Outlander Episode 411: If Not For Hope

Well, Sassenachs we only have two episodes left in season four! I can hardly believe it. This season really flew by, in my opinion, I would rather have the schedule be like season one. Two eight-episode runs with a short break in between. I know Starz has its reasons for commercializing it and cutting it down a bit but it feels a little rushed at times. I love the parts that the writers do keep in but it almost feels like its the highlight reel. In a previous podcast, Matthew B. Roberts said that if there were more episodes the show may feel slow at times and I really just don’t think that’s true. Outlander, book one, was the shortest book and that was made into 16 episodes. Did any of y’all ever think to yourself, hmmm I’m getting so bored of seeing Jamie half naked…again. Me neither — but I don’t make the decisions and neither do the writers. Although I am thanking the Lord above that the Gathering scene(s) at the beginning of book 5 will be cut down because Lord have mercy that went on forever.

I did love this episode one of my favorite moments from Drums of Autumn was in this Episode. Here are my top moments from episode 411, If Not For Hope.


Well, this cold open was quite sneaky of those tricky writers. The intentional cliffhanger on last weeks episode left (non-book readers) wondering if Roger was going to journey through the stones and leave Briana behind. Also, we almost got a full frontal here. You can Wake my field any time Roge– just sayin’

Brianna walks into an 18th-century version of the bachelorette that Aunt Jocasta so wittingly put together in her not so subtle attempt to marry Brianna off and give that baby a daddy. Who will get the final rose?


Dirty John – Oh you cheeky boy gettin’ freaky in the hallway. This was pretty ballsy (excuse the pun) of Lord John I mean he had to know that people would hear him pounding the judge with his gavel right? 

on to my favorite scene of he episode,”I know you don’t like it but will you still put a ring on it, or I’m gonna tell everyone that you like dudes.” Brianna comes up with a plan to blackmail Lord John into marrying her. These two have some heated words but in good ole Lord John fashion his goodness gets the best of him and he gets to the heart of the matter. Brianna opens up to him and tells him she was violated by Stephen Bonnet. Finally she concedes to her fate ready to accept Gerald Forbes proposal but Lord John comes in and saves the day just in the nick of time.

Is it just me or did Murtagh remind you of a sexy cowboy in this episode? Yehaw!

I feel like he’s saying here, Brianna, “you can’t be your brother’s mother, it’s just not proper.” Their actual conversation is incredibly endearing, John reveals that he has a son with whom he is not biologically related to but loves with all his heart. I love how John encourages Brianna that Roger will love the child and that, “Hope is at the very heart of love.”

This moment with Jamie and Claire is so honest, raw, loving and healing for them as a couple. A Marriage grows and matures and changes, what I love about them is that they remain vulnerable so that they can grow together. When you share a child you have to navigate different issues that might drive you apart but Jamie and Claire reach for each other in moments of pain and they lean in and cling to each other with their heart and soul.

And sometimes you just need some sexual healing…amirite?

As my hilarious friend Becca said during this scene, “I’m just here for the gang bang!” Poor Roger gets passed down the spank chain in a not so warm welcome to the Mohawk tribe but take heart, help is on the way.

how did you guys feel about this episode ? What was your favorite moment?

XO, Lauren

3 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 411: If Not For Hope

  1. I love this episode more each time i watch it. The interactions between Brianna and Lord John are wonderful. David Berry is beyond words great. This has been an odd season with too much whining, complaining, and otherwise critical, mean things. Too much social media. I get that people have opinions but things have been way over the top. It has taken some of the joy of the season away. But that’s just me. Outlander is probably TV at its finest and it’s too bad that some people just can’t let it be. i read a post on facebook today about how insulting people have been to Matt Roberts on Twitter. I think he might have even taken down his account. These people have gone out of there way to reach out to fans and give us unprecedented access to them. I don’t get it. So that’s my comment for today. Thanks for your blog. I appreciate you.

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  2. Roger was undergoing a ritual that ALL male captives underwent in Indian communities. If he survived the gauntlet and gave as good as he got, he could be adopted into the tribe and treated with respect.

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