Outlander Episode 307: Cremé de Menthe

It’s crazy how short episode 307 felt after watching the super sized episode 306 a bunch of times. This episode was action packed and before we know it the end credits start to roll and our mouths are hanging open.

In the previous episode we got to relish and linger in the moment with Jamie and Claire as they came back together as one flesh…lots and lots of flesh…**heart eyes*** This week is what I call a driving episode, it takes us from one place and delivers us to another. So much happened this week so let’s dive in! 

The episode picks up right where it left off. Claire is in the midst of an altercation with an unknown intruder. She manages to grab a knife from the bedside table and slash him a couple times. The man ends up tripping and hitting his head on the hearth. 

Jamie comes in right then and see what’s happened. Jamie would have preferred to let the man die naturally but Claire can’t  stand aside and watch a person die if she can help it. Claire insists on saving the man’s life to Jamie’s chagrin and heads off to the apothecary. 

It’s interesting to see this dynamic between Claire and Jamie. Claire can’t separate herself from her identity as Doctor…it’s literally who she is to her core. In the same token Jamie can’t change that he’s from the 18th century and things are just done a certain way. 
Sir Percival is likely to come looking for his missing excisman when he doesn’t return. So Jamie and his crew hide move all the contraband from the Brothel basement.

 We meet Archibald Campbell at the apothecary. In return for letting Claire put in her order before Mr. Campbell she promises to come and treat his ill sister later. 

Fergus and Ian are at the docks selling the contraband. Young Ian is quite the natural negotiator and manages to get rid of all the goods for a fair price.

Claire returns to the brothel to begin surgery with the assistance of Mr. Willoughby. 

Jamie heads downstairs because Sir Percival and his one-eyed henchman have arrived to search the premises. Much to his irritation they find nothing. Sir Percival promises that this isn’t the end of his search. 

Claire loses her patient…she’s able to share to Jamie what failing at saving a life feels like. Claire starts to feel badly that she’s caused him so much trouble but Jamie tells her that has come back to life now that she has returned. This moment between them is precious. “I would give up everything I have for us to be together again,” Jamie says. 

In that scene I think Jamie realizes that even Claire came back to be with him but she is still going to be her own person and make her own decisions.

Fergus and Ian are celebrating the sale of the goods at the tavern. Fergus you naughty boy! A ménage a trois! Ian has the hots for a girl that works at the tavern but he is nervous to talk to her. Fergus gives Ian a lesson on spitting game at a lassie. Ian tests it out and it works marvellously. 

Claire heads over to the Campbell’s and Margaret has a outburst of gibberish when Claire touches her hand. Claire realizes that they have a little fortune telling business translating Margaret’s “visions.”  The vision that she has and speaks to Claire, sounds a lot like what’s going to happen in a certain west Indies island and a crocodile head…

Ian and Brigid are drunk and getting frisky at the print shop. Operation devirginize Ian commences.

Back at the brothel Claire returns and does to have conversation about finding a home outside the brothel. Jamie tries to brush off the conversation…hmm I wonder why?

Ian Murray sr. Comes to the brothel in search of young Ian. He is in shock to see Claire and worried about his son. 

Here we get the hint again that Jamie has a big secret….and Claire isn’t going to be too thrilled about it. 

Back at the print shop Ian is actively not being a virgin….Until they hear a sound. The way Ian says “that I heard!” Absolutely cracked me up! 
Sir Percival’s one eyed  henchman is tearing through the shop looking for the casks of liquor. In the process of the altercation between Ian and the henchman the printshop is set on fire. Ian is pretty balsy for his age and stature…taking after his uncle… Ian ends up being trapped in the print shop as it becomes engulfed in flames…

“The years apart coulnda erase the meaning behind that look,” Jamie says to Claire when he enters the bedroom and sees her arms crossed and looking less than pleased about lying to Ian. Claire doesn’t think it’s right that Jamie didn’t tell Ian where young Ian was. 
So this turns into their first real marital argument in twenty years…and boy was it good!

