Outlander Episode 313: Eye of the Storm

***sighs deeply***

Well folks it has begun, droughtlander is upon us. After the finale I felt like I just had to let everything sink in and be absorbed. I also needed to eat my feelings a bit and seeing how it is indeed Christmas time, there was a convenient amount of chocolate fudge at my disposal. In all seriousness, fudge is actually a coping mechanism. This season had its ups and downs and enough drama to span 20 years. I even feel 20 years older…but, you know, still hot…like Claire.

Episode 313 was co-written by badasss Toni Graphia and my writer crush, the dashing Mr. Matthew B. Roberts. Matt Roberts also directed this episode, and as far as I know this is the first episode he has directed apart from the title shots. They knocked it out of the park in my opinion. The title, The Eye of the Storm, made sense at the end of the episode, however Jamie and Claire were in the middle of little storms through out the episode.

The opening  scene episode into is rather shocking to those who haven’t read the books. Claire looks pretty dead…but still really pretty…I mean its hard to make her ugly, I doubt it is even possible.

This episode is divided into three parts that I’ve aptly named, Fun with Frenemies, Creepy Ass Cave, and Toto we’re not in Jamaica anymore.

The next scene picks up almost where we left off, Claire has taken the carriage to Rosehill Manor. When the carriage stops before they have arrived, Claire looks out the window to see a group of slaves walking into the jungle with torches humming rather menacingly. **creepy feeling creeps into throat**

Fergus and Marsali discover a note in Claire and Jamie’s room explaining what happened to Jamie. Fergus gets and idea of what can be done to help Jamie. Marsali is not about to be left behind to wait around. I just love them together, they are a mini Claire and Jamie. We one last shot of the yellow dress lying across the bed and they are off.

Claire is walking through the slave quarters and whispering for Ian. She is pretty unsuccessful but does discover a dead boy under a pile of hay. Just as she makes this discovery she is found and carried away by one of Geillis’s slaves.

Geillis is positive that Ian is lying about why Claire wanted the gemstones and Ian is SUPER over the Bakra’s shit…looks like they’re out of the honeymoon phase…just kidding…
Ian is taken away right before Claire is brought in to see Geillis.

Next we Jamie and Captain Leonard. They are stopped by other soldiers. “We are taking Mr. Fraser into our charge.”

“By what authority?” Captain Leonard exclaims.

BOOM the OG himself Lord John the mother f***ing Governor Grey. That’s who Lieutenant! **sticks out tongue with the grace of a toddler”

Now this may be the most satisfying smackdown since Claire smacked Leghair in the face in season one. I love how Lord John starts out slow and then just keeps the punches coming and Leonard don’t even know what hit him.

“May I see the warrant?”

“You must excuse my unfamiliarity with liberal practices of the navy service.”

“Then I presume your witness has made an affidavit and sworn its veracity in front of a judge.”

“Your authority ends at the water’s edge, which is precisely where mine begins.”

*Epic smackdown*

After seeing this scene it makes sense yet again as to why Lord John didn’t meet Claire aboard the Porpoise. This scene would not have been possible otherwise. It wouldn’t have made sense if the Porpoise was the ship that delivered Lord John to Jamaica, he would have had a different rapport with Captain Leonard.

The frenemies are catching up…Claire tells Geillis the truth about where she’s been and why she is here. Claire starts to see that Geillis is off her rocker.

Claire proves that she is telling the truth by showing Geillis the pictures of Brianna. Claire tells her that she actually met Brianna in 1968 and Geillis realizes that Brianna is the 200 year old baby. Just the person she needs to draw her back to that time.

After an awkward hug Geillis leaves. Claire quickly realizes that she is locked in…she sees Ian being taken away outside. Jamie bursts through the door and they quickly follow in pursuit after Ian. “Which way now Sassenach?” I cracked up at that for some reason, maybe it was the way Jamie ran after Claire.

