Outlander Episode 309: The Doldrums

First I have to mention that I love the new title sequence. The percussion and the foreshadowing tidbits sprinkled throughout is an absolute delectable feast for my eyes and ears. The changes in the title sequence are a signal to us viewers that a change is upon us in the series. We are finally setting sail for the adventurous voyage we’ve all been waiting for.

We begin the episode with good ole cousin Jarod summing up Jamie and Claire’s accommodations for their voyage. He’s a jovial fellow and tells it like it is but we like him because he’s sincere and a Fraser. We determine that the ship they are after is the Bruja and it’s port is Jamaica. Jarod wishes them well and he’s off.

Our TV a Husband is still feeling a bit insecure about Claire’s commitment to him. Golly gee he is so adorable when he tells Claire how much he wants her. And that tricorn though….

Claire doesn’t say she won’t go back but she does commit to joining him to search for young Ian. Which to me means that she is committing to staying…sailing all the way to Jamaica who knows what could happen or if she’ll ever get back to the stones *wink wink*

Frodo and Bilbo tell Jamie that the captain is waiting and all the crew has arrived including Fergus and some “extra baggage.”

The ship has set sail and the crew members take turns touch a horseshoe nailed to a pole in the center of the ship.

I love how well this episode captured the blossoming of Jamie and Claire’s renewed relationship and the small and intimate moments they share. Jamie vows not to set foot on the shores of Scotland again until he has found young Ian.

Apparently women and redhead are bad luck aboard ships and the men completely ignore Claire.

Jamie explains to Claire a little about seafaring superstitions.

Well I for one most certainly want to be caught with a certain Scottish banana….If you catch my drift. Ahem…moving on **fans self**

Next we get a delicious little episode of family feud. Fergus shows up with Laoghaire Junior, also known as Marsali. Jamie wants to know why in the actual f**k his step-daughter(ish) is aboard the ship.

“Fergus and I are married,” she says. They were hand fast that morning, which is only binding once they have sex.

Jamie quickly determines That’s it’s not binding and tells them Marsali must go back to Scotland.

Marsali the master manipulator tells good ole “daddy” that she’ll tell everyone that Fergus has bedded her if Jamie makes her go. Oh the wee devil….she kind of makes you want to wring her neck a little but also high her for being so ballsy.

Jamie concedes but with one condition…Fergus can’t touch Marsali and the only way to ensure that is if Fergus bunks with Jamie and Claire with Marsali.

I love that the ladies say “What!?” At the same time. Claire is not pleased about this one bit.

Our poor TV Husband is very prone to sea sickness but her sure is cute when he’s a wee bit grumpy. Claire gives him some ginger tea to help calm the nausea.

The trunk that Fergus and Marsali brought from Lallybroch had not only Jamie’s things but some of Claire’s clothes from when they were in Paris. Awwww Jamie couldn’t bear to part with Claire’s things and kept them for 20 years.It makes me feel so warm and cozy on the inside knowing they have some personal items to their name. If I’m being completely honest I can’t wait to never see that bloody bat suit again…this is the 4th episode of Claire wearing it almost the entire time. However I have to hand it to Terri Dresbach for making such a versatile utility dress/suit for Claire. I remember how cold Claire looked the first time through the stones…I just wanted to put a coat on her and now she’s nice and snug with plenty of clothes.

Claire gets summoned to tend to a crew member’s wound. The men are sure it is ill luck for someone to have been injured so soon into the voyage. The Captain asks if he touched the horseshoe yet, he answered yes but the other crew members are sure that someone hasn’t touched it. According to superstition touching the horseshoe means that they will have good luck on the voyage.

Claire undermines the captains authority in front of his crew…she quickly receives an “invitation to dine with the captain” which is really just a fancy version of getting sent to the principals office.

We get to see a bit of a conversation between Fergus and Jamie regarding the Marsali situation.

Fergus calls out all of Jamie’s bullsh** reasons as to why the Marsali situation should not be. “You yourself said you wanted her more than life from the moment you saw her.” **swoon***

Jamie insists that Fergus tell Marsali about his less than virginal status. Side note: For the love of ovaries fatherly Jamie is a sexy beast.

At dinner with the principal I mean captain, Claire is schooled on the subject of seafaring superstitions. Claire thinks the notion of superstitions is pure poppycock to which the captain rebutted, “I would rather have them make their luck than give up all hope.” I have a feeling that is foretelling of Claire’s near future.

Jamie is barfing his brains out and now so am I. **soooo gross** Mr. Willoughby pops into Jamie’s cabin and explains to him about the damage wrenching can do to the body, particularly getting ones balls in to a twist. Oh my we can’t have that. Jamie was cute in wanting to wait for Claire’s tea to do its work but Mr. Willoughby has a point.

Claire and Marsali have an awkward evening routine in their cabin. Marsali throws some serious shade at Claire but being the boss hog gangster that Claire is, does not get phased in the least bit.

Jamie is eating breakfast looking much better. Fergus and Marsali come to Jamie to tell him that Fergus spilled the beans about his promiscuous past to Marsali. They again ask for Jamie’s blessing to which Claire encourages. This makes no sense to Marsali, she can’t figure out why Claire would throw her a bone after being a raging biotch to her the night before.

Claire thinks they should let Fergus and Marsali’s romance run its course and see if it fizzles out. Jamie is adorable and doesn’t know what fizzle means but kens her meaning nonetheless . Gosh I could just bite him! Anyway, deep breath, Jamie isn’t budging and he cannae allow it.

