Words from a Mother’s Heart

A mother's heart is tender, fierce and full of love.  As I sit here minutes before the clock strikes midnight, officially transforming my 12-year-old daughter into a teenager, I can't help but feel that time is just slipping away.  August 19th 2004 at just two minutes past noon, Leina Christabeth came into the world. After … Continue reading Words from a Mother’s Heart

William: Our Autism Journey Update

This week marks the last week of William being taught by his beloved preschool teacher Ms. Launa. William has been in Ms. Launa’s class since he began attending preschool in 2014. William has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and because we are in the Laguna Beach school district William is in school Monday through Friday … Continue reading William: Our Autism Journey Update

Surviving Motherhood as an Introvert {Without a Mama Wolfpack}

I’m naturally shy and a true introvert at heart. When I got my first job at 16, at a retail store, {where I had to talk to strange people everyday} I learned how to send an “Outgoing Ambassador” of myself out into the world. I realized that my true self was better left at home … Continue reading Surviving Motherhood as an Introvert {Without a Mama Wolfpack}

A Busy Mom’s Guide to Staying Sane in a Zero Chill Environment

  We recently brought home a chocolate lab puppy, Nestlè. He is delightful, full of energy and fits right into our crazy world. My kiddos absolutely adore him, as do my husband and I. We have been wanting to become puppy parents for a long time. We had dog names picked out before we had … Continue reading A Busy Mom’s Guide to Staying Sane in a Zero Chill Environment

I Found Myself Today

I found myself today Enjoying the games I love to play Being myself to a tee And feeling as happy as can be I’ve heard that fish will never fly But somehow I think that is a lie Oh dear one can’t you see  That your beautiful fins are the strongest wings  That help you … Continue reading I Found Myself Today