Top Ten Moments: Timeless Season 2 Episode 6

I’m Taylor Swift and this is agent Timberlake…Lando Calrissian, British intelligence, this episode was a delight. The tension is building, the plot is thickening and I am so happy to be on this ride. Whenever I watch an episode of timeless I start out with no less than 20 moments that I loved. The writers and actors on Timeless are really outstanding in keeping hallowed elements of classic storytelling alive with just the right amount of modern gusto.1. Seeing Robert Johnson brought to life was incredible. I got chills watching Kamahl Naiqui embody this legendary character and the story of Robert Johnson’s deal with the devil was deliciously eerie.

2. Connor Mason seriously stole the show this week. It was an absolute delight to watch Paterson Joseph shine. “Are you drunk?” Rufus asks and Connor whips out a bottle. Connor begins to mumble, “Life is but a walking shadow…” Drunk Connor is making my life with his Robert Johnson lesson.

3. Connor experiencing the phenomenon of time travel for the first time was pretty awesome. His poetic annotation of the experience is punctuated with a perfectly timed retch.

4. Flynn and Lucy’s awkward moment had me getting the vibe that Flynn has feelings for Lucy! And then Flynn tries to have another heart to heart when they’re alone in the car. Why does Flynn want to get to know her? I can’t get on board with this relationship. Are they really going to do this to us? LuFly don’t bother me.

5. First Wyatt in modern swat gear…yum but secondly and more importantly…Why the hell is agent Christopher sending Wyatt on a suicide mission. Like is this a joke? Of course Wyatt can’t shoot Carol because it would hurt Lucy and he loves Lucy. Agent Christopher should have known that.

6. The RufCon heart to heart. Rufus says, “I was your fan boy.” And then I actually died from how sweet this moment was. Their relationship is so deep and complex, a father son, mentor mentee, a Jedi Master that knows his protege has surpassed him but protege is like “Hell no I ain’t leaving you behind Obi Wan!”

7. Wyatt seems to be at a bit of a crossroads himself these days.

*Figure it out Wyatt and deal with it – agent Christopher

*Go be with Jessica – Lucy to Wyatt

8. Connor plays the Robert Johnson album in present day and hears his “Yeah!” on the recording.

9. Lucy is sick of feeling lonely and awkward and who’s door does she knock on. Oh hell no!! I’m team WyLu foreva!!

10. Jiya finally tells Rufus about her premonition and…drum roll please…Rufus dies


Ok time for some conspiracy theories….my favorite part!

*Timeless Theories Explored*

I am very curious to figure out how Lucy actually gets her journal to Flynn. I have a few theories brewing. We know that one rule of time travel on timeless is that you cannot travel to a time where you currently exist. So if for example Lucy traveled to say 2014 to give Flynn the Journal after his wife and daughter were killed Lucy may be in danger of dying herself. If it this is the way they decide to write it then perhaps this won’t happen until the very end of the show (last season) and it could possibly be the way Lucy choses to die is by saving everyone, which is a very Lucy thing to do. However if that was the way she got the journal to Flynn why not just travel back a few days before that and take out Rittenhouse before they take out Flynn’s family and that bunny trail leads us to why that time travel rule was made in the first place. Ok second theory, Lucy may pull the same maneuver to get Flynn the journal as they did to get him out of maximum-security prison. What if Flynn’s home was built in 1980 and Lucy was born in 1981, she could very well go back to that house and place it in a wall that perhaps gets broken open during the Rittenhouse invasion and Flynn finds it in the aftermath of the event. Or maybe it just shows up on his doorstep by mail. Lucy can’t have given it to Flynn as a child because if he read it anytime before his wife and daughter were to die then he would have just prevented it. So the handing off of the journal has to have happened after Flynn’s family was killed but also by a future Lucy. So, an in person hand off seems unlikely unless Lucy travels back in time to a day were she knows she is not currently in the present time. A day where she is back in time in a different time. So if you guys followed that please share any and all theories you have about the journal handoff. I really need to know (or at least try to anyway) how this is supposed to happen. Are there any unexplained elements of the show that you guys are just dying to know? I’d love to hear them and dig into them with you!

Thanks for reading!



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