Outlander Episode 311: Uncharted

Well I have a lot of mixed feelings about this episode that I also refer to as “Surprise its Turtle Soup.”

Claire washes ashore on an unknown island after jumping of the Porpoise and unknown amount of time earlier. She dries out her clothes and begins to head in to the unknown tropical (mangrove free) terrain in search of civilisation.

It is a slow and painful (literally) trek for Claire, the sun is beating down on her and she is thirsty. She wakes up to ants biting up her legs the first morning and the second morning she wakes up to a snake slithering over her body.

Caitriona does an amazing job and you literally feel thirsty while watching but we spend a lot of time on this little journey. I mean A LOT it’s a quarter of the episode. It actually felt a little odd that they took so much time on this part.

Claire finally collapses in front of father Fogden’s abode.

Claire awakens and she is tied to a bed inside an unfamiliar house. A woman (mamacita) come over to tens to her with a rather unfriendly look on her face. Claire asks for water and takes a painful and messy sip. Claire asks to be untied and mamacita replies in Spanish and we learn that mamacita has been tending to her. Mamacita takes Claire’s clothes to wash them and notices the zipper on the corset. Cue suspicious backwards glance.

Claire falls back to sleep and awakens to Father Fogden saying “oh splendid!” Claire discovers that she is on the island of saint Domingue. Claire tells him that she must get to her Husband. Father Fogden says that it should take no more than 3 days to get to Jamaica and Claire says she must leave tomorrow. Father Fogden contests this idea and then consults Coco the Coconut. Father Fogden is off his holy rocker but he’s really just a harmless weirdo.

Mamacita no likey Claire at all. But Claire gets to have a bath so she doesn’t really care. I can only wish I would still look that beautiful with gray hair and sunburnt.

Mamacita makes some dinner and Claire is looking a lot better. We find out that Father Fogden had a lover named Ermenehilda (mamacita’s daughter) who died almost 15 years ago. Father Fogden and mamacita get in an argument about Claire. Mamacita wants her to leave but Father Fogden wants her to stay because he thinks she has brought luck with her.

The loss of Ermenehilda seems to still haunt Father Fogden as the loss of Brianna still haunts Claire. Father Fogden sees that Claire’s love for her husband is as great as his love for Ermenehilda but he insists on consulting with his coconut in the morning to be sure.

Rip-roaring-weirdo *rolls eyes*

The next morning Claire wakes up and sees that her clothes have been washed and mended. She figures out a way to convince Father Fogden that it is time to leave. She has her own conversation with Coco the coconut. Father Fogden is quickly called away when he hears Mamacita calling for him in distress.

One of the goats, Arabella, was slaughtered by a Chinaman on the beach.

Abundawe reference is slipped in here again I wonder who that could be wink wink.

Claire: what?!? There’s only one Chinaman that could be!! Mamacita says there are many sailors on the beach. Claire asks how to get there and mamacita points her in the right direction. Interesting that is took Claire two days to find father Fogden’s hacienda but only two minutes to find the beach…..*crickets*

We get to see exactly who is on the beach. Red headed Husband and company. Who is clearly thinking of Claire. Apparently the Artemis came into some bad weather and many of the crew and the captain died. However the usual suspects managed to survive.

Fergus is feeling a little guilty that he’s glad the captain and some of the other jerky guys are dead. Jamie gives some solid Dad advice and Fergus feels better. Frodo and Bilbo made it out alive they add some good ole Scottish humour but we still miss Angus and Rupert.

Claire is still running through the jungle as the crew is packing everything up. Claire gashes her arm on a sharp branch as she is running. Her yelp sounded super painful it gave me chills.

Everybody is back on the ship, but they won’t leave until tonight. Phew! Claire has time!

She reaches the beach and starts screaming for Jamie. Then she pulls out her mirror and uses it to make a reflection of light. The light hits Iamie right in the face and he grabs the spyglass and sees that it is Claire.

And true to Jamie form he whispers the word Sassenach but yells her name Claire! It kinda cracked me up a little. Like sassenach is just not a name that you yell…it as so many S’s that you just have to whisper it ***whispers sassenach to self***

Claire realizes that Jamie got her signal. Jamie hops into a Dingy and reaches the beach in no time. And then it happens…the most satisfying romantic novelesque moment of running across the beach toward one another culminating in an even more romantic (is that even legal?…uh….yes…how dare you even ask!) embrace.

It has become nescessary for our health to see Jamie and Claire together. Don’t take that away from us!!! I’ve read the books so I won’t give too much away but one never can get too comfortable. Diana Gabaldon wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yi Tien Cho is expertly stitching Claire’s wound and Jamie is talking about being a wanted man and how that won’t stop him from finding young Ian. Claire’s physical discomfort is very apparent and Jamie seems not to notice. I don’t think he’s being insensitive about it, he’s just thinking about some other really serious stuff.

The wedding planning commences and Jamie tenderly wraps Claire’s wound (see he does care). Yi Tien cho apologizes to Father Fogden about killing his goat in order to make nice so the Father will preform the ceremony.

