The Finale: Timeless Season 2

Holy shoot, where do I even begin. Well first I have to peel my jaw off the floor and then dive into a giant bowl of ice cream to soothe my feelings. I mean how will I even LIVE if Timeless is not renewed for season 3?!? There were so many mind benders and twists in the finale that my brain has turned into a pile of mush which may or may not affect the eloquence of my writing. I’m gonna go with may. My four-year-old has this phrase she’s says when she doesn’t know how to do something or understand something, she says, “I can’t know,” and that is exactly how I feel people, I CANT KNOW!  *cries silently while shaking a fist to the sky*

I know this is a top ten moments blog post, but if I am just being honest EVERY moment was butt-clenching-on-the-edge-of-my-seat-feeling-all-the-feelings good. So I am going to list only the moments that absolutely moved me.

  1. Meeting Harriet Tubman – The introduction was absolutely badass.  “The General” as she was called in her day, was a force to be reckoned with. The most moving moment with Harriet Tubman was when she told Rufus, “My only desire is to live free.”
  2. The Hug – When the team returns from the mission, Wyatt meets Lucy in the hall and he calls her out for telling Flynn that Jessica is pregnant. Wyatt ends the conversation with, “Fine Whatever,” and Lucy echoes his sentiment but as he begins to walk past her, Lucy pulls Wyatt in for a hug. Every part of me melted in this moment. Lucy still loves Wyatt, and from the way he returned the hug we know he still loves Lucy as well. Loving someone is not something that can jsut be turned off, no matter how complicated.
  3. Seeing Jiya in the history book – A chill ran up my spine when I saw this. Jiya writes a message in Klingon that Rufus can (of course) decipher. The message has the coordinates of the life boat and a warning not to come after her.
  4. Wyatt chasing after his pregnant wife to maybe, possibly kill her – Wyatt asks Jessica , “am I the father?” 😭 My heart breaks for him in this moment. I don’t want to believe that Jessica is actually pregnant, I hate that she will probably use this as leverage later.
  5. Jiya and Rufus reunite – For Jiya it has been three years and only a day or so for Rufus but something about the space of time makes only moments of separation for us viewers feel like a lifetime.
  6. When Connor says to Denise – “It’s like walking around with your heart on the outside,” and Denise replies, “There’s a word for that, family.”
  7. Rufus doesn’t die – And then moments later he does die – shot by Emma. Why the hell would they just walk out like that all out in the open?! HOW CAN THEY KILL OUR MOST BELOVED CHARACTER!?!
  8. Lucy  on the rampage –  all her pent up anger  finally comes to the surface. she tries to shoot Emma and the gun misfires. Then the big bustle tussle begins. Lucy gets beats to shit until a wounded Flynn comes to the rescue. Lucy tries ones more to shoot Emma with Flynn’s gun. Emma gets away and Lucy crumbles in to a ball of tears. I was moved to tears at the tenderness of Flynn in that moment, if this isn’t an “I love you'” then I don’t know what is.
  9. Wyatt drops the I love you bomb on Lucy – Finally, and then I begin loving Wyatt and Lucy together no matter how hard I was shipping Flynn and Lucy minutes before.
  10. FUTURE WYATT and LUCY show up in a new and improved life boat – They step out, Lucy says, “Are you ready to get Rufus back or what?”

Oh boy, this season has been a roller coaster of emotions and gut punches at times.  We are still waiting on NBC to give the green light on season three, I was really hoping to have news on this front by the time I posted this blog but alas, we must wait. #RenewTimeless already!! We need to save Rufus!!!

I love hearing from you all please share your most loved/moving/or heartbreaking moment from the finally.



One thought on “The Finale: Timeless Season 2

  1. I just love Timeless! Just the way you write these reviews draws me in! How can they not! renew this program? Definitely worth seeing/binge watching if you didn’t start from the beginning!

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