Outlander Episode 405 – Savages

The episode opens with Adawehi and Claire in the forest collecting herbs and such. Adawehi is throwing down all kinds of foretelling. “She is here” Claire repeats in English, Bree was there and not just in spirit but in present time. Did anyone else notice that after Claire said she is here and placed her hand over her heart Adawehi gave Claire another bundle of the herbs that are good for pregnancy, Claire thought is was just for Patronella but we know who it’s really for.


Another hint that Bree is getting closer is when Jamie reveals that he had a dream about Bree and kissed her on the birthmark behind her ear…that she ACTUALLY has in real life but Jamie was never informed of that. Jamie and Brianna have a spiritual connection that is very strong and penetrates through time and space. In the books, this happens through Jamie’s dreams and also in season three when Margaret Campbell channels Brianna just outside the voodoo circle.


It was an all too heartwarming and perfect scene when Claire delivers Patronella’s baby. Whenever that sort of thing happens we know some serious shit is about to go down. They name the baby Clara and (name) says she and Claire will “share her Grandchild, it’s all so very endearing.


Poor ole Roge…trying to figure out what the heck Brianna has done. I mean he HAS to know, I know he’s trying to put the pieces together but he knows where she went. Richard Rankin plays this so well. I wish they would have given Roger and Bree a little more screen time in this episode seeing as how they are now major characters affecting the entire plot. Although I will say that I have faith in the writers that they won’t let me down when Roger “finds” Brianna.


Jamie’s sextacles…I mean spectacles make another jolly appearance to remind us that Jamie is a middle-aged hottie whose nay likely to disappoint ye in bed…ahem I mean to remind us that he is a respectable gentleman in his forties who will scold ye for not being the meek and obedient type…I mean…oh just forget it…the silversmith’s horny wife would be inclined to agree with me, even sans spectacles.


Herr Mueller is a little trigger happy, to say the least, and luckily Claire makes peace between the Cherokee and the Mueller’s…for now.


Ian and Jamie’s attempt to round up men to settle on Fraser’s ridge is unsuccessful, this is due to unfair taxes. The silversmith continues to elude Jamie so he is unable to complete his mystery candlestick task. Conveniently or inconveniently the horse’s bit breaks and Ian is sent off to get it repaired as they are about to head back to the ridge.


And now we come to the only part of the episode I actually care about….MURTAGH….mother freaking MURTAGH! Can somebody say Foxy the Silver Smith? Hello sir! When he turns around it’s like you just know everything is going to be alright. Hallelujah! I love that Ian and Murtagh have no idea they are staring their kin right in the face.


When Jamie hears of the unfair price the old coot charged Ian Jamie goes charging into the smithy shop demanding justice…and then it happens…Murtagh slowly turns around and whispers “thank the Lord,” he then walks toward him and squeezes his arm to make sure he’s real. The acting between Duncan and Sam in this scene was absolutely tremendous and so very touching. I am so happy to see this very special duo reunited on screen again. Murtagh was right, thank you Lord!!


Trouble on the home front, Pastor Gottfried comes to deliver the sad news that Patronella and the baby died of the measles and now Herr Mueller is crazed with grief and out for revenge.


It is so wonderful to see Jamie and Murtagh catching up on the last 12 years, especially when Jamie reveals that Claire has come back to him. I love the shared joy of that moment, it really makes me so giddy! I love that Jamie has someone to confide in now about the whole time travel aspect.


We learn that Murtagh is leading a group of regulators and Jamie cannot join because he is bound by his word and Murtagh can leave because of his ideals…for now…


Freaking Herr Mueller Man…a man of sorrows to blind by his bias to see that his love for his family brought destruction down upon them in the end.


Jamie returns home and Claire is more than relieved and she melts into his arms.

“Just hold me,” she says. There’s the two of them now…sigh…


The episode ends with my very favorite part Murtagh whistles the boogie-woogie bugle boy, a call back to when Murtagh and Claire were searching for Jamie at the end of season one under the guise of a travelling show, this moment is so precious. A real sense of home and family on the ridge is beginning to take shape. Anyone else cry during the Murtagh reunions?



Just when you think the episode is over we are reminded that oh yeah, Bree and Roger exist still and we see Roger getting his guts torn out by Bree’s goodbye letter. While Roger is reading the letter we see Brianna go through the stones in a not even close to period correct costume…tisk tisk tisk Bree…Papa Frank would have been disappointed at her lack of preparation. Perhaps this is due to Bree’s sense of urgency to reach her parents before they allegedly die.


And on that positive note, who is excited for next week?






7 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 405 – Savages

  1. I’m really liking Murtagh’s survival. Initially I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, because it was a big departure from the books, and a lot depended on what they do with his character going forward. I kind of like him being a Regulator though because it means that Jamie and Claire are in an even tighter spot with the revolution. They still can’t come out for the rebels to soon, because that’ll make them a target for the British and their supporters. But they also don’t want to appear hostile to the rebels who they know will eventually win. But of course they’re close to Murtagh and that could put them in some difficult positions as they try to walk that line. I’m curious as to how much we see of him moving forward.

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    1. Thanks for reading Fran! Yes I love that they gave Murtagh a deeper story line, and not just waiting around for Jamie to return and pick up where they left off. Murtagh is a little conflicted now because being by Jamie’s side has always been his calling and now he’s found his own calling. Can’t wait to see how it develops!

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      1. Exactly. I’m also curious to see if his “calling” changes after talking to Claire and learning the future. Will he feel less needed, knowing that he’s on the side that will ultimately win?

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  2. I was also unsure about the return of Murtagh, since it is a huge departure from the book. But the reunion between Murtagh and Jaime was so well done, that in spite of my reservations, I loved it. I especially loved Murtagh’s reaction when he heard that Claire returned to Jaime. It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds with Murtagh being one of the Regulators. These writers are good.

    There were many heartbreaking, wrenching scenes – Roger dealing with Brianna going through the stones; of course the awful killing of the Cherokee healer; the confrontation between Herr Mueller and the Cherokees. I was glad that there was a light hearted moment with the silversmith wife trying to tempt Jaime. That was fun. I loved that it only took Jaime a few seconds, when he returned home to see that something was wrong with Claire. Now that’s love. I don’t know how she stayed in that cabin by herself, I would have gone bonkers with fear.

    Really looking forward to seeing next week’s episodes. This week’s episode – The Savages – proves you really don’t know what’s coming up in the TV series and it is exciting. Lauren I am always amazed by your blog and how much work you put into presenting it – well done.

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