Outlander Episode 304 Recap: Of Lost Things

This episode had the potential to reinact two very cringe-worthy scenes. I have to say, that I am pleasantly surprised by how well Toni Graphia navigated these two scenes in episode 304. 

*making little notes every time I see a Lost thing…just for fun…cause why not?

*Lost Husband

We open in Scotland, 1968, picking up where we left off in the season two finale. Roger is looking adorable in his ugly cardigan, he explains to the Randall/Fraser women that they need to establish that Jamie is alive 20 years after Culloden. Now we will forgive him for man-splaining this to those two brilliant women (because if you have not read the books, may need a little more explanation). 
Claire finds Jamie’s name on the list of prisoners at Ardsmuir prison and the dates go all the way to 1756 (which would translate to 1959 in Claire’s time) so they still need to establish that he’s been alive for 9 more years. Roger is pretty pumped by this discovery and wants to celebrate.

Claire starts breathing a little heavier and her and Jamie’s theme music floats through the air. 
Helwater 1756, we see the Dunsany’s arriving at their estate after being abroad in Italy for a time. Jamie has just begun his parole there, and Lord Dunsany desires to have a little chat with the new groom. Our hunky horse handler is looking mighty fine in his new duds…

*Lost Children

Lord Dunsany is a good dude. He shares that his only son died at Culloden and he respects a man who fights for what he believes in. Lord Dunsany also mentions that Lady Dunsany would be none too pleased to find out that they were employing a Jocobite prisoner…so they’re gonna keep it on the down low. My heart clenched as Jaime empathetically says, “the pain of losing a child never leaves you. I’ve lost two children myself, My Lord.”  Jamie and Lord Dunsany come to an understanding that may even be described as amicable.

Roger and Brianna appear to be having a little bit of car trouble. Roger is looking under the hood while Bree stands by to watch. Bree not so subtly tries to establish whether or not Roger has a girlfriend. Roger adorable stumbles over his response that, he is in fact single and ready to mingle…(with Brianna that is…and only Brianna…for as long as they both shall live). Brianna tightens the distributor cap and tells Roger to fire up the engine…and what do you know…it works. Roger owes her one *wink wink*

Back to Helwater, the grooms are drawing straws…for what, Jamie is yet to find out. The hellish Geneva makes her bitchy debut. 

Isobel, overhears Jamie’s rather unflattering commentary about her sister. Isobel’s like “I know my sisters a hoodrat no need to front with me.”  We’re like ok, Dunsany sister number 2 ain’t so bad, aight we can be cool with her.

*Lost Freedom
“A cage is still a cage,” Isobel says and we decide we are now BFF’s with her and her kind eyes. Isobel confesses she has the hots for Lord John. Jamie very politly tries to dissuade this fondness for LJG, “His passion lies in soldering.” Don’t we know it, one soldier to be exact…the tall, steamy, gingersnap that’s looking right at ya!
JABS rings Claire on the phone in Scotland. Their conversation is adorable, Lady Jane, he calls her, just like in the book. Joe is trying to figure out what the heck Claire is doing over there in Scotland and when she’s coming back. No definitives are given. JABS ain’t no fool, he knows something is up with his BFF. 

Claire is feeling pulled back to her life in Boston, and I daresay she’s rather torn, which leads me to my next observation: Anyone notice the flag hanging behind Claire’s head… Looks to be the same one hanging at Lallybroch but it’s mended in the middle where it had been slashed before. Possible foreshadowing of something that was once torn will soon be mended. 

*Lost her lunch….almost

Next we see the Dunsany’s talking about how pleased they are with Geneva and 8th Earl of Ellesmere’s impending marriage. Geneva looks like she’s about to puke on the Earl’s face. She would rather have a root canal than marry his old wrinkly ass. Ellesmere establishes himself as not only old and undesirable but a world class A-hole as well (who clearly doesn’t appreciate a great ginger dye job when he sees one). Don’t worry TV husband we think your messy redhair is da bomb!

