Top Moments – Outlander Episode 401

Droughtlander is over people and I couldn’t be happier. Drums of Autumn is by far my favorite book of the series because it feels like coming home. You get to see Jamie and Claire live life together on a day to day basis. Diana’s incredible writing allows us to see, hear and smell what life is like on the ground with the Frasers. The books are incredibly out of body and experiential at the same time. By the time you get to Drums of Autumn the relationship between Jamie and Claire is so vivid and familiar it is utter bliss to read the interludes they share. On the other hand you also have the burgeoning relationship of Roger and Bree to balance that out. The “will they or won’t they” game is a delight and bloody stressful at times. Season four will be a so fun to watch as these characters we’ve all known and loved over the past seasons brave the unknowns of a new world. The season four premiere did not disappoint if you are a book reader you knew what was coming at the end of the episode. I kept thinking that Stephen Bonnet was going to pop up at any second and ruin everything, which he eventually did. The anticipation was killing me! I unashamedly admit that I was anxiously clenching my butt throughout the episode. They got us all warm and cozy with good feelings only to strip everything away from us at the last second in typical Outlander fashion but we keep coming back for more! Here are my top moments from episode 401!

  1. Campsite Delight – “Nothing is lost sassenach only changed.”  With the dramas of last season behind them, Jamie and Claire are getting back to the honeymoon phase again. Their dialogue in this campfire scene actually happens later in the books but I really love what they did here. So Effing romantic. 
  2. Discretion is the better part of valor.” Claire references this Shakespeare quote in the books and I am so happy that it made it into the show!  Also how amazing do they look in their season two reminiscent looks here.
  3. Everything Young Ian does is adorable. Seriously. He’s just so pure even when talking about all the impure things that happened to him. I’m pleasantly surprised by this diversion from the books and Jamie being able to comfort Ian and help divide his grief by sharing his similar experience.  
  4. ROLLO – I mean what else is there to say? This fluffy eared morsel is about the cutest darned thing since Jamie’s naked arse. 
  5. Caitriona’s wordless acting in the last scene – Holy Cow! This scene was so incredibly intense. I was watching with two of my besties and we were all yelling at the screen with an array of gutted emotions….and let it be known that  Stephen Bonnet is detestable and it feels really good to hate his guts.

6. Fersali Bun in the Oven – Y’all Germain is on his way!

7. The Fraserversary – Jamie and Claire have been married for 24 years and Jamie gifts Claire a beautiful medicine box. He is just the sweetest! I felt happy and sad for them at this moment, that only 4 of their 24 years married had they been able to be together. On the bright side (minus the whole Stephen Bonnet thing) they have their whole lives ahead of them now to be together! Just take me to the ridge already!!!!!


What were your favorite moments from Episode 401? What moments are you hoping with all your heart make it into this season? What were you most surprised by from this episode? Tell me all your feelings!


XO, Lauren


5 thoughts on “Top Moments – Outlander Episode 401

  1. Hi Lauren,
    Welcome back…..I was not disappointed at all by the first episode although some people are a bit upset by either Sam’s wigs or the music choice for the end. But I digress…………………..Not sure why they really mixed up Claire’s rings but Matt Roberts has talked about that too. They always have some reason for these things. One of my favorite parts of Drums (book) was how Jamie makes Claire throw up the ring caught in her throat. I always thought that would be so much fun to watch Sam and Cait do this scene. However it looks like she didn’t need help. Maybe she’d read the book and knew what was coming, Out of a score of 10 I would give this episode a 9…..I don’t like the wigs either. It’s good to be back and we’re almost on the Ridge.

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    1. Thanks for reading Cheryl! My immediate thought as to why they switched the rings was Jamie’s ring is much more unique than the plain gold band Claire was wearing so maybe on television it would be more obvious to to no book readers to see Jamie‘s ring if Rather than a seemingly nondescript gold band.


  2. I loved the music choice at the end. I think some people found it rather off putting but sometimes anachronistic music can work well.

    I thought the switch in rings was a good idea. Claire’s gold band on the show looks like every other gold wedding band in the world. I doubt that Brianna would recognize it as Claire’s later on. The silver one is more distinct. How many people have a ring like that?

    I actually thought that the initial scene with Jamie watching the hanging and trying to smile was really chilling. It gave the episode a circular structure in itself: starting with a death, then moving into the characters as they build a life, before ending with another crime and death.

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  3. Hi Lauren, I loved all of Episode 1, Season 4. I was extremely happy when the show opened with the hanging. They stayed really close to the book and the book was actually coming to live right in front of my eyes. The producer said that they let Stephen Bonnet take Jaime’s ring because it is going to be easier for Brianna to recognize it, later in the series – which makes sense. OMG – the scene where Stephen Bonnet attacks the boat was heartbreaking – I cried.

    I am really looking forward to the meeting with Jaime and Brianna. I loved all the scenes showing how much Jaime and Claire love each other.

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