Top Ten Moments: Timeless Episode 207

Episode 207 entitled, Mrs. Sherlock Holmes takes us to New York City on March 4th, 1919. Chills ran down my spine as I watched the opening scene depicting the women’s march. The streets are filled with courageous suffragettes, simply chanting “Votes for Women”. We see Alice Paul marching along with her fellow women, with unified looks of determination despite the heckling from the crowd. The march comes to a standoff with the police and the women do not back down. The police begin to brutally beat the women to stop them. Alice Paul manages to get President Wilson’s attention and delivers the speech that became the catalyst of change that gave women our right to vote. I have goosebumps just thinking about it all over again. This took place just 99 years ago, I don’t mean to get preachy but I do not for one second ever take for granted the fight these women fought so bravely to give me the rights I have today.  Thank you timeless writers and creators for honoring this beautiful piece of history! Aside the above mentioned glorious moments, here are my top ten moments.

  1. The LuFly Morning after – “I’m going to remove myself from your personal space,” Lucy says (that’s what she said…literally…sorry not sorry I couldn’t resist). We don’t actually know what went down, sorry poor choice of words let me rephrase that, we don’t actually know what took place between Lucy and Flynn the night she invited herself in to his room. What we do know is what Lucy’s sex hair looks like because we’ve seen it before in the Hollywoodland episode. Let’s compare shall we?
  1. Meeting Mrs. Sherlock Holmes – Lucy and Wyatt walk into Grace Humiston’s office and she immediately reads them like a book. This makes Wyatt slightly uncomfortable but Lucy is too in awe of meeting this historical badass to care.
  1. Emma’s revelation – “Damn right I’m doing this for me.” Emma reveals a little of her past to Flynn and Rufus (Flufus, can we make that a thing?). I’m really trying to feel sympathy for Emma but it seems as thought Emma’s loyalties lie with Emma. She could double cross a mofo on a moments notice. I’d even venture to say that she might have a bit of a bone to pick with Rittenhouse regarding the way they made her “prove her loyalty” in the back woods of 19th century boontown.
  1. Rufus’s invincibility complex – A cop bursts into the hotel room as Flynn and Rufus are investigating the murder of the Senator. Rufus tells Flynn to “Flynn it up!” Malcolm Barrett’s improvisation was brilliant in this moment.
  1. Lucy tell Flynn off – FINALLY! Lucy gets her feelings off her chest and Wyatt has to deal with the reality of the situation. You can’t have your cake and eat your wife too…no no no that sounds wrong…ok let me try that again, Look bro you can’t have the best of both worlds ok? Yes, that sounded much better. Wyatt says, “I’m not gonna let you get hurt.” “A little late for that,” Lucy replies….oh burn…
  1. Lucy in the Women’s March – this moment is just epic plain and simple.
  1. Grace Humiston gives the speech and saves history.
  1. Jessica appears in Nicholas Keynes Crazy Collage – After salvaging some circuit boards from the Rittenhouse head quarters the B team manages to pull up an image on the computer that is of none other than Jessica. I don’t want to assume she’s Rittenhouse because that just seems to obvious, I really hope they don’t make it that obvious.
  1. Rufus apologizes to Jiya for being a jerk – I love the way this relationship is maturing. Jiya says, “Whatever it is we can do it together.”
  1. “You’re Lucy Preston, that’s pretty damn good.” Annnnnd Wyatt wins our hearts once again.

Would love to hear your favorite moments from this episode!

Xo, Lauren

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