Top Ten Moments: Timeless Episode 208

Only one more week left of this delectable show. This episode entitled The Day Reagan was Shot brought the 80’s back with a bang and it was glorious. I really enjoyed getting to see Agent Christopher’s back story this week. How cool would it be to get a peak into each of the time team’s history? Alright into the top ten. 1. Rufus tells the time team about Jiya’s premonition. “You’ve been brooding like a housewife all week,” Lucy says to Rufus. The team tries to encourage him in their adorable way. I love this trio so much, their friendship is so charming.

2.The Fab Four in 1980’s Garb – I love the that Rufus, Jiya, Lucy and Wyatt are all together as a team in this time period.

3. When we meet officer Denise Christopher – I love getting to see agent Christopher before she is agent Christopher.

4.Rufus’s Line of the episode- “A mustache in a haystack.” Rufus always provides us with the perfect phrase we never knew we needed in our lives.

5 . Cagney and Lacy – Oh man this duo was everything this episode.

6. The elevator tussle – Rufus and Wyatt meet the sleeper agent in the elevator and as soon as the old lady exits the elevator the fun begins. This guy was no match for Rufatt.

7. Lucy and Jiya helping Denise investigate – They try and save Denise from unknowingly change the future they know she wants. Lucy hints at Denise’s “preferences” and Denise thinks Lucy is coming into her so Lucy pretends that her and Jiya are a couple and it was epic.

8. Wyatt and Rufus interrogating the sleeper agent. I I love seeing Rufatt doing their thing together. Rufus has definitely developed quite an edge to him.

9.The journal revelation. – Flynn finally reveals to Lucy how he got her journal in the first place. Flynn was in hiding 2 weeks after his family was killed and he ended up in a bar in brazil to try and drunk away the pain. Lucy walked in looking about 5 years older than she is now. Flynn sort of pauses when he is describing the way Lucy looks, as if there is something that he is leaving out of her appearance, or the nature of their future relationship. Possibly a pregnancy? Who knows. All I know is that by that time they have safely figured out how to travel back to their own time line. Maybe Lucy took extreme measures because Flynn dies in her timeline. I will say that the way Flynn talks to Lucy is with an incredible amount of tenderness…man I NEED to know what the true nature of their relationship will be!

10. Jessica reveals to Wyatt that she is pregnant. OH.HELL.NO. I don’t even believe her for one second. We find out that Jessica’s brother is alive in this timeline, he passed away as a young boy in Wyatt’s timeline from leukemia. Obviously Rittenhouse paid for the new high tech treatment to save Jessica’s brother. Jessica is giving Wyatt one hell of a mind f**k. “Oh you suspect I’m Rittenhouse because of my brother? Hmmm I guess I should reveal a fake pregnancy. I am hoping that Lucy gets a chance to slap Jessica next episode, just saying.

The next episode is the last of the season and it will be a 2 hour finale! I’m so excited to see what’s coming next!

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