Outlander Episode 408: Wilmington

Forgive my tardiness with this blog post the holidays have given me some much needed family fun time. Hope you all had a great holiday season as well!

Oh my poor little broken heart. I knew this episode was going to do a number on me but man oh man that was brutal.

To put it simply, Brianna had the best and worst day of her life and we were there for all of it.

There was a bit of foreshadowing in the conversation between Claire and Marsali when they talked about the feeling of doing anything to protect their children and wanting to protect them from all harm.

Roger is trying his darndest to locate Brianna by showing her picture to local towns people and asking around. Unbeknownst to Roger he asks Fergus and shows him the drawing of Brianna which will no doubt come into play later.

When Roger and Brianna finally lay eyes on each other it is a beautiful reunion of relief and disbelief. The look in Roger’s eyes as he embraces Bree makes my heart clench. You realize that he has been praying and worrying for Bree’s Saftey for months and to finally see that for himself is all captured in the emotion in his eyes. Brilliant acting.

As Bree and Roger do, they begin to argue. Their fights are a mixture of passion, love, anger and madness at the other’s stubbornness. Just as it is written In the book Roger takes Bree to a more private location. This time when the intimacy heats up Roger doesn’t hold back due purely to throw relief of finding Bree and the sudden closeness they feel by being the only other familiar person in this strange world.

Bree reminds Roger of his hasty promise that he will have ALL of Bree or nothing at all but she only reminds him of this to tell him that she WILL marry him.

The hand-fasting ceremony was tender and romantic and everything I hoped it would be. Roger being a historian would of course know a proper hand-fasting vow. My sister and I watched this episode together and we kept saying “why is it taking so long for them to get down to business?!?” But looking back OF COURSE they would take their time. Just like Claire and Jamie did on their wedding night. They finally have the opportunity to enjoy one another and on the terms that they BOTH want in on.

The writers, actors and director did an incredible job depicting lovemaking when two people are really in love.

Their bliss is short lived when Roger let’s on that he new about the newspaper article recording the deaths of Bree’s parents. The look on Roger’s face was classic oh-shit-what-did-I-just-say-there-is-no-getting-out-of-this. This revelation pops the rose colored bubble of their recent nuptials and Roger storms off after Bree tells his to basically get the f**k out.

Meanwhile Claire and Jamie have been invited by the governor to a play that no one cares about. George Washington makes a cameo and I like him right away. Murtagh is woven into this episode when Jamie finds out the governor has a spy within the regulator camp and has planned a set up that will end with the arrest of Murtagh. Well Jamie just can’t let his God-pappy get into trouble now can he. So Jamie elbows the poor old chap with the hernia and Claire comes to the rescue and makes a very distracting display of surgical intervention. Jamie hitches a ride with George Washington and sends Fergus to alert Murtaugh and all is well. Meanwell Claire gains the respect of governor Tryon and saves the life of the guy whose name I can’t remember right now. I just love watching Claire and Jamie do anything especially when they get to rewear their season 2 outfits.

So then Bree makes her way back to the tavern broken hearted and no doubt exhausted. I knew this part was coming but it doesn’t make it any less terrible and once again the episode ends with Stephen Bonnet ruining everything.

In the books we don’t know this happens to Bree until months after it takes place and I remember gasping when I read it. There was such a strong dramatic effect revealing it as a flash back in the books. The dramatic effect was really powerful in this episode to contrast Bree’s trauma in the backdrop of the most romantic night of her life. You can help but feel completely broken hearted right along with her.

Now I’m going to go eat my feelings because I am not fine. Until next week.



7 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 408: Wilmington

  1. For me the most chilling part of the episode is when Bonnet is raping Bree and everyone in the tavern is hearing her struggle and scream for help and no one does anything. Unfortunately I think that sort of thing still happens. Maybe not as obviously, but you’ll hear about someone being intoxicated at a party, in a way that’s obvious to everyone and no one says anything when that person goes into a potentially dangerous situation. For that reason I think it was really effective to highlight the setting and the bystanders.

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    1. Oh God that was absolutely terrible! You’re so right. I was listening to the podcast And Toni Graphia and Matthew B. Roberts were saying is that in that time just Bree going into a separate room with him said that she was most likely a prostitute. So why would they would stop a “working girl” from working. In the scene however we know that the men at Bonnet’s table knew that she was just a regular girl but us for everybody else they may not have known. Either way completely terrible.


      1. Personally I think even if she WAS a prostitute, the screaming and struggling indicates that something was happening that she wasn’t OK with. But you’re right. Everyone at Bonnet’s table knew that she was trying to buy back a ring. I think the “they thought she was a prostitute” thing is still letting them off a little easy…

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