Geneva takes notice of the strapping young ginger snap, flaring her nostrils a bit. She’s like, ok now that’s something I could work with. Us too G, us too!

Geneva is ready for her ride and she informs Jamie that he will be joining her. The other grooms chuckle enjoying the fact that they are spared from her less than delightful demeanor.   Geneva is flirty and downright annoying on the ride…

I’m distracted by Jamie’s smolder in this scene. 

Geneva rides ahead and feigns a fall from her horse. Jamie picks her up, and she begins to laugh, so he drops her right in the perfectly placed mud puddle. She laughs, ” I look forward to our next ride.” I give you a hint, they won’t be riding horses. 

*lost patience 

John and Jamie are playing chess in the woods. Totally normal right? Their friendship is pretty heartwarming I must say. It’s the only time we get a hint of a smile from Jamie. Lord Melton walks into the scene escorting the Dunsany sisters on each arm like an 18th century Snoop Dog. 

He’s less than pleased to see his brother hanging out with the Jacobite scum. Lord Melton likely assumes his brother has ulterior motives due to John’s sexual tendencies. Lay off Hal! Geneva picks up on the missing pieces to the Jamie puzzle. Isobel tries to keep her googly eyes for Lord John, under wraps…

Now to the fourth scene in a row in Jamie’s story. Side note: I can’t help but feel that the bits of Claire in this episode seem sparse, almost as if we are losing her. It feels as though she’s slipping through our fingers because she’s ready to let go. I was so focused on Jamie’s story in this episode that Claire’s story almost seemed out of place. That being said, I think that was entirely intentional in the way the episode was written.

Geneva approaches Jamie at the stables, “what are you doing,” she asks. “Shovelling shit, my lady,” Jamie replies and gets back to work. The perfectly timed breeze blows up the back of Jamie’s vest revealing his healthy rump…**fans self**

Geneva makes her proposition known. Jamie is not happy or willing to even consider her proposal. That is until, Geneva plays her hand…she knows Jamie’s secret and threatens his family. He agrees to go to her bed. 

Potentially Cringeworthy Scene #1 

Jamie sneaks into Geneva’s room that night. She addresses him as Jamie and he tells her that she can’t call him that, but she can call him Alex. Geneva takes this as no consequence and orders him to get naked. She shyly turns away and Jamie tells her she can watch. Ummm yes please!!! 

*lost virginity 

Jamie takes off his shirt and Geneva is stunned by Jamie’s scars, “it’s alright it doesna hurt,” he says.

Geneva drinks in the sight of Jamie and gulps a little (we all gulped a little). He approaches her and says, “may I touch you my lady?” Geneva nods and then whispers, “I don’t know what to do.”

Jamie assures her that they don’t have to do this and she can change her mind if she wants. Geneva makes her choice and not only gives her consent but takes ownership of her sexuality and desire, “I’m doing this for myself.” 

Geneva knows that in three days time, she is basically being forced to marry someone she does not want to marry. She is exercising her freedom that is otherwise squelched and choosing how she wants her first sexual experience to be. 
In the book Geneva, tells Jamie to “stop, take it out, it’s too big,” but in this scene they don’t portray their sexual encounter this way. And I’m glad. Geneva may be a filthy wee bitch but no means no. If no doesn’t mean no now, when will it ever mean no? With what Jamie went through, being raped and tortured by Black Jack, and us as viewers witnessing that; it would be hard to justify that Jamie could actually go through with having sex with someone less than 100% willing. The guilt Jamie would endure from forcing himself on her, only for her to die in childbirth  nine months later would be too much for him to bear (and to hard for viewers grapple with, we need Jamie to forever remain our hero). The audience has already seen this man go through so much, he at least needs his conscience to be clear. Jamie serves Geneva, tenderly, “move with me,” he says.

