Top Ten Moments: Timeless Season 2 Episode 1

And we’re back!! Last year Timeless got cancelled after one season (much to my chagrin) but just three days later NBC brought back this cult favorite show. The hashtag #ressurecttimeless took over twitter and the overwhelming out cry of fan support is what brought this show back to life. NBC said the fan support had little to do with it but if it wasn’t for the support of loyal Timeless fans making heir unrelenting pleas I highly doubt they would have renewed the show. Either way our show is back and the premiere episode was ON FIRE!! What’s great about Timeless is that it has everything, classic adventure, the sci/fi element of time travel, historical fiction, romance and a strong theme of friendship. Every week I can’t wait to go wherever Rufus, Lucy and Wyatt are headed. They are my ultimate three amigos. Yay #TIMETEAM!

  1. Disco Fever – We get a tiny glimpse of RUfus and Wyatt in some flashy 1970’s grab as they prepare to travel back in time to change history so that Lucy’s sister will exist again. Kachow! Them boys are lookin’ fine…they were so hot that all of mason industries exploded…just kidding that was Rittenhouse just trying to kill every one.
  2.  Wyatt in the shower – OY VEY mama mia!**sighs deeply and starts to pant a little ** Wyatt survived the explosion but he’s feeling rather agnsty in the shower because he needs to save his Boo Lucy and he’s been stuck down here in the under ground bunker for six weeks feeling rather useless. Now he’s just in his towel and we are feeling rather sweaty.
  3. Lucy throws some major shade at the red-headed step child. So Emma was a double agent all along working for Rittenhouse what a jerk. Anyway, now Lucy, her mom and Emma are holed up in an abandoned farmhouse in France during WWI waiting for some guy to show up. Tensions rise and Lucy ain’t taking no lip from Emma. Ohhh burn!
  4. Lucy’s curtsy to Marie Curie – So wounded soldier shows up and Lucy’s mom says blah blah blah we’re here to save his life. Cue eye roll from Lucy. Homeboy is stuffed like a Turkey on thanksgiving except with shapnel…but they can’t see it. Luckily Marie Curie is nearby with the ex-ray machine that she has conveniently  invented. The ladies walk down to the base camp and seek out an ex-ray machine. When they meet Marie Curie in the flesh Lucy does they most adorable nervous curtsy.
  5. Wyatt finds Lucy – Lucy walked off to find some water — ahem I mean grenades– and who happens to stumble upon her?? None other than Hunky McBlue Eyes our beloved Wyatt. They lock eyes, shock and disbelief soon turns to relief and a very satisfying hug. WyLu is back together!! **sigh** Rufus shows up seconds later and the Time Team is reunited once more.
  6. The Tiny Tent Tussle – So Wyatt and Rufus  are set out to find there way to the Farmhouse where Lucy is and they need some wheels to get there. Unfortunately an a Rittenhouse guy posed as an officer stops them before they can get away. They take them into a tent to “have a talk” which means kill them and a bit of a tussle breaks out. This is not Rufus and Wyatt’s first rodeo so they knock out some foos and discover that the officer has an iPhone inside a special little case that looks completely inconspicuous…not. In it are plans to take over the world… Rittenhouse style.
  7. “You showed up, alive!” Thank God he didn’t show up dead, because that would have just been weird with like a Walking Dead crossover vibe. No thanks. Anyway they successfully made it back to the bunker and Lucy is feeling some feelings about shooting an innocent soldier and now she has no one left in the world. “You have me,” Wyatt says. **swoon**
  8. The Comforting Hug and Almost kiss – Wyatt doesn’t want Lucy to have the sads, so he gives her a very cozy slightly sensual hug. Lucy is totally into it and moves in for a kiss when good ole Jiya bursts in with some very important and timely updates on the main time traveling plotline.
  9. “I’m your Granddaughter” – The wounded soldier begins to wake up in 2018 and Lucy’s mom comes into the room to get him acclimated to his new surroundings. This guys happens to be Nicholas Keynes, he is Rittenhouse and the one who wrote all the plans to take over the world that Wyatt phone on the confiscated iPhone. Nicholas’s Keynes is also Lucy’s Mom’s granddaddy…oh snap.
  10. . Flynn – Almost forgot about this guy. Low and behold FLynn was right all along and now Agent Christopher needs his help to stop Rittenhouse from bringing Nicholas Keynes’s manifesto to life. He dramatically looks up from where he sits in his prison cell and says, “I’ll only talk to Lucy.” So it looks like they will be working together just like Flynn said they would!

BOOM! Such a great ending! We are back in the saddle and ready for another time traveling ride into history! I would love to hear your favorite moments and or conspiracy theories for this season!



6 thoughts on “Top Ten Moments: Timeless Season 2 Episode 1

  1. Hey Lauren! Love your blog writing and you’re inspiring me to watch these shows! I stupidly deleted my fb but wanted to let you know that I am going to be at my sisters next week for spring break. The 25-30. Not sure if you or Claudia and Teresa would be able to get together sometime that week, even if just for coffee or something??


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  2. I am thrilled Timeless was brought back! can hardly wait for the 3 Musketeers to get back on track going through history trying to prevent Rittenhouse from taking over!

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