Through the tall grass Jamie and Claire make their way closer and closer to the sound of the drumming. Jamie and Claire watch through the tall grass as unwelcome onlookers and Claire has some major deja vu. The dance of the Druids over twenty some odd years ago in a simpler time with a different husband. We know that this means a portal is open and ripe for the pickin’ or time traveling through…but picking sounded better…anyway

Willoughby shows up and tells his new homies that his old homies are cool. Willoughby tells Jamie and Claire that he and Margaret are starting a new life together…I’m glad they got a happy ending.

Margaret reads Jamie and Claire and talks of the rabbit Jamie saw on Culloden Moor and the bird Claire saw in the windowsill in Boston. Those were things only Jamie and Claire knew about. No one but them knew, in that moment it proved the validity or Margaret’s gift. I have to hand it to Ms. Campbell, when she channeled Brianna it sent shivers down my spine. She talks about the Abundawe again and Claire is starting to put the pieces together.

Archibald comes to retrieve his sister, Willoughby was not having it and Jamie demands to know where Ian is. Archibald explains that his only priority is helping mistress Abernathy take out that 200 year old baby so the next king of Scotland can take the throne.

Claire immediately realizes that Brianna’s life is in danger. Claire frantically looks through the photos of Brianna and one is missing, she asks Jamie if he has it. Of course he does not because we saw the wicked witch take it.

They get directions to ABUNDAWE and an encouraging tip that they will surely die if they go in there. So….they go anyway.

This next part gave me chills, in the book you can feel the intensity of the pull Claire feels to the portal and holding on to Jamie’s hand for dear life. The tender kiss they share knowing that they may be separated for good this time is precious and heart breaking.

Geillis is huddled over some voodoo crap and Ian is tied up like a bundle of firewood. Hercules is poised in the corner ready for a smackdown.

Jamie immediately gets into a tussel with Hercules while Claire tries to reason with Geillis to no avail. Jamie’s knife gets kicked away from his hand and it seems that the evil may win. But just as Geillis is about to jump through the portal (the pool in the center of the cave) Claire grabs the knife swings it as Geillis and nearly decapitates her. Geillis crumples to the ground as blood gushes out of her neck. Ding dong the with is dead.

Jamie managed to get the upper hand over Hercules and once he sees that Geillis is dead her tells Hercules that he is free and to basically run away as fast as you can out of this creepy joint. Jamie unties Ian and Claire is suddenly in a trance and looking into the pool as if it is calling to her to jump through. Jamie reaches out and takes her hand and Claire snaps out of it. Phew! Close one!

They skeedaddle out of the cave and Claire has a flash back of the bones that Joe and her were inspecting back in the hospital in Boston…she’s like holy mother of guacamole I was right and I was the one who murdered that biotch.

Poor Ian he’s really been through it these past few months hasn’t he. In this moment you realize how young he is and still such a kid in so many ways.

Jamie notices that Claire is on the verge of a mental breakdown due to her recent homicidal activities and he pulls Claire and Ian in for the cutest group hug ever.

So at this point you’re thinking oh its over what a great spot to end! But then you get to enjoy a super duper sexy scene. A shirtless Jamie walks across the cabin carrying over a bowl of water….holy shoot! It’s the shaving scene! They switched around the timing of this scene the order would have been more of where they placed turtle sound at the end of episode 311. However I am TOTALLY ok with what they did here.

This scene was like dessert. So deliciously sexy in every way. Jamie and Claire are finally alone and at ease for the first time since Ian was kidnapped. They can relax and just enjoy each other and begin their new life together. Also the ass grabbing was JUST THE BEST.

Not all is calm on the western front or whatever front they are on at the moment…in the post coital cuddle they notice a storm is brewing. “THe skies are turning,” Jamies says.

The next scene we are in the middle of hurricane at sea. Jamie is desperately trying helping steer the boat as the waves are crashing all around and the rain is pouring down in sheets of water. Claire warns everyone to stay below despite the protests of Ian and Fergus. She puts her foot down on the matter. Of course, Claire does not stay below, shes Jamie’s ride or die…literally.

