Top Ten Moments: Timeless Season 2 Episode 5

This Episode entitled “The Kennedy Curse” was absolutely fantastic. The script was flipped and they brought the past to the future and it was an absolute thrill to watch it play out.

  1. The awkward tea party with Lucy and Jessica. “This time travel stuff really messes with you,” ya think? thanks for stating the obvious Jessica. I know they’re trying to make Jessica relatable but Lucy is my OG boo thang, ain’t no one replacing her. Can I get an amen?

2. Wyatt’s Nonchalance about Flynn being left back in time

“Things got messy, without Lucy we were scrambling…” Wyatt says. I love how he mentions Lucy first thing.  “We’re going to go back and pick him up…after we deal with  ‘the situation.”  I love all the hand motions involved in Wyatt’s explanation.

3. Lucy delivers a solid burn to Wyatt saying, “JFK had the ability to make women feel like they were the only woman in the world even while he was still married.” It was just so good and then the look on Wyatt’s face.

4. Jessica sees the WyLu love connection. Emma, the crazy ass murderous tramp arrives to the hospital room just before Wyatt, Lucy and Jessica do. JFK is no where to be found so why not try to kill the 2/3rds of the time team while she’s at it.  The fight ultimately leads to Jessica realizing Wyatt is in love with Lucy.

5. Agent Christopher handles being kidnapped like a boss. This subsequently bugs the crap out of Lucy’s mom who is trying her best to threaten Agent Christopher.

6. Lucy encourages Jessica to hang in there and give Wyatt another shot and in turn becomes the most pure human in television history and it makes me wonder if Wyatt even deserves Lucy or worse if Lucy is going to stop caring.

7. JFK finds out about the Kennedy curse. Grant Jordan did a phenomenal job portraying a young JFK in this episode. You really get a taste of what it might actually feel like to have your future revealed to you.

8. Wyatt slays our hearts when he says, “I have no regrets”

What else is there to say except I can’t wait until WyLu gets back together because it HAS to happen!

9. See you around the bunker baby doll. See you around the bunker shweetheart. Well this gives me hope. It’s not over because we all know that time travel is funny that way, nothing is set in stone when you have a time machine.

10. Flynn overhears the conversation between Lucy and Wyatt and makes his move. I don’t think Wyatt is moving in toward Lucy in a romantic way. I think he knows her because of the journal. The journal did mention that Wyatt was obsessed with his wife and couldn’t let her go. Perhaps Flynn had been anticipating this and he figures from one empty shell to another he can at least offer her some solace in a beer and company.

In this crazy mixed up world of time travel it is entirely possible that Wyatt is in love with both Lucy and Jessica at the same time. Heck that happens in real life too, the good ole love triangle. My theory is that it is the idolized ideal of Jessica that Wyatt loves, I think in subsequent episodes we will see how much Wyatt and Jessica have grown apart but Wyatt being the loyalist that he is will hang on to the relationship no matter the cost and it will ultimately take a rather large toll on Lucy and she will bury herself in her “work” and  It will be fun to watch the awkward love triangle and the tension that will undoubtably build over the coming episodes.

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