Claire- Low blow #1 You have no idea what it’s like to be a worriesd parent.

Claire – Low Blow #2 You’re not the boy’s father Jamie.

Jamie – Really good point #1 No, I’m Brianna’s father.

Jamie – Really good point #2 But I didn’t get to raise her did I?

Jamie – Low Blow #1 That wretched thing you call a bikini, even whores have the decency not go parading about in the like

Claire – really good point #1 If Frank and I had raised Brianna to be a criminal taught her how to smuggle and be a traitor, then you’d approve?

Jamie – Low Blow #2 At least her virtue wouldn’t have been endangered. 

Claire – really good point #2 Says the man living in a brothel. 

Finally, Jamie asks Claire a question that we know has been on his mind for perhaps the last 20 years, “Did you fall in love with Frank when you went back?”

Claire softens as tells him no. We all know Home girl ain’t lyin’! I mean come on ⤵️

So Jamie is feeling a little jealous…and we’ll let him have that for a minute…

Madame Jeanne knocks on the door with the unfortunate news of the fire in Carfax Close. Claire and Jamie rush down there and the whole street is filled with smoke. The Printshop is engulfed in flames.

Jamie runs up the stairs realizing that Ian is most likely in the Printshop. Jamie runs in and jumps down to the second floor with the stealth of a sexy panther making Spider-Man look like a klutz. He locates Ian and grabs his cameo of Willie, throws Ian over his shoulder and makes an impossible (almost) exit from the colapsing Printshop. 

Every one is relieved and they take shelter from the smoke in a nearby alley. Ian begins to explain what happened with the one-eyed henchman. Jamie will be in deep doo doo if Sir Percival get his hands on those seditious pamphlets.

Claire pushes for Ian to be brought home to his parents. Jamie realizes this is good on one hand because Sir Percival only knows Jamie as Alexander Malcolm of Edinburgh, not James Fraser of Broch Turac. 

We are finally let in on the little secret Jamie has been keeping from Claire….his other wife.…the plot thickens…

Jamie takes one last look at the Printshop knowing this is the end of his life in this city. 

3 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 307: Cremé de Menthe

  1. The biggest moment that caught me short Was Jamie’s defense of living in the brothel? I’d love to have a peek into why on earth he thought I having a wife and a brothel was a good idea? One night the shock of the reunion I get that but setting up shop there as a couple? That did not seem at all like Jamie to me and I suppose that shows us just how much he’s had to change to survive those 20 years

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  2. Glad to read your comments because I always miss something that I get from your review. I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as others and found myself doing other things while watching. That is usually a big no-no for me but I couldn’t just sit back and enjoy looking at Jamie! Shame on me! The only part of the episode that peaked my interest was the idea of another wife! Can’t wait to see what happens next, though! Enjoyed your blog, as always!


  3. Excellent review, Lauren. I especially liked your comment, “It’s interesting to see this dynamic between Claire and Jamie. Claire can separate herself from her identity as Doctor…it’s literally who she is to her core. In the same token Jamie can’t change that he’s from the 18th century and things are just done a certain way.” It seems to me that this sets up Jamie & Claire’s realistic relationship. After the gauzy reunion romancing, this episode is “the-morning-after-eyes-open-who-are-you-I-don’t-necessarily-approve-of-your-choices” discussion, and I found it true to life. After not being together for 20 years, they’re different people, and they have to come to terms with who they are now with each other. Claire is used to defying male authority to become a successful surgeon, and Jamie didn’t get to be a real father to any of his children. There is bound to be recriminations and resentment under the surface. Of course they’re going to have to work through these issues! Also, seeing Auld Ian meet Claire was so touching. You can tell that Ian is pleased but confused by her appearance. Ian and Claire always respected one another, and I think Ian is genuinely concerned for Claire getting hurt when she finds out the news about Jamie’s current wife. My only complaint was that this episode was only 50 minutes. Really? Flesh out the disagreement between Jamie & Claire…throw in another love scene (make-up sex perhaps?)…something, but don’t short change us that much time, please!


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