Outlander Episode 407: Down the Rabbit Hole

Entitled “Down the Rabbit Hole” Episode 407 was beautiful and emotional. We get to see a different side of the coin (thank you for ruining that term Stephen Bonet) and the prices that have been picked up by the other characters in the wake of Claire and Jamie’s love story. What I’ve always loved about Diana Gabaldon’s writing is that she takes you on a journey that is entirely impossible to predict. Episode 407 does just that. I enjoyed this view from the “outsiders” perspective. In order for Jamie and Claire to have been together the first and second time around a lot of other people were left hanging.

I loved that the peanut butter and jelly sandwich from book three made it into season four! It’s awesome when the writers give us little Easter eggs like that. But what kind of monster cuts a sandwich like that? Am I right?

One outcome of Claire’s emotional unavailability is Bree and Frank developed quite a beautiful father daughter relationship. They were best friends and I really enjoyed this ode to what a doting and loving father Frank was to Bree. I love how we got to see what happened after Claire and Frank’s fight in season 3. Frank’s last words to Bree were, I love you…and Bree said nothing and she continues to live with the pain of that. Ultimately Bree knows that her father would have been proud and supportive of her choice to find Jamie and Claire. That final moment when she looks back to Frank standing on the docks just broke my heart. It was bittersweet to see her let go with that final nod knowing that he raised her well with all the love he had to give.

Roger had a bit of a rough go, right off the bat he learns about the brutality of the 18th century and it is once again confirmed the Stephen Bonet it a certifiable psycho. I was all geared up and ready for Roger too be this sexy 18th century hottie buuuuut instead he looked like Popeye and where’s Waldo had a homeless baby….but I’m ok with it I’m sure that realistically speaking Roger used what he had I. The short amount of time he had to get ready.

Lioaghare…I will never be able to spell her name properly for one and for two…she almost convicted us that she’s not psychotic. This diversion from the books was due to the fact that they could NOT get the actress that plays Jenny (Laura Donnely) to say yes to coming back to reprise her role. She was doing a play in London and the writers held out until the VERY LAST minute. So in light of that I feel like they did thre very best with what they had to work with. It was very interesting to see Laorghare (see did it again) as the motherly nurturing sort with actual human feelings. I honestly can’t ever imagine Jamie with her though. He just seems too big of a presence to be squashed into Laoghaire’s (I think I almost got it that time) life.

The time spent at Lallybroch was just too darn short but Steven Cree did an excellent job filling the void left by Jenny’s absence. The underwhelming welcome of Briana from the rest of the family was odd but I know the reasoning behind it so I suppose I’ll just have to cope with that.

All to say I loved the beautiful ending and the touching send off from Frank to Brianna. Frank may never be Jamie but he did a damn good jobs filling in for him! Now let’s soldier on Sassenachs!

What did you guys think of this episode? Loved? Hated? Outraged? Ugly cried? Tell me all your feelings!



4 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 407: Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. I loved it, with the exceptions of psychos Laogherie and Stephen Bonnet. Laogherie showed her true colors to Brianna. I admire how Roger stood up to that freaking bully with his flippin’ coin.

    Next week’s episode is sure to be great!

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  2. I also really enjoyed this one. I think a lot of fans were upset about the changes to the book, but I think that they told the same story in a different way. Bree and Roger are still in the 18th century. They’re still on ships to America. Bree still hired Lizzie. Roger still helped Morag and Jemmy. The “how” changed a bit but that’s all.

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  3. OK, after screaming and cursing at the TV – THIS IS NOT THE STORY – I calmed down. I cannot stay mad for long at the TV show because they present their version of Outlander so well. I understand that they had to change events because they could not get the actress who played Jenny, but I still wish they had more of Lallybroch and less of Laoghaire.

    I really liked the scenes with Frank and Brianna. Especially the last scene with Brianna looking at Frank one final time and getting his approval for her to continue on her journey. Tobias Menzies like Sam Heughan says a lot with his face. Geez – is Stephen Bonnet just the sickest guy ever? Begrudgingly admitting, they did a great job. Still watching and looking forward to next week’s episode.


  4. I loved this episode, I think it’s the best one yet! Yup, Laoghaire almost had me convinced until she found out who Briana’s mother was! Then, dun, dun, dun! From motherly type to witch in 6 seconds flat! I absolutely adored the interaction between Frank and Bree, especially the nod on the dock, just to let her know he approved of what she was doing. It was a good thing to see the “other side of the coin” (damn that Steven Bonnet!) with Frank’s accident and the interaction between father and daughter before the incident. it can only get better!

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