Top Ten Moments: Timeless Season 2 Episode 3

Holy Moly Hollywoodland. I mean where do I even begin? I’ve had to spend the last week and a half just trying to sort out my feelings regarding this episode. I’ve gone back and forth with conspiracy theories completely contradicting myself from one moment to the next. This episode was packed with amazing moments and I’ve whittled down my 22 moments to ten moments. So here we go..

  1. The Time team in 1940’s Garb is everything right now. Who cares how they got it, all that matters is they are owning it like time traveling pros! Rufus in that buttery three piece suit has never made yellow look so satisfying and Lucy in that red hat is perfection.
  2. Rufus pretending to be Langston Hughes. Our beloved Rufus just owns it in this scene, he throws all caution to the wind and becomes Langston with a most endearing fervor that embodies Rufus every episode and makes us love him.
  3. Rufus reciting The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Hedy Lamarr is no fool and asks Rufus (as Langston) to recite his latest poetry. So Rufus did what any time traveling hero who grew up in the 90’s would do and recited the Fresh Prince Theme song as Spoken Word. Duh.
  4. When Lucy sings “You Made Me Love You” — Ok so who knew Abigail Spencer was a song bird? Not me! But I was ever so pleasantly surprised. Lucy was put on the spot to sing at the Hollywood party she had snuck into with the time team and boy did she deliver. About mid way through the song Lucy realizes as does Wyatt that she is singing the song to him. The lingering gaze was everything.
  5. The Kiss — After some awkward flirting and a heart to heart by the pool, WyLu finds an inviting and conveniently empty room with a cracking fire and they kiss FINALLY. Then They take a moment to check in or revel in disbelief I’m not sure and Lucy throws her arms around Wyatt’s neck and plants a big kiss communicating that she is all in.
  6. The Morning After — So I was a little surprised that is just cut to the next morning. I was like, oh ok, so they did it, alright cool. The best part of this scene is Rufus walking in and saying, ” I was looking for both of you…and here you are…” and then awkwardly excusing himself. I laughed so hard at that part.
  7. Jiya is turning Super Human — So Jiya is fine and she’s not going to die…we hope…conspiracy theories brewing…nothing is wrong with her and her heart murmur is gone and she can tell the future… WHAT IS GOING ON PEOPLE?!? **Scratches head**
  8. Lucy’s sex hair — later that morning after Lucy steals another great outfit because “It’s her favorite time period” (I don’t blame you at all boo boo) and I notice how fabulously messy her hair looks and not at all 1940’s period correct because 1. She had a really great time last night and 2. Who has time when you’re trying to save the world, duh. All that to say she’s rocking that sex hair like a boss.
  9. Flynn’s Great Escape — An expert plan was devised to hide some goodies in the wall of Flynn’s cell in the 1940’s for him to dig out of the wall in 2018 so he can escape. Like it or not the Time Team needs Flynn’s help in stopping Rittenhouse. So after being thrown in jail for trying to stop Rittenhouse he was broken out of jail so he can…try to stop Rittenhouse…again.
  10. Jessica — What the actual f**k? Just when we thought that WuLu was going to have a happily ever after. **shakes fist at the sky**  I had so many contradictory feelings about this revelation. I was mad at first and thought how could they do this to Lucy but then I realized it really does make for good TV drama. Then I was mad at myself because I really didn’t see it coming. I got all caught up in the fairy tail and forgot that we are three episodes in and that’s when it made sense that WyLu did the pool house hanky panky so suddenly so that it could all be torn away from us in the blink of an eye.

** Conspiracy Theories for S2E3 **

Jessica got the telegram that Wyatt sent in the Vegas episode. I think that Wyatt and Jessica may be estranged or he has been gone on a mission for a long time and she is ready to move on from the relationship. It’s not going to be all rainbows and unicorns for the Logans and I am not losing hope for WyLu just yet!

What were your favoite moments from this episode? I’d love to hear your thoughts and or conspiracy theories.



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