Outlander Episode 402 – Do No Harm

The warm welcome that Auntie Jocasta gives her Nephew, Neice in law and great Nephew was about the last warm fuzzy thing that happened in this episode. We get to meet Ulysses and Phaedra as well as John Quincy Myers. We see young Ian's curiosity and fascination with Native Americans increase. Jamie and Claire arrive at … Continue reading Outlander Episode 402 – Do No Harm

Top Moments – Outlander Episode 401

Droughtlander is over people and I couldn't be happier. Drums of Autumn is by far my favorite book of the series because it feels like coming home. You get to see Jamie and Claire live life together on a day to day basis. Diana’s incredible writing allows us to see, hear and smell what life … Continue reading Top Moments – Outlander Episode 401

Get ready it’s coming for you — Outlander Season 4

Ok guys we've finally got a premiere date for Outlander season 4! Jamie and Claire will be gracing our tv screens again on November 4th! Now we can officially start freaking out and counting down the days! I have to be honest -- this droughtlander has by far been the hardest to endure. I've rewatched … Continue reading Get ready it’s coming for you — Outlander Season 4

The Droughtlander Cure

I have to admit getting my brain to switch from analytical writing to creative writing can be a challenge. June of last year I set a goal to blog every week about outlander until season three wrapped. The purpose of that goal was to grow readership while writing about something I love. I kept trying … Continue reading The Droughtlander Cure

Outlander Episode 313: Eye of the Storm

***sighs deeply*** Well folks it has begun, droughtlander is upon us. After the finale I felt like I just had to let everything sink in and be absorbed. I also needed to eat my feelings a bit and seeing how it is indeed Christmas time, there was a convenient amount of chocolate fudge at my … Continue reading Outlander Episode 313: Eye of the Storm

Outlander Episode 310: Heaven and Earth

I had the most wonderful thanksgiving week in Seattle with my family, and I hope everyone else had an amazing holiday as well. This post comes a little later than normal because I was enjoying some sweet family time. The opening scene begins from Jamie's point of view. Claire is aboard the Porpoise, a British … Continue reading Outlander Episode 310: Heaven and Earth

Outlander Episode 308: First Wife

Well I feel extremely satisfied after watching Episode 308, First Wife. However, I realized how much I missed seeing plaid while watching this episode, it just seems so blatantly absent...damn that no kilt law.   We open at Lallybroch and it always feels like home when we’re there. However there was no warm welcome when Jamie, … Continue reading Outlander Episode 308: First Wife

Outlander Episode 307: Cremé de Menthe

It’s crazy how short episode 307 felt after watching the super sized episode 306 a bunch of times. This episode was action packed and before we know it the end credits start to roll and our mouths are hanging open. In the previous episode we got to relish and linger in the moment with Jamie … Continue reading Outlander Episode 307: Cremé de Menthe