A discovery of Awesome: A Discovery of Witches Season 1

We’ve had just over a week to process our feelings about the outlander finale… And now we are knee-deep in Droughtlander. Last year the way that I coped with Droughtlander is by reading the Harry Potter books. I know I’m late to the game but I had never read them before. I had such a fun year reading the books watching the movie ordering the next book. I did it in this way to kind of a drag it out a bit because most of them are pretty quick reads. It was such a fun thing to do. It took me almost up until outlander began again — I had a few months in between.

I was kind of at a loss as to what I should do to hold myself over through drought lander this time around. Now don’t get me wrong I do have a life I’m a writer I’m in the third round of editing my middle grade novel, I go to a literary group every week, I volunteer at my daughter’s classroom, all three of my kids have afterschool activities and to top it off a really hot husband… But mama needs her television OK? And a good book for goodness sake! I’m sure you guys can relate I mean that is what you read my blog.

So during outlander season I kind of have tunnel vision and don’t watch anything else but as soon as it was over I started seeing a lot of previews for a Discovery of Witches. This show is based on the All Souls Trilogy novels by Deborah Harkness. You can get the books HERE

Matthew Goode (who was in the last couple seasons of Downton Abbey) plays a vampire named Matthew Clairmont. His character falls in love with a witch name Diana Bishop.

Diana played beautifully by Teresa Palmer, is one of the most powerful witches in their world. Not only is their love forbidden but every creature is after her to try and control and harness the power that she has barely learned to control herself.This show is a captivating, sexy, mysterious and a sometimes bone chilling feast for the eyes.

AND — bonus, there are three long meaty books to read along with it. The first season is out and there are eight episodes. And you will become obsessed immediately!

Click HERE to find out how to watch! Enjoy and let me know what you think. If you’ve already read the books I’d love to hear your thoughts!



One thought on “A discovery of Awesome: A Discovery of Witches Season 1

  1. I have all three books by Deborah Harkness and read the first two as soon as they were published. I quite enjoyed the first book and although very different in style from the Outlander novels has a love story to equal it. Book two has time travel galore. The problemsolving in it is really stirring. I just can’t get IN the third book.


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