We get to see, steamy, lustful, satisfying sex. And lots of perfect Jamie buns. So much buns. *panting faintly*

Afterward, Jamie asks Geneva if it hurt much. She says it did at first but after a while she liked it (and the way she said I liked it, sounded eerily similar to the way Claire sounded when she told Jamie she liked it on their wedding night). Geneva tells Jamie, ahem I mean Alex, that she loves him. I absolutely love how Sam portrays Jamie in this part… He was tender but firm with her. He explains that it’s not love that she feels. “Love is when you give your heart and soul to another.”  

Some months pass and a very pregnant Geneva arrives at Helwater with her husband, Lord Ellesmere. Jamie takes note of her big ole baby belly. Geneva gives him a side long glance that reads as something along the lines of, “what’s up baby daddy.”  Jamie is not lost on the meaning of her look, a wee little Fraser is ah brewin’!

*lost pearls

Back in Inverness Fiona gives Claire the pearls Jamie gave Claire in their wedding night. 

Bree is feeling peppy about the extensive ship manifest collection. Bree sees that Claire is having some feels, they hug it out. Bree looks very much like her mama and Daddy here. Good casting guys!

*lost Mama

Brianna and Roger (Breeger) are sitting on the couch. Why is such a scrumptious morsel of Scottish goodness??? (yes I said that in my mind with a Scottish accent). Anyways Bree is feeling guilty about not wanting her mom to go through the stones. Roger shares in the sentiment because that means Brianna will go back to Boston. 

*lost opportunities 

Bree kisses Roger, the delicious morsel. 

He certainly wasn’t expecting that display of affection but he’s damn well please about it. 
Isobel is running like the wind to the stables. She informs Jamie that Geneva is about to give birth, and all is not well. Shits about to get real. 

And the child?” Jamie inquires of he maid.

Oh he’s a fine healthy boy,” she replies confidently. Jamie let’s it sink in a little.

Jamie hears Isobel crying in a secluded hallway. He approaches her to find out if she is alright. Isobel begins to monologue, “my sister’s dead,” she begins, “we thought she’d be alright.” 

*lost sister

Jamie approaches her more closely and Isobel slaps him suddenly. “Ellesmere knew the child wasn’t his! I knew it too,” She cries. Isobel goes on to give Jamie confirmation that the child is his, without a shadow of doubt. 

*lost temper 

“There’s trouble!” A maid calls from behind. Upstairs there is a face off (not in the study by a window as described in the book, but this works too). Ellesmere is sufficiently pissed. Baby is a bastard, I’m super duper mad. Maybe I should stab the baby. Lord Dunsany is like hell no mother f***er that’s my grandson. Jamie steps in like a boss hog gangster and handles it Highlander style, shoots angry Ellesmere and saves his baby son. 

Look at that little cutie pie baby.

Isobel is out for a walk pushing little Willie in his pram. I have to say during this entire scene it bugged the crap out of me that the blanket was covering the baby’s mouth…

Anyway, Jamie happens to be riding by with one of the other grooms and Isobel decides to have a word with him. A kind word. “Tis a fine name,” Jamie says when Isobel tells him. It happens to be his late brother’s name as well. Isobel apologizes to Jamie for what she said. Isobel walks away as Lady Dunsany approaches. Jamie gets a moment to gaze at his son in his pram. “Yer a braw laddie, Willie. You’re so wee. Dinna fash yourself. I am here.”

*lost my mind (all the googly eyes 😍)

Holy exploding ovaries….“you’re so wee”…..the best line that’s ever been said in the history of time! 😭😭😭😭😭 all.the.feels.

Lady Dunsany, toddles over looking very much like the regal bunny Diana Gabaldon described her as, in the books. Lady Dunsany is grateful to Jamie for his role in saving Willie. She offers Jamie his freedom but he declined for the moment because he is now tied to this place more than ever now. “But, when you are ready to leave, you have only to ask,” lady Dunsany says.

Next we see Willie in 1764. Jamie is longing the horse that Willie is riding. The serious brow and bright blue eyes of young Willie are striking. Lady Dunsany and friend notice how Willie spends so much time with Mac (Jamie) that he is starting to look like him. Jamie knows this to be true. 

