Top 10 Moments: Outlander Season 3 Finale

Whew! That was extraordinary. They really wove this episode together well, action packed in every aspect, creepy action, murdery action, sexy action, pulling your heart strings action, almost dying action….so much action.

My in-depth recap of episode 313 will come a little later in the week but for now I must high light these top five moments.

1. “Fergus Fraser! I’m yer wife, I’m coming with you!” Marsali putting her foot down. You tell ’em boo! Fraser women don’t leave their men to fend for themselves!

2. Lord John Grey’s epic smack down. No warrant? No affidavit? Get the hell out Captain Leonard! “Your authority ends at the waters edge which is exactly where my authority begins!” Oh snap!!! You tell Johnny boy…he’s never been sexier than in this moment…good god…

3. The Dance of the Druid and Drum circle tie in…Claire is peering through the tall grass at the drum circle…deja strikes the unwelcome voyeur. This also means the time portal I open.

4. Margaret Campbell’s creepy reading at the drum circle. She talks about the rabbit and the bird. Then her voice changes…In the book we know this is Brianna supposedly coming through and speaking to Jamie and Claire.

5. Abandawe….the creepy ass cave…I remember feeling so much intensity while reading this part in Voyager and I got just as many heebie jeebies… Claire is worries that the portal will take her but she must do what she can to save Brianna then our TV husband says “we lost Faith, we must not lose Brianna,” and then they share the most tender kiss ever…I’m dead…

6. When Claire shanks Geillis right in the jugular. Good riddance you creepy ass biotch! And then the flash back to Joe showing her the ancient bones…holy shoot! My boo is so gangster.

7. The group hug…”but first I must hold ye both,” Jamie takes Claire and Ian into his arms and looks up to the heavens thanking God.

8. The sexy shirtless shaving attempt. 18th century dirty talk is so my Jam (amirite Julie and Becca?). The sensuality, tenderness and slow pace of this scene made up for any short comings turtle soup had. The way Jamie draws out every sssssss sound….sweet Jesus Mary and Joseph…I think I actually made squeaking noises during this….then the slow towel drying action….and then the rump grabbing (he definitely fondled it properly)…I need a cold shower…

9. When Jamie swims down to save Claire…oh god…the tears just started flowing and as my boo Becca said “titanic ain’t got nothing on this shit.” Diana Gabaldon has written an romantic masterpiece of epic proportions. When Jamie kisses her under water the magnitude of their love is felt in this moment so completely I could hardly breathe.

10. When Claire wakes up on the beach and Jamie’s relief at the sight of that. They kiss and discover themselves in a new world.

And there we have it, a beautiful conclusion to this magnificent season. I can’t wait to join Jamie and Claire on their new adventure in a new land.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Moments: Outlander Season 3 Finale

  1. OMG…..Lauren, you so right with these top 10 moments! I always love the Jamie/Claire scenes, but OMG, Lord John Grey was at his best. If viewers haven’t watched A Place To Call Home, they really don’t know how how great David Berry is…I hope he continues to make the top moments with Jamie and Claire in season 4!


  2. Lauren great job on top moments. I actually became over whelmed with all kind of feelings plus crying, This is the best show I have ever seen. The up and down emotions and the actors are amazing as is the story, production, everything that has taken place to make this show.

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