Mr. Willoughby is drawing Chinese character in water on the boat deck. Claire’s curiosity prompts her to ask Mr. Willoughby what he is writing. I love Claire’s sincere intrigue in the world around her. Mr. Willoughby is a poet and has been writing the story of his life. Claire asks if he’ll read it to her but he declines for now. Claire totes understands what he means. Claire held onto a story for twenty years so as not to let it go. Sigh…..

The days and weeks pass…cause homegirl’s got some gray coming in…and because she told us they did. Claire is busy doing her Doctor thang and is enjoying the simplicity of her current life. The sailors are singing “Aye-tiddly aye twidly aye” and something about a lobster on her c*nt…yes it actually says that. I put the subtitles on to be sure.

Yep we raised our brows too Claire. Claire heads to Jamie’s cabin to tell him all about it only to find him in a comprising position — well sort of. Mr. Willoughby is administrating acupuncture on Jamie’s face to help alleviate his seasickness. Jamie didn’t want to hurt Claire’s feelings by telling her that the ginger tea wasn’t working.

He’s so cute even if he does look like a pincushion. Jamie didn’t want to give Claire anymore reasons to encourage her leaving him. Claire sweetly assured him that she loves him — I did too but he couldn’t hear me. Jamie quickly realizes that the boats not moving.

They head up to the deck to find out what’s amiss. Nothing. Nothing at all. No wind, no movement and not a thing anyone can do about it.

The captain and crew are sure it’s due to ill luck. They are positive that some one did. Not touch the horseshoe. Then we get a glimpse of Frodo looking very guilty. Looks like somebody forgot to touchy touchy the lucky horse shoe!

Night has fallen upon the ship and the sky is clear and sprinkled with stars and a waning moon. This is a tender and lovely moment between Claire and Jamie, it’s just so good to see them together like this.

Their affection and ease with one another is blossoming. They softly marvel at the moon and Claire tells Jamie how men flew to the moon right before she left Boston.

Jamie says that the craters are the face of the moon and Claire begins to quote the book “Good night moon.” Claire used to read that to Brianna. She tells Jamie how Brianna could recite the whole book before she could even read and would tell it to her bunny “she loved Rabbits,” Claire says (remember the bunny Jamie saw on Culloden Moor?). “You miss her?” Jamie asks. “Terribly,” Claire says and my mama heart aches for her.

Still no wind for weeks and weeks. A mutiny begins to build among the crew. The captain insist that someone must be thrown overboard to appease the crew. The crew has figured out that Frodo (whose actual name is Hayes) is the Jonah (meaning the one who needs to be thrown overboard).

Next thing we know Hayes has climbed all the way up the mast and very drunk My declares that he’ll die by his own hand. Jamie (our gosh darn sexy hero) saves the day by climbing up after Hayes and getting him safely down. Man Jamie is always exactly as I picture him in the book, in likeness, in essence in steaming sex appeal. Like has a vest actually ever looked that good on a human ever? And thank you Terri Dresbach for the absence of buttons on his shirt.

Mr. Willoughby sees a low flying bird in the middle of all the ruckus. He begins drawing Chinese characters on the deck with water. The mutiny has broken out and Mr. Willoughby begins to recite his story and it is nothing short of breathtaking. I’m thankful that this part was kept in tact. It’s tragic and beautiful and everything an epic story is made of. Mr. Willoughby ends his performance by throwing the sheets of paper with his story written on them over the side of the boat.

Just as he does this the wind picks up and the sails are dropped and the boat makes way once again.

Mr. Willoughby explains to Jamie and Claire that the low flying bird was a signal that rain was coming.

Claire thanks Mr. Willoughby because she knows that it was a sacrifice for him to let go of his story.

Rain starts to pour and the crew is back to work collecting rain water.

Claire and Jamie head to the lower deck in rather good spirits and feeling rather frisky. The ship rocks them around a little and then they’re like “hey let’s do some boat rocking of our own!” And that face Jamie makes…lord have mercy on my soul…

They sneak into a little storage cabin and promptly begin moving their clothing just enough to make the magic happen. Claire tells him to hurry because it’s so hot she’s melting “I’m melting with ye,” Jamie says as I die a thousand deaths.

The next lovely bit of pillow talk (or ropes and bags of who-knows-what talk) makes us all melt. “I like the gray. The way the light hits it. Like a piece of silver moonlight,” Jamie says sweetly to the dewy and doe eyed Claire

Then Claire says what we’re all thinking “Oh how could I not love a man who says such things? If you were to say that in the 20th century, you would be the king of all men.” I LOVE that they put that line in there. King of Men is a term that I believe Ronald D. Moore started when they were first casting Jamie. It is a favorite fan term as well when describing our TV husband.

“No matter what happens around us, what it is between them ever changes.” ❤️ “it doesn’t.” Claire agrees.

Oh good I’m glad they got that settled because shits about to go down all around them. A boat in the horizon encroaches closer and closer. It send a shot signal. It’s a British man of war, the board the Artemis and they’re in need of a surgeon (of course they are). Eighty or so of their men have died from sickness.

Claire and Jamie have a little chat about this and come to an understanding rather quickly. Claire gathers her things and heads over to the other ship with the captain.

Once aboard they head below deck and you can almost smell what Claire smells. Barf. Claire examines one of the ill men and determines that it is typhoid fever.

the very very young captain what must be done to contain and stop the spread of the disease. Claire begins the task of getting things in order when the ship begins to move. The captain decided to sail on taking Claire with them.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
ll fated but determined lovers are separated.

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