Jamie catches his reflection in the coach window as Willie helps him wipe down the windows from the inside. I love how they did this here and Sam’s acting…he says nothing but you know he realized he must leave Helwater soon. 

Sherlock and company are looking at ship manifests and Claire notices that the dates are off by 100 years. Claire is officially entering bummer town. The temporarily defeated trio heads to the bar for a stiff drink. 

*still Lost Husband 
Claire is not having the sexist looks from men in the bar. Women sitting at the bar was still rather faux pas in this setting. “This is 1968, and we have as much a right to sit here as any man.”

“Freedom and Whiskey,” the girl at the microphone says. 
I love this line Claire says, “this is what Mrs. Graham warned me about…Spending my life chasing a ghost.”

*lost motivation

Claire toasts to “all of those we have lost,” and then you realize that both Brianna and Roger have also recently lost the fathers that raised them. All three of them have experienced great loss. This is followed by the most efficiently proper clinking of glasses I have ever seen. 

*lost fathers

Claire says, “It’s time to go home.”

Next we see Jamie and Willie at the stables and Jamie says, “It’s time for me to go home.” 

Potentially Cringeworthy Scene #2

Willie does not take the news of Mac leaving very well. He gets upset and kicks over a bucket. Jamie gives him a quick swat on the behind. In the book Jamie takes Willie over his knee and spanks him hard five or six times after Willie purposefully tried to spook the horses. I’m thankful they lightened up the scene. It’s just not necessary for us to see that. 

Jamie tenderly embraces his young son and whispers to him in Gaelic. 

*lost son

*lost father

Next we see the little tete-a-tete with Jamie and Lord John. John tells him he is right to go and the resemblance will be undeniable sooner than later. They begin to take a stroll, Jamie asks John to watch out for Willie and serve as his father and in return Jamie offers Lord John his body as payment. Our dear honourable LJG, is taken aback by this form of payment. He of course declines any form of “payment” and tells Jamie that he plans to marry Isobel with most honourable intentions. 

This marriage will very conveniently enable Lord John to step in and be a father to Willie. I totally expected Jamie to kiss Lord John right here! But alas no kiss…just some affectionate hand holding. 

Willie sneaks into the stables and Jamie has a lovely farewell moment with him. Jamie turns Willie into a stinking Papist and gives him the little snake carving he made.

 “I haven’t got anything for you to remember me,” Willie says to Jamie. Our hearts break into a thousand tiny pieces as the Bob Dylan lyrics play “oh where have you been my blue eyed son.” 

“We’ll take good care of your son,” Isobel says to Jamie as she hugs him goodbye. The look in Jamie’s face is devastating. 

*lost children 

Four times a father, Faith, Fergus, Brianna and now Willie but never being able to be the father he would have liked to be. “A hard rains gonna fall,”  the song says as he mounts his horse. I’m blowing  through tissues at an alarming rate by this point. 

We see Roger looking thoughtful in a sweater fondling a toy plane. Cut to Claire and Brianna in flight back to Boston. It is so strange to see a plane, in contrast to the frequent 18th century backdrops. The look on Claire’s face here looks as though she has given up the search for Jamie. 

*lost son

We see Jamie riding away and using every ounce of strength not to turn around and run back to his little son. 

And End Credits. Huge sigh…that was heavy. Every episode feels like a mini movie to me…so so good…

Side note conspiracy theory for book readers: How much you wanna bet that Wil Johnson (Joe Abernathy) will also play the role of Ishmael later on in the 18th century. Just saying…Outlander has a thing for pulling a proper mindf**k on us now and again. I think it would be awesome. 



Ps. FYI Outlander TV news posted on Twitter that episode 6 ( the printshop episode ) will air on October 22. So no new episode on the 15th. 

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  1. I had the same ‘dual role for Wil’ thought and even asked him about it on Twitter. His response? “I can’t remember lol 😳”

    When I brought it up in an Outlander group, someone said Diana Gabaldon described the two characters very differently. I have no doubt that will not stop the Outlander writers from such a twist! 😉

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