10 Shows to get us all the way through Droughtlander

We’ve been in a funk my dear outlander fans. Snuggling up in our plaid throw blankets eating peanut butter M&Ms and relentlessly re-watching episodes of outlander likes it’s our job. Ok, so you can maybe guess what I have been doing, ahem. However, I imagine you all have been participating in similar post season rituals. After the season 3 finale of Outlander played its ending sequence we shook our fists at the sky and yelled in desperate agony “But how will we even live???” Well I’m here to tell you how. Here are ten shows airing this year that will bring us right through the end of summer.

  1. This is Us

The second half of season 2 picked up on January 9th (Tuesdays on NBC). If you haven’t watched this incredible show be prepared to shed some tears from the unavoidable relatable relationship scenarios in this one. You can catch up on missed episodes on ABC.com

2. The Alienist

Season one airs on TNT January 22. Luke Evans is the hunky guy who played Gaston in the live action movie Beauty and the Beast. He’s easy on the eyes and solves murders and what not.

3. Victoria

Season 2 began on January 14th (my birthday 😍) and airs on PBS.

< strong>4. Jane the Virgin  The second half of season 4 airs January 26th on the CW. If you haven’t seen this one yet it’s GREAT for binge watching you’ll get sucked right in.

< strong>5. The Academy Awards I love a good awards show as much ch as the next gal. The Oscars air Sunday March 4th on ABC with Jimmy Kimmel as host.

< strong>6. Rise This is a new show premiering on NBC March 20th. From what I’ve read it has a Glee meets Friday Night lights sort of vibe.

< strong>7. Little Women This presentation of Little Women will be a limited series premiering May 18th on PBS. I grew up reading the book and LOVED the movie that came out in The 90s so this one has big shoes to fill but I am excited none the less!

< strong>8. Howard’s End This adaptation of E.M. Forster’s classic novel will air in April on Starz (BBC one in the UK) as a 4 part Mini-series. You know the hunky guy (Matthew McFadden) who played Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice? Well he’s in this one.

< strong>9. Taboo The second series of this creepy but worth it show because …Tom Hardy… is scheduled to Air in summer of this year on BBC in the UK. As I get more information on this show with my Celebrity Husband I will post it here!

< strong>10. Timeless My favorite time team trio is set to return to NBC Sunday’s beginning March 11th at 10/9 central of this year. Thanks to the out cry from fans (like myself) NBC redacted the r decision to cancel this show and second season filming is well underway! Can’t wait. I will post updates as they become available.

shows will you be watching to get through Droughtlander?

xo, Lauren<<<<

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