5 things we are dying to hear Jamie say in Episode 306

5. Brianna 

“What an awful name for a wee Lassie.” 

Jamie’s first reaction to Brianna’s name was not what Claire was expecting. After a moment Jamie gets used to her name, he pronounces it Bree-ina. It is going to be so sweet to see Jamie looking through the photos of Brianna. 

4. Come here to me

       We know that Jamie and Claire will get a chance to be alone after their reunion in the printshop; and there will be intimacy of the best kind.

“Dear God , I couldna look at you Sassenach and keep my hands from you. Nor have you near me and not want you.” 

 3. Touch me like that again

Of course we don’t know if this exact line will be in the script of episode 306 but I’m sure we will see the look of it in Jamie’s eye. But dear heavens let it be in the SCRIPT!!

“When we wed….and I saw you there so Bonny in your white dress I couldna think of anything but when we’d be alone and I could undo your laces and have you naked next to me in the bed.”

2. Give me your mouth Sassenach 

Gently, brushing, then pressing, warm, and I opened to him with a little gasp, his tongue seeking mine. I bit his lip, and he drew back a little, startled.

Jamie,” I said against his lips, my own breath warm between us. “Jamie!” That was all I could say, but my hips jerked against him, and jerked again, urging violence. I turned my head and fastened my teeth in the flesh of his shoulder. He made a small sound deep in his throat and came into me hard. I was tight as any virgin and cried out, arching under him.

I will have to watch this episode a minimum of 4 times because I will most certainly faint the first 3 times. 

1. It has always been forever for me Sassenach 

“You’re here and there’s no more that matters.”


It’s always been forever for us too Jamie. 

All excerpts from Voyager Chapter 25

By: Diana Gabaldon 

11 thoughts on “5 things we are dying to hear Jamie say in Episode 306

    1. I have read the hardback versions of the books, read & listened to the Kindle ebook with Audible narration and still don’t get tired of them! I agree with Davina Porter reading the Audible version! Perfect! I am on the 15th time of reading & listening to the Outlander series and am at the Firey Cross novel! These novels never get old to me! They are my most favorite books I have ever read! We waited over 20+ years for the series to come about! Now we get to see those incredible words put in action….I love the books and I love the series! They both have been so worth the wait for each new book or episode! Hoping that STARZ renews for S5 & S6 very soon! Blessings

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  1. I almost fainted myself just reading these lines I hope to see played out on screen as they played in my mind. Mind shattering. Probably in 9 months we will have a baby boom where Jamie has got women n men everywhere all stirred up!!!

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  2. Excellent Laura. I cannot wait.

    I also love context…”I have burned for you for twenty years, Sassenach,” he said softly. “Do you not know that?”

    My other favourite reference to his trauma over the twenty years apart comes later in the story.

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  3. I am recovering from reading and seeing this post. You reminded me how much is at stake in this episode for the expectations of the fans. Sam and Cait better dellver, or they are gonna have a whole lot of unsatisfied fans!
    I can’t stand the wait.
    Thank you, Laura for making it easier to bear!
    Eugenia E.

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