Outlander Episode 406 – Blood of my Blood – Top 5 Moments

I don’t know about you guys but Episode 406 entitled Blood of My Blood made me all kinds of emotional. From the longing looks of unrequited love to the look of love long lasting this episode gave us ALL KIND OF FEELS!

5. I was just passing through the neighborhood. Here we have Lord John nonchalantly riding up on his horse in the backwoods to see his unrequited love, Jamie-we-totally-want-him-too-Fraser.

4. Jamie trying not to cry when he sees Willie. I’m pretty sure I made this face when my daughter got home from 6th grade science camp.

3. Doctor patient touché – Lord John’s bout of the measles brought some REAAALLL talk between him and Claire.

2. Father son forest bonding – it was so sweet and heartwarming to get to see Jamie with Willie. Jamie has such a father’s heart but never gets to demonstrate his fatherly love in the traditional sense.

1. The most romantic gift reveal ever….in the history of time. This is how I know the writers love this story as much as we do. To see a chance to bring Claire’s original ring from the books into the show and then do it in the most romantic way possible…..I’m done for…..first of all homeboy built her a house, then built a bathtub to put in that house and then bathes her in the tub that is in that house. Woooweee his love for her just makes my heart skip a beat or 10…actually my heart stopped and I’m writing this from the after life. It was nice knowing you all.

Honorable Mention:

What can say about this magestic photo other than Daaaayuuum! Maybe it’s all the leather, fur and other manly back woods accessories make me swoon.

What was your favorite moment from episode 406?

I cannot wait for 407! Down the rabbit hole we go!!

Xo, Lauren

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