Claire climbs up to the to deck and can bare stay upright with the violent wind and the rain tossing her about. one guys gets hurt and Claire tries to help him, the main mast begins to crack and break. Everyone get below except for Jamie and Claire. They are screaming for each other and trying to reach one another. Then they watch as the most enormous wave approaches them threatening to consume the entire ship.

The wave hits and as soon as it passes Jamie struggles to his feet and sees that Claire is gone. He yells for her and we soon see where she is.

The voice over from the beginning of the episode repeats, this moment is poetic in a sad and beautiful way. Claire describes the peaceful and bodiless feeling one gets near death. My heart clenched at this moment even though I’ve read the books and knows what happens next.

This next moment is what further proves that this is a love story for the ages. When I see Jamie swimming towards her I just began to cry. His love for her is so deep he literally moved heaven and earth to save her and he would over and over to see her safe.

Jamie, king of men that he is, reaches Claire, cuts her free of the rope and boat debris that is dragging her down. He puts his mouth on hers, maybe kissing her, maybe breathing air into her lungs and they float up to the surface. Jamie grabs hold of some floating debris, securing himself and Claire to it. Jamie’s line here is so good,  “Damn you Sassenach! If you die here now I swear I’ll kill you!” You tell her Jamie!

Jamie begins to sob and buries his face in her hair. The camera pulls up up up up and away and we see that they are in the very center, the eye rather, of the storm. The center of the storm is calm even though everything around them is in a disarray. Quite a lovely analogy of their relationship if you ask me.

Some time later Jamie is laying on a beach and a little girl runs over to poke him with a stick to see if he is alive. Jamie gets up and the girl runs away. Jamie sees Claire laying close by and crawls to her. He gently moves her hair fearing that she may be dead…”Sassenach…” he says softly. He kisses her thinking she is dead and she suddenly coughs. Thank GOD! Cause that devastated look on Jamie’s face almost killed me…I mean the guy has got to catch a break some time am I right?!?!

“I thought you were dead,” Jamie says.

“I told you I’d never leave you again,” Claire replies.


In the distance you can see the little girl retuning with what looks like her parents. Claire and Jamie exchange a few words, they assume the Artemis went down at see and their loved ones are gone. They immediately begin to grieve for them, terribly bittersweet,  knowing you have each other but everyone else you love is gone.

“You alright man,” the kindly stranger says to Jamie.

“We have all our limbs,” Jamie replies.

The man says that the ship he’s assuming Jamie came from has run aground four miles south, AND EVERYONE SURVIVED!

Jamie and Claire are overcome with joy. The man introduces himself and his family and then Jamie introduces himself with his real name, finally, I bet that felt nice and his wife, Claire.

Jamie asks where they are…the Colony of Georgia…

The two love birds put their heads together to celebrate this moment of joy, relief and possibility…

We get a happy and hopeful ending, no rape, no painful separation, only tears of joy and the promise of the rest of their lives together. Even though Droughtlander is hard, at least we know in the mean time that our beloved Jamie and Claire are together at last.

The camera pans away and heads inland toward our next adventure….America.

What an amazing ride this season has been. I want to thank all of my amazing readers and fellow outlander fans. You guys mean the world to me and I am so thankful for every comment, every like and every view.

Stay tuned for meaty bits and delicious morsels to help get us through Outlander!



3 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 313: Eye of the Storm

  1. Wonderful recap, Lauren. I loved this season, despite the ups and downs (most of the latter due to the need to condense a very long and tangent-filled book). Thanks for your recaps. I’m looking forward to next season, when I hope I’ll read more of them from you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This season has been wonderful! I’ve loved how the story was adapted for the show, and have NO complaints as to how it was done (I know many people do). Thanks for your recaps, Lauren…funny, provocative, and on point with what I’m thinking. Now we get to look forward to Season 4 (and beyond, I hope!).


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