Outlander Episode 409: The Birds and the Bees

Be still my beating heart….this episode was the perfect antidote to last weeks soul wrenching catastrophe. I can now officially refer to Jamie Fraser as big daddy…ok you caught me I already do that but at least now it’s valid and slightly creepy. Anywho here are my top moments from Episode 409, The Birds and the Bees.


The moment we’ve all been waiting for, where will she find him peeing? Bree gets a rather long winded message from Lizzie that Jamie is near by and Bree runs off to find him. Just like in the books (more or less) Briana comes upon Jamie as he is relieving himself out behind a building. “I’m your daughter…” she says and the look of recognition on Jamie’s face that quickly turns to utter tenderness is absolutely heartwarming.


The precious union had me overcome with emotion. So bittersweet that they should finally be together but a father who never intended to be so absent can’t help but mourn her youth gone by while experiencing the joy to finally see her face.

“my babe,” he calls her, just the sweetest thing. Sam Heughan was phenomenal in this scene his journey of emotions was seamless.

2. Reunited with Mama – Jamie and Bree on the bench casually waiting for Claire to exit the apothecary. “Saddens her,” Jamie says and oh how I love me some Caitriona Balfe. She embodies every scene to perfection…I am biased but she REALLY does. Take this scene for example, she literally says nothing and drops what she’s holding as Bree runs to her and they embrace. Her baby is in her arms once more. I just love this so much because you realize how right it is for them to all be together. Shock, relief, joy. All.in.one.face. Tell me how she didn’t win the Globe…AGAIN???


3. Dad talks with Jamie – Jamie is not shy about developing his relationship with his daughter. I loved watching Jamie as a father and the fact that he is really able to BE a father openly and express his unabashed joy to have his daughter near. With Willie the same joy was there however he had to be reserved about it because Willie can never know that Jamie is his father. With Briana he gets to be “Da” to the daughter he shares with his one true love. “It’s just simple,” he says. All.the.heart.eyes.

I love how Jamie is trying to sneak a look of adoration, he just can’t help himself.

4. The Fraser Family Gatherings – although we know all these feel good moments won’t last forever, because this IS Outlander after all, it is just so good to see all of these people together. These are people that at one point in there lives never thought they’d be together again or at all and I love every minute of it. Especially the little story Murtagh tells about Jamie and his first kiss.

5. Claire finally getting to see her two redheads together – I can not imagine the pure joy and bittersweetness of seeing her husband and daughter together. To never think you will be “mother” to anyone again and then suddenly be mother and experience being  parents with the man she loves is incredibly fulfilling and a joy to watch on screen. I love when Jamie says, “She is my gift to you, and yours to me.”


6. Don’t mess with Daddy – Welp Lizzie done messed up and she sent this flamin’ hot cheeto in the wroooong direction. Poor Roger, poor, poor Roger. Nothing like a good miscommunication to up the dramatic effect.

Such an intense cliffhanger! What were your favorite moments of Birds and the Bees?



2 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 409: The Birds and the Bees

  1. I absolutely loved Episode 409. The wait to see the meeting with Jaime and Brianna was absolutely worth it. Sam captured all the emotions so well with his face and eyes. Then the moment when Claire is reunited with Brianna was outstanding. I am “over the moon” that they stayed so close to the book. Especially with Jaime and Brianna sitting on the bench waiting for Claire. The shows are getting better and better every week. I can’t believe we only have three episodes left. Great acting by all – don’t even get me starter on the Golden Globes. How could Sam have never been nominated?


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