Outlander Episode 310: Heaven and Earth

I had the most wonderful thanksgiving week in Seattle with my family, and I hope everyone else had an amazing holiday as well. This post comes a little later than normal because I was enjoying some sweet family time. The opening scene begins from Jamie's point of view. Claire is aboard the Porpoise, a British … Continue reading Outlander Episode 310: Heaven and Earth

3 Books you Have to Listen to

I am a bit of a book worm to begin with but ever since I discovered Audiobook a couple years back I started to devour books at an alarming rate. From a young age, hearing a story told was and is perhaps my favorite thing of all time.  I realized recently that I grew up … Continue reading 3 Books you Have to Listen to

Outlander Episode 309: The Doldrums

First I have to mention that I love the new title sequence. The percussion and the foreshadowing tidbits sprinkled throughout is an absolute delectable feast for my eyes and ears. The changes in the title sequence are a signal to us viewers that a change is upon us in the series. We are finally setting … Continue reading Outlander Episode 309: The Doldrums

Outlander Episode 308: First Wife

Well I feel extremely satisfied after watching Episode 308, First Wife. However, I realized how much I missed seeing plaid while watching this episode, it just seems so blatantly absent...damn that no kilt law.   We open at Lallybroch and it always feels like home when we’re there. However there was no warm welcome when Jamie, … Continue reading Outlander Episode 308: First Wife