Outlander Episode 302 Recap: Surrender

Episode 302 entitled, Surrender has left me with So Many Feelings.

Anne Kenney did an incredible job writing this episode. She seamlessly wove together the similarities of Jamie and Claire’s lives and how they are coping without the other. There is something very interesting about the way this whole episode was shot, and the way it illustrated the type of emptiness they were experiencing. Claire’s life has a tangible sort of emptiness, her house seems large and cold and empty, the only thing that has any warmth to it is Brianna’s  bright red hair.

Jamie’s life is in complete contrast, although he lives in a cave alone, his family is nearby. Life is happening all around him, crowding him even,  but Jamie seems not to absorb any of it. The emptiness that Jamie experiences is in his heart. In Drums of Autumn there is a line where Jamie says, “Your face is my heart Sassenach, and the love of you is my soul.” In this episode Jamie’s sentiment is so beautifully portrayed, his heart and soul is empty and without purpose in Claire’s absence. In the season 2 Finale Dragonfly in Amber Claire tells Jamie that he is her home.

Jamie’s physical embodiment is Claire’s true home and the home that Claire currently resides in feels sparce and cold without Jamie. Jamie has a lot of people that care about him and know what he went through to a certain extent but Claire doesn’t have any real friends, and certainly no one that would believe her story. Now lets dive into the recap.

We are at Lallybroch in the opening scene with Fergus, Rabie McNab and young Jamie uncovering a hidden pistol (that is extremely illegal to be in possession of at the time). They hurriedly put it away as the redcoats arrive to question Ian and Jenny again, regarding the whereabouts of Red Jamie, aka James Fraser, aka The Dunnbonet.

Jenny and Ian, the devoted family member that they are, insist that they don’t know diddly squat concerning Jamie. I love what a solid couple Jenny and Ian are, they’ve got each other’s backs and have such a strong unspoken bond. Steven Cree brings a lighthearted confidence to Ian that perfectly compliments the fearsome courage (and down right gangster at times) strength of Laura Donnelly’s portrayal of Jenny.

The incredible understanding Redcoat officers, **cough** I mean the big ugly jerks didn’t take their word for it and arrested Ian…again.

Next we see our hunky Bigfoot lurking in the shadows of the woods. He smells some dirt and shoots a giant stag with his bow and arrow. Jamie has become a bit of a wild animal himself and we’re kind of into it. He carries the dead stag  over one shoulder back to Lallybroch and we are super impressed with Jamie’s manliness.

Jamie sees a vision of Claire picking herbs and the intensity of his gaze is heart breaking. I love this illustration of Jamie’s heart existing somewhere outside of his body.

The vision of Claire quickly snaps to reality and we see Jenny who says my new favorite catch phrase “ye scairt the bowels out of me.” The look on Jamie’s face reads “whoops sorry sis, just brought you this giant beast for dinner.”

The next scene we see Jamie expertly butcher the stag while Jenny points out that he hasn’t been his usual chipper self these past 6 years. Ya think? 

Ok so Claire is dreaming the dream we all have every night. Like the EXACT dream. That chest, his BUNS (Lord help me) and that come hither look that literally obliterated thousand of ovaries all over the world. **hyperventalating — calls ambulance**

When you’re literally too sexy for your shirt (and pants).

We know how Claire feels, it’s like when you’re craving cookie dough ice cream over warm brownies but the only thing in the fridge is tapioca f**king pudding. Bleh. Sorry not sorry Frank, but no one likes tapioca.

The scene cuts to the morning and Claire is happily bouncing Bree and looking ravishing in her glorious silk robe. Claire sets Bree in her play pen and hands her a little stuffed bunny. I see what you guys did there. In episode one Jamie sees the bunny on Culloden Moor as he hangs between life and death. Ronald D. Moore explained that he wanted Jamie to see a bit of beauty and life amongst all the death and destruction. Flash forward 200 years to the beauty and life that is embodied by his precious little baby daughter. So darn sweet.

Claire sits down to read the Boston Globe and Bree starts to make a little fuss. Claire realizes that Bree turned over for the first time. Just then a towel clad Frank comes down stairs to check the boiler because the hot water ran out. Claire and Frank fawn over little Brianna’s accomplishment together.

Then mama Claire realizes She So Horney. She rests a hand in Frank’s chest and he catches her drift. When Frank walks away you can see in Claire’s face that she wants to try to want him.
Back to hunky Bigfoot again, trapsing through the forest, being rugged and such.

Jamie heads into his hidden cave and we realize not only is he hunky Bigfoot but he’s the sexiest cave man we’ve ever seen. I see you gutting that fish like a pro. Mmmhmmm.

Fergus comes to visit Jamie and calls his bullshit. Fergus is hell bent on putting up a fight with the Redcoats while Jamie clearly has no fight left in him.

Mary McNab is doing the laundry and Jamie sort of shuffles in looking like a shell of a man. He explains that he’s there to help with the ledgers with a sort of forceful awkwardness. He hears Jenny in the throws of childbirth inside. “Dinna fash, the bairn had a mind to come early,” Mary explains. Gosh I just love how they talk.

