Outlander Episode 312: The Bakra

It’s a bloody good one…see what I did there? *Wink wink*

We get to see Young Ian’s perspective from when he was first captured. I love that we are given that insight into the story. Ian is a strong and feisty one like his mom and Uncle but anyone would be scared out of their minds if they were thrown into a cell and told by the other prisoners that you’re probably going to be fried up Bakra food (more or less).

Holy blood bath. Typically I watch an episode 2 to 3 times when I am reviewing it for a blog post but this scene I only needed to watch once. Lotte Verbeek’s genius ability to be creepy AF really shines in this scene and it replays VERY CLEARLY in my head ***lots of heebie geebies given***

We see that Geilis Duncan now Abernathy, is alive and well….and batshit crazy to boot — but then again she always was. Anywho, Geilis is staying young by bathing in goat’s blood and having sex with virgins.  I have to say, its working for her. Geilis needs to find out where her 3rd sapphire is and coaxes it out of the terrified but turned on young Ian by giving him a special tea that makes him speak the truth. He blurts that his uncle Jamie probably has it and the plot thickens because we are well aware that Geilis knows his uncle.

Claire and Jamie arrive in Jamaica and it is just so good to see these two together. When you look at them side by side you really feel they can accomplish anything. And that’s a good thing to because they need to find young Ian and stat. Claire suggests splitting up in order to expand the search efforts for young Ian and Jamie is like “oh hell no Sassenach you be coming wi’ me.” and were like ok boo whatever you want.

The governor of Jamaica purchased the slaves from the Bruja, which is the ship young Ian was taken on and luckily Jamie and Claire were already conveniently invited to the Governor’s ball that night.

Claire of course finds herself wandering through the market and make the despicable discovery of the slave market. One man in particular is up on the block for auction and Claire is not having it AT ALL. (Cue parasol beating) No doubt she is reminded of her BFF Joe Abernathy and she completely loses her shit (rightfully so) and puts her best efforts forward to stop the horrific display.

Jamie ends up purchasing the slave, named Temeraire, in Claire’s name, which neither of them are thrilled (Claire is actually pretty darn horrified about that) about but unfortunately it was the safest thing to do for the man.

Their intention is to set Temeraire free when it is safest for him.

Claire and Jamie talk with Temeraire and explain to him that they have no intention to keep him as a slave and that they want to free him as soon as possible.

They ask him for a favor if he can be their eyes and ears at the Governor’s ball and ask the other slaves if they have any news on young Ian. Temeraire’s freedom is not contingent on completing the favor however at the time it probably seemed suspicious that these white folks would free him for no apparent reason (aside from the truth that slavery is a deplorable disgusting practice that should be totally and completely abolished). So Jamie frames it as an agreement between men, he sits next to him instead of standing over him signifying that he recognizes that they are equals. I absolutely love how they did this scene.

Geillis is a bit peeved in this next scene. She’s ripping Archibald Campbell a new one because she is missing her third sapphire. Margaret Campbell is supposed to so a reading to speak a prophecy regarding the “next king of Scotland” but she has to be holding the three jewels. So Bakra is a little testy.

Ahh the governor’s ball… frilly dresses and gaudy wigs galore. Jamie’s wig game is on point and that glorious forehead though. Jamie, Claire, Fersali and Willoughby are dressed to the nines in reworked clothes from the Paris era of season two.

Jamie tells Claire, that it feels like they could be back in Versailles. Claire says, ” that was a very long time ago.” Our extremely romantic TV Husband replies, “you look as t’was yesterday.”

Oh damn Jamie only brings his A game. *sighs deeply*

Oh hi creepy Archibald Campbell…what he heck is he doing here…we’ll soon find out…

So many W I G S. Claire and Jamie are standing in line to say hello to the new governor of Jamaica and Claire is looking around uncomfortably at all the slaves. I love the part when Jamie asks Claire when it will be over, referring to the slave trade, Jamie is a forward thinking man and he knows all to well what it feels like to be imprisoned and to not have freedom.

Mr. Willoughby is getting a lot of attention from the ladies but Margaret Campbell catches the eye of Yi Tien Cho.

Jamie and Claire are getting a little flirty in line and then it happens THE SEXIEST STARING CONTEST IN THE HISTORY OF TIME.

I’m mean I actually started sweating. You could cut the sexually chemistry in the air with a knife. How are they so attractive? Does he know what the side smile does to millions of women across America. Claire almost had an orgasm…We understand Claire and we have stopped breathing too.

Ok moving on…

The Governor of Jamaica is none other than Lord John Grey….I just love him. The benevolence between John and Jamie is endearing. Although to Claire it may appear as if some hanky lanky may have taken place back in the day.

John is completely over taken with emotion…his eyes well up with tears. John winks them off to a private room so they can chat. Jamie inquires after his son Willie and John fills him in. John longingly gazes at Jamie until Claire takes charge of the conversation.

John Grey is wearing the sapphire Jamie gave him at Ardsmuir. Claire is not sure what to think of that.

Margaret and Mr. Willoughby make a love connection. Two rare souls find eachother. Willoughby calls her flower from heaven. Yi Tien cho brought his A game too apparently.

Claire has a little chat with John and she asks him about the sapphire. He explains that Jamie surrenders the sapphire after he had escaped to look for Claire. Claire is still feeling a bit territorial but John puts her at ease by saying, “It’s a pleasure to finally meet the love that was his every heartbeat.”

Claire catches a glimpse of Geillis and turns white as a sheet. Claire runs outside to try and find Geillis. She finds her. Claire asks Geillis how she survived. Geillis explains how Dougal helped her escape after her baby was born.

Their relationship is interesting, they have respect for eachother but they both have their guards up completely.

Claire comes back into the ball to see Jamie and John catching up like old pals. Claire brings Geillis over to say hello to Jamie. Geillis notices John’s sapphire.

Geillis immediately has Margaret do readings and coerces John to get he fortune told.

The prophecy talks about a 200 year old baby (Brianna no doubt) has to be cut down before the next king of Scotland will rise to power. Geillis is a little pissed at first that the prophecy makes no sense but she doesn’t hang good ole Archie by the bollocks just yet.

Fergus and Marsali are canoodling outside the governor’s ball. They are so cute and in love. They catch a glimpse of Captain Leonard’s arrival and they rush off to warm Jamie.

Fergus warns Jamie and Claire right as captain Leonard walks in. Jamie stares in the captain’s direction for a dramatically long moment as I yell “turn yo wig head around and run foo!”

They catch up with Temeraire and he tells them that Ian is at Mistress Abernathy’s.

They make their way to leave and they stop to let Temeraire out at his desired location. They wish him well and he disappears in the night and heads toward freedom.

Jamie and Claire come up with a plan but not before Captain Leonard shows up and arrests him.

Claire gives Captain Leonard a piece of her mind and Jamie is dragged off.

Holy moly, what a season this has been. We have been all over time and space this season and I absolutely love it. It’s been such and epic adventure. I can’t believe there is only one episode left.

One thought on “Outlander Episode 312: The Bakra

  1. Great recap Lauren😉 That scene when Geillis first comes on the screen completely threw me, i was expecting her to be fat and not looking as she did like in the books, but loved that they did something different😀

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