Outlander Episode 310: Heaven and Earth

I had the most wonderful thanksgiving week in Seattle with my family, and I hope everyone else had an amazing holiday as well.

This post comes a little later than normal because I was enjoying some sweet family time.

The opening scene begins from Jamie’s point of view. Claire is aboard the Porpoise, a British man of war helping sort out the case of typhoid fever that has spread through the ship.

Jamie is pretty ticked off the the Porpoise sets sail with his favorite wife aboard and he can’t do a thing about it. Jamie is pissed and give captain Rains a piece of his mind.

After an intense standoff between Jamie and his men and the captain and his men Jamie is locked in the brig.

Claire gets the rundown that once they get to Jamaica she will be reunited with her hunk muffin, I mean Husband. She gets into doctor mode ands starts to make things happen. Mr. Pound, a 14-year-old is put in the job of acting as Claire’s enforcer. Not all the men aboard the ship take kindly to a woman telling them what to do and the rest are too sick to care.

Claire is such a boss, she seamlessly operates between professional and empath so beautifully. Claire finds the source of the disease and he happens to be the cooks Gallo hand. The cook is pissed that his help is taken.

Jamie is desperate to get to Claire. Fergus visits him in the brig and Jamie tries to convince him of a crazy and dangerous plan to escape. Fergus hold his own and calls Jamie on his bullshit yes again. Jamie is pretty mean to Fergus in this scene but Fergus stands his ground and wisely refuses to employ Jamie’s plan.

“Until you risk all you canna speak of love.” Ouch…

The dead aboard the Porpoise are being prepared for a sea burial. They are sown into a white sheet. Mr. Pound sews the last stitch on his friends sheets as is the custom. The burial ceremony was tragic and beautiful.

Mr. Pound youthful innocence and sense of duty is sweet. Elias gives Claire a rabbit foot for good luck (another nod to Bree with the rabbit reference).

Mr. Johansen is drunk off his butt and passed out nearly drinking himself to death. Claire is very unhappy that Mr. Johansen has been drinking the distilled alcohol that she needs to keep the disease from spreading. Mrs. Johansen is caring for the goats on board and is friendly to Claire despite her lack of English.

Claire sneaks into the captains quarters discovers in his log that Jamie has been recognised as a traitor and smuggler by one of the sailors on board, Harry Tompkins. Claire is interrupted by the cook and he gives her a little threat and Claire is not easily intimidated and threatens him right back. Crisis averted. Now Claire has another goal besides saving lives…find Tompkins.

Fergus and Marsali are talking over their options. Fergus is willing to be imprisoned if it means Jamie will give his blessing but Marsali makes a valid point that their will be no one to protect her on the ship if that happens. They start to get a little hot and heaving but Fergus’s loyalty and respect for Jamie stops them pre-coitus. “You’re just like him ye know, once ye give your word you never break it,” Marsali says.

Claire is cleaning her tools and Mr. Pound comes to report about Mr. Johansen doing very well. Mr. Pound is looking as tired as death but Claire is focused on having a tete-a-tete with Tompkins. Claire requests that Tompkins is brought to her and simply tells Mr. Pound to be sure and get some rest. Tisk tisk….this isn’t very doctorly of you Claire…but then again she is trying to avoid watching her husband be hanged.

Fergus over hears the captain and some of the men having a rather distasteful conversation about Marsali. In Fergus’s mind the decision is made, he can’t risk leaving Marsali unprotected.

Tompkins is brought to Claire and we discover that it’s the one eyed henchmen from Edinburgh.

Claire pulls out her biggest knife and makes Harry talk, we find out that the excisemen was found dead in a cask of creme de menthe and now Jamie is wanted for murder. The authorities will be waiting for Jamie in Jamaica when he arrives and the. He will be hanged. Claire has to warn Jamie but how? Claire orders for Tompkins to be locked up as the second source of the fever.

Now all Claire can think about is escape she goes down to check in on the Johansens. Annika is lovely and notices that something is troubling Claire. Annika wants to help, she says “My goats needs grass,” Claire doesn’t understand what she means.

Fergus tells Jamie that he will not help with his plan to escape. He give a pretty solid reason, “You asked me if I would move heaven and earth for the woman I love and I will even if it means I cannot marry her.”

The sick men are sleeping peacefully and quietly aboard the Porpoise. Claire is feeling hopeful until she discovers Elias on the deck and he is near death.

He thinks Claire is his mother and Claire pretends to be, “Yes Elias, it’s mother it’s time for you to come home now.” Absolutely heart wrenching. That poor little boy, Claire does the last stitch on the sheet wrapped around Elias before his sea burial.

Lord John Grey is noticeably absent from this episode but I have a feeling that this is purposefully done…be patient sassenachs.

The Porpoise reaches the grand Turk islands and Annika had a plan to feed her goats and distract the men so Claire can escape.

Claire sets off running but is stopped short by the captain who is making rounds with a couple of marines. The Captain ain’t no fool despite his young age and he comes right out with it, “I cannot let you warm your husband.” Dammit. Claire looks defeated…but this isn’t her first thwarted escape attempt rodeo. She figure something out.

Jamie is looking at Pictures of Bree I’m his cell and he is wearing his sexy sextacles. He quickly puts the picture away when he hears someone coming. Marsali and Captain Raines have come to an agreement to let Jamie out of his cell. The captain is short handed and Marsali persuaded his that Jamie will not get out of hand if he gives his word.

Jamie asks “what service” Fergus did for Marsali. I love her response that he doesn’t deserve to be let out if he believes that.

She ain’t even playin’.

The captain releases Jamie. Jamie gives Fergus and Marsali his blessing and tells them they can be married in Jamaica by a priest.

Annika and Claire are in the top deck and Annika explains as best she can that if Claire jumps the current will take her to shore.

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ….she jumps.

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