Get ready it’s coming for you — Outlander Season 4

Ok guys we’ve finally got a premiere date for Outlander season 4! Jamie and Claire will be gracing our tv screens again on November 4th! Now we can officially start freaking out and counting down the days! I have to be honest — this droughtlander has by far been the hardest to endure. I’ve rewatched all three seasons, listened to Drums of Autumn twice on Audio book and even read the entire Harry Potter series in three months (for the first time, I know I know, I’m late to the party). I think the reason for my difficulty is **SPOILER** I can not wait to see Roger in the 18th century, it is going to be epic but who am I kidding there is going to be a lot of epic moments in season 4.

So, with that in mind — here is a little of what we can expect from Outlander season 4…and if you don’t want spoilers then stop reading and just scroll through and enjoy the gifs!!

  1. We meet a new villain, Stephen Bonnet and he is going to cause a whole shit storm of problems for the Frasers.
  2. We Get to see Jamie in a kilt again — but not bloody-on-his-death-bed-kilted-Jamie but the dashing ovary popping Jamie dressed in full regalia.Here is Jamie not in a kilt just for good (ahem) measure.
  3. Sexual encounters in non traditional settings including but not limited to — a hallway, a river side, under branches in the snow, in a shed and of course by a campfire or two.                 
  4. Time travel
  5. A (somewhat awkward) father/daughter reunion
  6. An unconventional proposal of marriage
  7. A Baby

What are you guys most excited to see come to life in season four?

Quick shout out to Jamie’s season one hair may it Rest In Peace ✌🏼



**watch the Outlander Season 4 trailer here**

9 thoughts on “Get ready it’s coming for you — Outlander Season 4

  1. Most excited to see (in random order)
    -Jamie and Bree’s meeting
    -Jemmy’s birth
    -Fraser’s Ridge
    -Jamie and Willie
    -Jamie’s anniversary gift for Claire
    All of which I expect to see in some form, but perhaps not exactly they way they were in the book.

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