Marsali and Claire have a little girl talk about not getting knocked up. A relationship is forged here, “maybe you’re not the devil after all” Marsali says.

So we don’t get to see this wedding on the beach as described in Voyager but the hilarious and touching sentiments of this scene are kept perfectly in tact. They did a great job with Father Fogden’s character, after what we saw with Coco the coconut it’s seems only natural that he’d ask Fergus if he has a cock.

Oh and then Jamie….**sighs deeply** he is just perfection in this moment when he gives Fergus his name Fergus Claudel Fraser. It’s like he said You are my son when he said the name. **Chills**

And then Fergus’s little look, so cute!

Loved this romantic moment and then they say I love you both in their own unique way.

I loved that father Fogden blessed Claire and Jamie as well.

Here’s where my mixed feelings arise. I realize that turtle soup is actually happening and I start to get really excited. But it’s literally over in a flash. Yells at TV I’m going to need a bigger bowl of that damn soup!!!

I’m sure the text in the book makes it seem like it went on for longer and perhaps it did but I feel like it was just too glossed over. I built it up way to much in my horney little mind. While it was super sexy it just wasn’t what I hoped.

I LOVE the outlander writers and I understand that they are only given 13 episodes to work with but I really needed a little more here even if it was like one more minute. This was the first time I felt like, yeah they could have really used 16 episodes total this season.

All to say our favorite lovers are back together and shits about to get real…again…creepy Jamaican blood bath here we come!

I’d love to Here your thoughts on this episode in the comments!



7 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 311: Uncharted

  1. Lauren, you have the BEST sense of humor! Love to read your “take” on the episodes! I don’t know if I’m hallucinating or not but Jamie keeps getting more handsome and sexier with every episode! I just wanted Claire to get her sweet self out of the jungle so I would get to see Jamie! I can’t watch without seeing him! Heehee! I still say to my hubbie that those two ARE in some sort of love or mutual sexual attraction. There is NO way that they could have reunited on the beach that way without it! It was wayyyyyyy too real! Ok, I’ll admit that I’m living vicariously through the two of them! Makes me feel young and vibrant to see them! (Especially “my boyfriend” as my husband calls him! ) Hey, I’ve already put my husband on notice, if Jamie ever knocks on my door, he’s on his own! Haha!

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  2. I wasn’t bothered by the extended trek at the beginning because the trek through the mangrove swamp in the book seemed even longer! The photography was so beautiful, I was entranced. As for “Turtle Soup,” there is an old show business adage that can be paraphrased as, “Always leave them wanting more.” The turtle soup scene actually starts when we see Claire slurping up the soup and showing she’s feeling no pain, thanks to its high sherry content. While I know people love the sexy stuff (so do I, of course), it doesn’t have to go on and on to be satisfying. I loved the expression on Yi Tien Cho’s face as he realized what was going on behind that bolted door. I thought it was a great way to end the episode. Yes, you wanted more, and we will get more in the future, I’m sure! I did enjoy your review, however. I look forward to the last two this season (sob!).

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  3. I also felt they needed to keep Claire’s trek that length. As for her not taking as long getting to Jamie, the writers explained it was a different beach on a different coastline, therefore closer.


  4. I loved the episode and thought they hit the important points well enough but rather agree with you that a little less jungle and a teeny bit more time hugging and kissing would have been nice! Ah well. 😀 I made some Mock Turtle Soup from Outlander Kitchen earlier this season but, sadly, it didn’t have the same effect on me!! Quite disappointed. 😀 Yeah, since the books get bigger and bigger, I’m a might worried about them being able to fit it all into 13 episodes, but I’ve read that the first season with 16 was a bit hard on the actors and all and I forget what other difficulties they had (certainly weren’t able to get a “head start” as they are with Season 4). Guess we just cross our fingers–regardless, they always do a good job within the limitations they’ve got.


  5. I have to agree with Jacqueline Kerner. The producers, writers, directors have to keep it simple since, seriously, this show is a “Soap Opera!” At only an hour long, most of the time, they can only fit so much of each book into each season. Yes, we may want more Jamie/Claire time together. Especially the snuggles, kisses, hugs…etc, and I’m sure that there’s more in store, I certainly hope so anyway. And yes, we don’t want the actors and crew to get too burned out making these for us ladies that need the fantasy in our lives. All of the gentlemen that do watch the show included. It is tough reading the books and expecting what we read to be on the screen and when it’s not, feeling cheated. Can’t blame anyone for it. We just have to be thankful that Mr. Ronald D Moore decided that the books were worth the effort. Thank you, Mr. Moore and everyone involved with this fan favorite!


  6. You’re very funny,and I think you may be my “doppelganger”because I echo your synopsis on this ep.Definitely, much more time was NEEDED for TURTLE SOUP! We all want more of these two!Hope S4 won’t disappoint.It’s going to be a verra’verra’ long year😢😢😢

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