About the Author

Lauren is a California native and a mom of three. She has a love for vintage books, baking and all things cozy. Lauren began her journey as a story teller from the young age of five when she would make up silly stories with her brother Nick in the summertime under the stars when they would camp outside in their own backyard. Lauren’s story telling took a significant turn when she learned to play the guitar at 17 years old. All the poems and short stories she had written began to morph into hopelessly romantic songs that would move the listeners to tears.  As the years went on Lauren began to write more and more complex stories beginning with children’s picture books all the way to completing her first Young Adult novel early last year. Lauren’s dream is to be a published author and share her stories with the world. Her manuscript is currently being considered by a literary agency an she is continuing to submit to literary agencies until a deal is made.