Top Ten Moments: Timeless Season 2 Episode 2

This Episode takes us to the Darlington 500 in the 1950’s Deep South. Momentum is beginning to build as more of the plot is unfolded…yeah yeah yeah…all I really want to know is when WyLu is going to make out already…lord help me…anyway on to my top ten.

1. Jiya’s flesh eating hallucinations — Jiya sees Rufus’s flesh burning off his arm, “it’s not real, it’s not real,” she says to herself. Jiya keeps trying to convince her and everyone else that she is fine. Later we find that this hallucination was actually a premionition. So…this means that Jiya can see into the future or is it the future-past or just the past…because technically it happened in the past but it had not yet happened to Rufus so it would be HIS future but the past furture…ok now my head is starting to spin a little.

3. He’s the Sleeper!? — Ryan Millerson turns out to be the Rittenhouse sleeper agent…almost didn’t see that coming. He doesn’t seem entirely committed to the suicide mission if you ask me…you start to feel bad for him toward the end and then Wyatt shoots him real dead and you’re like…welp I’m all outta empathy, sorry bro!

3. Wendell Scott – talk about an effortlessly cool introduction. Rufus tries to give Wendell a nod from brotha to brotha and Wendell is like “What was that?” Im perfect comedic response (per usual) Rufus tell Lucy, “I guess it’s not a thing yet.

4. Wyatt the bootlegger– he just keeps getting cuter and cuter…amirite? So mysterious and good looking…you could just get lost in those blue eyes…sigh…

5.”Your promises mean a grand total of Jack Squat” — Rufus tells Emma when she says he can live if he tells her where the life boat its. Cause that doesn’t sound like a trap at all.

6.Obviously! — Wendell saves the time team from getting shot by the Rittenhaus peeps by throwing a fire extinguisher grenade into the tent. When Rufus asks Wendell what it was that he threw, he tells him “A fire extinguisher grenade…obviously.

7. Hang on to me — Wendell is sneaking the time team back onto the track in his car. WyLu is in the trunk and they start to get a little jostled around and our hunk of burning love says to Lucy, “Hang onto me.” Yes please!

8. We don’t all look alike you know! — Wendell pulls up to the track with Rufus riding shot gun and good ole Carl seems a little suspicious about letting them in. Wendell tells Carl “That’s George, my cousin…we don’t all look alike you know.” Carl’s not buying it and asks to look in the trunk…luckily WyLu is hiding in the false bottom of the truck. Phew! Crisis averted.

9. The Almost kiss AGAIN!!! — Why do they keep doing this to our poor little hearts?!? There better be some serious smooching in the next episode.

10. The Car Chase – Wyatt high tails it from the race track in Ryan Millerson’s car with the time team. The cops are hot on their trail and then Wyatt manically laughs as he races back to Wendell’s garage. Rufus finally gets the nod back from Wendell — this may have been the moment when “the nod” was born.

Such a good episode full of adventure, conflict, heartwarming moments and don’t forget the creepy ending of Nicholas Keynes blabbing about perfection everlasting to his minions.

What were your favorite moments from this episode?

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