Timeless Season 2 Episode 4: Oh Hell No!

Episode 3 was al bright and shiney up until the end when Jessica turns up alive. Oh hell no numero uno. After impatiently waiting two weeks for episode 4 we are quite copy thrust into a much darker episode. I didn’t really have top ten moments but I did find myself saying oh hell no quite a bit. Ten times to be exact.

1. Lucy tells Wyatt how great it is that a Jessica is back over the phone with tears in her eyes. She clearly thinks it’s not great but says nothing. Oh hell no.

2. Rufus laughs in Jiya’s face when she tells him about her premonitions involving him. Supportive boyfriend points -2. Oh hell no.

3. Ben Franklin’s mom is going to be hanged as a witch? Oh hell no!

4. Lucy’s mom shows up in Salem and accuses her of being a witch. Oh hell no.

5. Wyatt bringing Jessica (who is probably Rittenhouse) to the bunker. Oh hell no!

6. Lucy gets thrown in jail and sentenced to hanging for being a witch. Oh hell no!

7. The guy Jiya sees Rufus supposedly shoot and kill (but doesn’t) gets run over by a runaway wagon…and dies anyway! Oh hell no!

8.Wyatt begs Jessica to give him another chance. Oh hell no. WyLu forever.

9. Flynn Buckles Lucy’s seat belt. That’s Wyatt’s Job. Looks like Wyatt is stuck between a rock and a hard place also known as Lucy and Jessica. Oh heeeeeeeeell no.

10. Rufus tells Jiya not to share her premonitions with him. Oh hell no. RuJi is on the rocks.

A little conflict (or a lot in this case) makes for great drama. My conspiracy theories for this episode are that Jessica is not who we think she is. She may not be Rittenhouse but something fishy is going on.

Lucy is ALL on her own (emotionally) now that Wyatt is tied up with Jessica. I think Lucy will rely more and more on Flynn not romantically but I think she’ll become more and more calloused and possibly more ruthless. I’d love to here your thoughts on the episode!



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