Top 10 Moments – Outlander Episode 403


Yippee! This was a fun episode! One of my favorite aspects of how Diana Gabaldon writes the Outlander series is jumping between two time periods. This Episode entitled, The False Bride does just that! Here are my top moments from Outlander Episode 403 —


  1. Brianna and Roger Reunite


After an awkward hello at the airport, Bree and Roger warm up to each other on their road trip to North Carolina for the Scottish festival. Their car ride together is adorable, as they get comfortable with each other again. Roger lights up around Brianna and is hopelessly in love with her. Meanwhile, Brianna is much more laid back and flirty Roger than she ever has been.

2. Ian Makes a Stand


Ian stands up to Jamie and insists on staying on in America and that he is a man who can make his own fate. Oh, Ian, you’re so cute! Jamie concedes to Ian and allows him to stay.

3. Jamie and Claire head into the backcountry


The beautiful scenery paired with their intimate conversations was a beautiful sight to behold, especially when Jamie says, “ I would lay the world at your feet, Claire.” Holy heart-pounding goodness, is there any confusion as to why we’re all googly-eyed over Jamie? I think not.

 4. The Scottish Festival


“My mother always said men in kilts were irresistible. She was right.” Brianna says to Roger. Heck yes, she was right!!! I didn’t realize how much I missed seeing plaid until this scene. It was a treat to be transported to 1970 and be on the ground enjoying all that the festival has to offer. At Brianna’s urging her and Roger get their portrait drawn after coyly referring to Roger as her boyfriend. For those of you who’ve read the books a bit of foreshadowing takes place in this scene…hint…hint…,

 5. Claire meets a ghost


Meanwhile, Claire rides after Clarence the donkey, when an incoming storm spooks him and he runs off. Jamie is mid-way through tending to his horse’s shoes and can’t go in Claire’s place. Claire ends up getting knocked off her horse and is rendered unconscious. When she wakes, a storm has hit and she finds an alcove to wait out the storm. There, she removes her shoes and finds not only a skull but a giant opal as well. Claire sees a vision of a man in the forest who is clearly the ghost of the man that the skull belongs to because both heads were cracked down the back. Side note — I wish I could look as fabulous as Claire does waking up under a log after a night sleeping outside in a storm. Anywho, the creepiest and BEST part about it this ghost encounter is that the ghost apparently put on Claire’s shoes and then WALKED through the forest giving Claire a path to follow. The Ghost strategically places the shoes by a stream where Jamie finds them and it is by that stream where Jamie and Claire reunite. There is this creepy and mystical element to Outlander that you will often forget is there because you get swept up in the romance or historical fiction aspect and then the creepy sh*t slaps you in the face out of nowhere and you are on the edge of your seat once more with your butt firmly clenched.

6. Roger Mac the Songbird


Holy Heartthrob! Rogy poo wins us all over with his soft and earnest crooning of the song, False Bride. Bree is a big fan and totally plans to hit that later. Can’t blame her, who wouldn’t fall for a baby blue-eyed, turtle-neck-wearing-scot who can play a bonnie tune?

7. The Proposal Gone Wrong


Oy, poor Roger. I mean he does come on a little strong, Bree is just trying to get at it but Roger only has the most honorable intentions. It is utterly endearing how much Roger loves Brianna, however, Bree is a free-spirited modern woman with her own mind. Roger is a little old fashioned and he pours his heart out and shares ALL of his true feelings and Brianna is simply not ready. Things turn heated and Roger says, “If you don’t care enough to marry me, then I don’t care enough to have you in my bed.” Whoa, solid burn bro.

 8. The Calling of the Clans


This scene gave me goosebumps, maybe it was the bagpipes or my shared Scottish history but something about this ritual was so moving. Mingled with the ritual was the sorting out of a lovers quarrel or rather the lack of sorting out. After Roger shouts, “the Mackenzies are here!” he lights the stag and looks off into the distance to see that Bree has gone.

9. Mr. Skull is a Time Traveler


While cleaning off the skull Claire finds silver fillings in the teeth. There is no explanation other than this skull had to have come from a person who travelled through time.

 10. Fraser’s Ridge


While travelling through the backcountry Jamie and Claire come upon a few strawberry patches and it is there they decided to settle and create their home together. “What it is to feel a need of a place,” Jamie says as they gaze out over the beautiful wilderness that will become their new home for years to come.



Wow, what a good episode. There were quite a few details from later moments in Drums of Autumn that were tied neatly into this episode in order to move the story forward in a way that makes sense for timing. I think the writers did a beautiful job with this. SO MUCH HAS TO HAPPEN IN 13 EPISODES! Whew! And I really think they are going to pull it off. How happy are you all to finally have arrived at Fraser’s ridge? I know I am!


XO, Lauren

ps. Here are a couple promo photos of seems that must have been cut from episode 403. I’m so curious about what these scenes entailed! Perhaps they will be on the season four DVDs.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Moments – Outlander Episode 403

  1. I think that part of Bree’s reasons for refusing also have to do with the fact that she’s never really seen a happy marriage. Claire’s marriage to Frank was held together because they both loved her, not because they loved each other. As a child seeing it, Bree had assumed that’s what a happy marriage was. But learning about Jamie changed all of Bree’s perceptions. She realizes that there was something missing from Claire’s marriage to Frank but she can’t quite figure out what that is. All she knows it that her mother married Frank for love and then fell out of love with him. She doesn’t want to repeat that pattern.

    Roger understands that Bree is going through a lot having Frank several years earlier and Claire (albeit in a very different way) more recently. But he really only sees that she’s grieving and thinks that’s natural. He doesn’t completely understand that learning about Jamie has turned upside down everything that Bree had once believed about love and marriage.

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  2. Hi Lauren. Having read the books, I was a little confused that things were out of sequence. But, the show was extremely well done. I loved that they showed Bree and Roger in North Carolina, and then Jaime and Claire in the past, on the same road. It is taking me some time, but I understand the changes are made to save time and move the story along. And, yes, there is a lot to cover in 13 episodes. I also got the significance of having a portrait of Bree and Roger for future events in the story. I was quite touch by the scene between Jaime and Jocasta. Thank you for your top 10 and all the great pictures, I look forward to it every week.

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