The Droughtlander Cure

I have to admit getting my brain to switch from analytical writing to creative writing can be a challenge. June of last year I set a goal to blog every week about outlander until season three wrapped. The purpose of that goal was to grow readership while writing about something I love. I kept trying to fit my self into the “mom blog” or “lifestyle blog”  mold and it didn’t really feel like I was being true to who “Lauren” is. Then I had to ask myself, what do I love? What makes me passionate? What does the shape of a Lauren mold look like? I LOVE stories, particularly Outlander and the stories I make up. I set out in that six months to write what I felt like writing in a way that I felt like writing it. Sarcastic, silly, sometimes serious and sometimes somber, with no shortage of alliteration.  Ahem…anyway…moving on. I wrote Outlander related posts every week from July to December. I worked really hard and learned a lot and I truly loved every minute of it.

I mean, can you blame me?

I take pride in the commitment I made to myself and my blog, my readership has grown by 600% from last year…can you even handle that??? I was calculating the stats and I just stared at the calculator for a solid minute. It hit me like a ton of bricks that once I embraced me, Lauren, who I really am and what I love, I succeeded. Not to mention, Diana Gabaldon, herself liked my Blog post about Turtle Soup! Droughtlander is still another 6 months give or take a couple weeks. Today Maril Davis Tweeted that they were officially half way through filming season 4! Yippee!

I do plan to write about Outlander on a regular basis. I need to reevaluate my goals for the year and continue to grow my readership while pursuing my other writing aspirations. I am still in the process of submitting my Middle Grade Manuscript to literary agents and I have slacked in my submission quota since I began my commitment to blogging once a week. Now that I have rededicated myself to submitting and continuing to write my second book my blogging has fallen a little behind.

I would love to hear from my lovely readers about what you would like me to write about. It can be Outlander themed or not, I know alot of you enjoy the TV reviews and book reviews and I love to do those types of blogs as well. All positive thoughts and Ideas welcome!

Currently I am listening the The Fiery Cross, which is book five in the Outlander series. All the books in the Outlander series (minus the Lord John Grey books) are narrated by the magnificent Davina Porter.

I have read the Fiery Cross once and I concur with the general consensus of Outlander fans that this was the hardest book to get through. I think I spent an entire year trying to get through the first half of the book (being the mother of three very young children may have had something to do with that as well). I am currently 3.5 hours into the audiobook version and we are still at the mother f***ing gathering! If y’all have read this book you feel my pain. This is also the longest of the Outlander books, most of the audiobooks are around 44-46 hours and The Fiery Cross is just over 55 hours. I don’t actually mind the length of the book or that Diana takes her time when she feels like taking her time because I thoroughly enjoy her writing style, I’ve become rather accustomed to how she writes in little nuclei formations that keep building upon the other until you see that shape she is forming. Until suddenly you get smacked in the face by and unexpected twist and you’re riding a wild roller coaster of emotions. It happens to me every time!

I have found that listening (and relistening) to the Audiobooks in the Outlander series is my favorite and most satisfying cure for Droughtlander. You may have just gasped and said But Lauren?!?! How could you say such a thing? What about the ACTUAL show??” Your shock and surprise is expected and understandable, however I prefer the audio books for three reasons.

  1. I can take the Audiobook wherever I go. I listen in the car, at home while doing chores, and even as I’m curling up in bed about to go to sleep, it has a timer so I can fall asleep listening to the story.
  2. It feels like story time. Every night of my childhood my mother would read to me and my two brothers and sister and it is very reminiscent of those warm memories. It was during these nightly reading that my imagination ignited and I realized that the imaginary worlds being read to me could exist in my mind with no lack of vibrancy.
  3. I love the TV version of Outlander with an immense amount or fervor. WIth that being said, I watched every episode of season 3 no less than 4 times each because I did an exhaustive recap of each episode…so I needed a little breather.

