Outlander Episode 410: Deep Hearts Core

I’m blown away in the very best way. This part of the story in Drums of Autumn was perhaps my very favorite in all the books combined. I always love a good misunderstanding and the game of “they don’t know what they think they know.” It makes for some extremely scintillating television. Oh an Roger, poor-but-well-meaning-wrong-place-at-the-literal-wrong-time-Roger…. you have to love him, you just have to. In the podcast the writer’s mention that the EPisode title “Deep Heart’s Core” came from a poem quoted in “Drums of Autumn” that was going to make an apearance in this episode but sadly did not but I think that it is still relevant because we are starting to get to the core of the matter if you will.

Here are my top moments from Outlander Episode 410, deep hearts core.

  • Dad talks with Jamie – Briana continues to beat herself up for not fighting Stephen Bonnet hard enough and Jamie in good ole Jamie fashion shows her physically that she could have done nothing. It may seem slightly barbaric but he did so to prove to her that she did nothing wrong and could have not have prevented it. The message came across as the understanding spread across Bree’s face and was relieved of the blame she placed on herself.

  • Oh my dear sweet young Ian. Don’t you just love him?! I love seeing these to together. For Ian it is perfectly normal to have a huge crush on your cousin. Just last episode Murtagh told a story of Jamie’s first kiss that was with Dougal’s daughter, which was Jamie’s first cousin. So the idea of “kissing cousins” was normal in the 18th century. However, in Bree’s time, the idea of cousins being romantically involved was just creepy and gross. Either way, Ian following Bree around like a lost puppy was pretty adorable.

  • The truth is revealed…Finally, this misunderstanding is brought to light! Isn’t that so satisfying when this happens on a television show? You’re yelling in the background, “Just spit it out already people!!!” And Bree is NOT happy. This is just not her day, her week, her month or even her year….sorry I had to…and if you don’t get that reference then we can’t be F*R*I*E*N*D*S. Anywho, Bree confronts the well-meaning but hapless males who done messed up royally and tells Jamie, “YOu do not get to be more angry than me.  Diana has this way of creating conflict between main characters that makes you unable to blame one more than the other. You think, well, of course, she has a right to be mad. And of course Jamie almost killed Roger and of course, Lizzie would want to warn Jamie about the ruffian who hurt Bree. Every action is justified, however, character flaws do play into the decision making, like stubbornness, pride and lack of communication.

  • Before Brianna was pissed at her dad, she told him, “I came here for you too you know. Aren’t these little ginger snaps cute together? They’ll get through this rough patch. Their relationship is new and may feel fragile but Jamie will stop at nothing to do right by and for his daughter.
  • This mother-daughter pair was just warming my heart this week. I have a 14-year-old daughter and I am reminded so much of our relationship in in these two. We are both independent and intelligent, strong and supportive of each other. I love Claire’s healthy balance of allowing her child to be who she is and make her own choices and at the same time she desires to guide, protect and listen.


  • Murtagh’s got his Mojo working- I absolutely love how they are weaving Murtagh’s storyline together. Of course, he would have known Jocasta well because he was in love with her sister Ellen all his life. This reunion was genuine, sweet and absolutely heartwarming. I feel glad for Bree to be united with her Aunt and have that family support, even if Jocasta can be a little scheming, she means well.


  • Definitely not the Jolly Roger over here. This guy is having his body, mind, soul and spirit beat to a pulp.  We are witnessing some serious character development here.  Just like we did with Jamie at the end of season one, we are witnessing the stripping down of a man, of everything he thought he was and coming to the end of himself all in the name of love. Jamie thought death was certain at the end of his sacrifice and Roger has no idea what lies ahead. It’s painful to watch characters suffer but when you see them overcome you can help but stand up and cheer them on. We are rooting for you Roger!

  • Oh snap….did somebody say standing stones? Roger is faced with a choice, does he tough it out and try to reunite with the love of his life? OR Does he return to his own time, constantly rethink his decision, drive himself mad by obsessively searching for Bree in historical records, never love again and end up becoming a hermit in his study buried behind a mountain of history books? I mean the choice is kind of obvious right? Lonely and crazy with a lot of books obvs.



What were your favorite moments from Deep Heart’s Core? I am so excited for next weeks episode firstly because things are really heating up, second, it airs the day before my birthday and it feels like and early bday gift, and lastly (and most importantly) I am watching it with my two Outlander BFFS. These sexy gals pictured below! DO you guys ever have viewing parties? It’s so fun to watch the show with people who love it as much as you do! Hope you guys have a great week!


xo, Lauren

One thought on “Outlander Episode 410: Deep Hearts Core

  1. Hi Lauren, I wish I had a group of friends to watch Outlander. Lucky you for having your Outlander BFFs. Happy Birthday. Have an awesome day.

    Yes, it makes sense that Murtagh would have a relationship with Jocasta. I was not expecting it, but nicely done by the writers of the show. I loved all the scenes with Jaime and Brianna, and Brianna and Claire.

    My favourite part of the show are the scenes showing the Fraser family bonding and getting to know each other. It was really heart warming to see. Especially since it was followed by the heartbreaking scenes between Jaime and Brianna. Oh, I was not expecting the scene by the standing stone with Roger. OMG – he looked so tortured. Well acted by Richard Rankin. Can’t believe we only have 3 more episodes.


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