heart!"  And … Continue reading Printshop? What Printshop? Take me to the whore house!

Words from a Mother’s Heart

A mother's heart is tender, fierce and full of love.  As I sit here minutes before the clock strikes midnight, officially transforming my 12-year-old daughter into a teenager, I can't help but feel that time is just slipping away.  August 19th 2004 at just two minutes past noon, Leina Christabeth came into the world. After … Continue reading Words from a Mother’s Heart

William: Our Autism Journey Update

This week marks the last week of William being taught by his beloved preschool teacher Ms. Launa. William has been in Ms. Launa’s class since he began attending preschool in 2014. William has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and because we are in the Laguna Beach school district William is in school Monday through Friday … Continue reading William: Our Autism Journey Update

My Favorite Episode of Outlander: and why that will never change

My favorite part of a story is when we first meet the main character. Every character comes with a backstory and the back story is interesting in and of it’s self. What I love about first meeting a character is that we (as the reader or viewer) know that this is where the REAL story … Continue reading My Favorite Episode of Outlander: and why that will never change

Pursuing My Dream

  In April I finished writing my first complete novel. It is currently a little over 43,000 words and it is a fantasy fiction novel for Middle Grade readers. It was absolutely thrilling to write and I already have the story lines for books two and three for a potential series. Writing a novel in … Continue reading Pursuing My Dream