The Outlander series on Audiobook is like my Droughtlander security blanket, it eases the void in a very special way. It’s almost like you can still be on the ground and in the lives of our beloved characters in real time.

 This past weekend I finished listening to Drums of Autumn (the book that comes before the Fiery Cross) for the second time (I’ve read the book as well). Season four of Outlander is set to follow the Plot line from Drums of Autumn. I’ve just about memorized every character and plot line from the book and I’m excited to see how it comes to fruition on screen. It’s fun to listen to the story and guess what will be highlighted and what will be streamlined or dropped. I really CAN NOT wait to see **SPOILER** Bree and Roger in the 18th century and their hand fasting scene. It will be truly glorious. What are you guys looking forward to and what are your go to Droughtlander cures?



13 thoughts on “The Droughtlander Cure

    1. Love your writing style, Lauren. Thank you for sharing with us your take on Outlander. It’s always a pleasure reading your opinion. Love, love, LOVE the books myself. I’m doing the same. Listening to them all through “Audible.” I’m on chapter 9 of the “Drums of Autumn.” Love listening to Davina Porter read these books! She does such a wonderful job. Like you, I’m memorizing every bit of it. Looking forward to seeing Roger and Bree in the 18th Century. Bree meeting Jamie! Oh, I Can’t Wait!!

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  1. Good luck on your book, Lauren! Had to laugh, my husband just read your headline over my shoulder, “A lot can happen in 9 months, Sassenach.” He then answered himself, “Yea, you can have a baby!” (As he was looking at Jamie’s picture and I’m sure imagining that every woman wouldn’t mind being his “baby-mama”! Haha!

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  2. Hi Lauren, Just needed to comment a bit on the Fiery Cross because I had trouble getting through it the first time I read it as well….the gathering did seem like the Longest Day. So now I’m reading it again and I am struck by some of the amazing writing I don’t think I got the first time. There is a great chapter where Jamie greets all the clans that is fabulous and another chapter when Jamie lights the Cross to call up the militia. Loved reading that……also parts with Roger and Bree are also very sweet……and then there’s finally Aunt Jocasta’s wedding. Pretty great stuff. Thanks for your blog. Always very well written and interesting.

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    1. Yes I agree such amazing writing…I’m really enjoying it the second time around. I feel like I always am trying to rush through my first read a book to get to the point you know? The second time around I just try to relish the moment and not rush through.


  3. You’re a wonderful writer, Lauren! I’m blessed to be part of your inspiration that began at bedtime so long ago. My pride in you is as boundless as your passion for storytelling💗. Keep it up, my beautiful daughter… many of us are standing by📚🤗 I love you💞

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  4. I only started reading the books after season 1 of the tv show premiered. I didn’t want to wait to see what was going to happen next, and I was having a hard time understanding a lot of the dialog. So I’ve been able to deal with Draughtlander by continuing to read the books. I am almost finished with WIMOHB, though, and that is a little scary to me! Hopefully she’ll finish up the next book soon, and I definitely plan on reading the Lord John books, too. I love this series so much, and I have really enjoyed following all of these characters’ stories. I can understand how some folks stopped after the first several books (I’m looking at you, Fiery Cross), but once you push through that first half, things really pick up well. I know some people only want to hear about Jamie and Claire, but DG has created so many other really wonderful characters in this series! I’m really digging WIMOHB, and I’m thinking I’m just going to have to start all over again! Thanks for blogging Lauren! Your posts are always a lot of fun to read. =)

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    1. My experience is so similar to yours! I started reading the books shortly after I finished watching the first episode! (I blogged about it here ). And I totally feel you about book eight…I tried to read slowly but I devoured it in less than a week 😭 and now I’m in the “waiting for book 9 purgatory.” Thanks so much for reading the blog Sara!


  5. Dear Lauren,
    When it comes right down to it, you must write what stirs your heart. However, I hope your heart moves a wee bit to us Droughtlanders. Your writing on that topic is soooo good.

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