Fergus, Rabie and young Jamie are at it again with that damned gun. They see a raven land atop the house, which in highland superstition is a bad omen. The raven’s presence means death so the boys decide to shoot it.

Fergus shoots that sucker right down, good job buddy. Oh wait the nearby patrolling redcoats heard you. Well crap. That complicates things now doesn’t it. Jamie comes out and reprimands Fergus.

Jamie heads back up stairs to see Jenny and baby Ian “Ye always looked braw with a wee bairn in your arms,” Jenny says right before she gives gives him the third degree about his non-existent sex life. Janet Fraser Murray is never one to tread lightly with her brother.

Jamie walks out of the room with the baby to get away from Jenny’s nagging. Halfway down the hallway he sees the redcoats have burst into the house having heard the gunshot.

Jamie hides in a enclave at the end of the hall. Those redcoats are SUCH A holes. How dare you pull the blankets off of Jenny, you heathens!! They question Jenny as to the whereabouts of her newborn child and she has to tell them that the baby is dead. What a horrible thing to think about, let alone say, minutes after giving birth.

Mary McNab saves the day by coming in and giving the redcoats the pistol. Claiming it was the only thing left of her late husband. They see her as no threat and hastily leave. Good riddance ya filthy scoundrels.

Claire lies sleepless yet again and is gazing at Frank. She wakes him to make love. “I miss my husband,” she says. We know exactly which husband to which she is referring. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Frank. Claire keeps her eyes closed, not only to envision Jamie but also (I think) not to look at a face identical to Black Jack Randall. That would have to feel like the ultimate betrayal to Jamie I would imagine.

Next the scene cuts to Lallybroch, and the redcoats are returning Ian. Fergus is standing nearby and his anger toward the redcoats is boiling very close to the surface. Fergus heads into the woods and the redcoats follow him. Fergus knows they are following him and he begins to play them at their own game. Fergus taunts them and pushes them a little too far. Resulting in the chopping off of wee Fergus’s left hand.

Jamie is watching the scene from far off. The redcoats quickly ride off and Jamie acts quickly to stop the bleeding just like Claire taught him.
Later Jenny reports that Fergus is doing well due to Jamie’s quick thinking. Jamie falls to pieces in Jenny’s arms. Poor Jamie.

Jamie goes into see Fergus and makes amends. Fergus does not feel too upset about losing a hand because Jamie promised to support him if such a thing should ever happen. Fergus is happy to have become a “man of leisure.” Jamie tells Fergus that he will always support him, and their relationship is restored.

Claire and Frank are hosting a little dinner party with their neighbors, Jerry and Millie. Claire is a muted version of herself in her own time. Even before she fell through the stones and met Jamie I felt this way about her. Life with Jamie was in HD but with Frank it’s like watching your Grandma’s old dinosaur TV.

Claire is feeling rather randy again and tries to spice things up with Frank in front of the fire place. However Frank notices that she won’t look at him…and he mentions it. Claire doesn’t even hear him at first. He pushes the issue and their love making is cut short. Claire is not thrilled. “Claire, when Im with you, I’m with you but you’re with him,” Frank says. Oh snap…Frank is right and he knows it.

Next our beloved Ian is having a heart to heart with Jamie. I love their friendship. Ian always knows how to bridge gaps and generally make us feel better about life.

Jamie discusses with Jenny and Ian a plan to set himself up to be captured by the redcoats (just like I predicted in my blog post recap of the official trailer). Jenny is against it because she is afraid he will be hanged. Jamie wants them to get the reward money. “Haven’t you seen the inside of enough prisons….” Jenny says. “No different than the prison I live in now.” Jenny looks back at Ian and Ian gives her a look that says “he’s got a point.”

The next day good ole Mary McNab brings some food and shaving supplies up to the cave for Jamie. After Mary finished shaving Jamie’s face, we all sigh in relief and the revealing of his beautiful face. Ahhhhh….it’s just so lovely.

The next scene is the essence of why we love Jamie so much. That man is woke. He is emotional intelligent and in touch with his feelings. Jamie comes back from washing in the river to find Mary McNab in nothing but her shift. He tries to dissuade her but out of the depths of his loneliness he gives in to her offer to give him something that they both need. “Something to keep us whole while as we move forward in this life,” Mary McNab says. Mary is pretty woke too, I have to say. Jamie’s eyes are filled with tears and he is hesitant and unsure of himself and he closes his eyes.

“You can look at me if you like,” Mary murmurs.

“You’re a Bonnie Lass, it’s just something I always do,” Jamie replies and a tear rolls down his cheek. He misses Claire so damn much…pass the tissues!

Claire is taking a stroll through the park, pushing Bree in a posh looking pram. Motherhood looks so good on her and how cute is that little ginger babe in her yellow knit cap! Claire desires to be a part of something greater than herself once again. Next we see Claire in her first class in medical school. Dr. Sims is not woke. The class begins to file in and Claire finds her seat amongst the judgmental stares from the sea of white males. Then in walks our new best friend. I’m looking at you Joe Abernathy! Joe or Jabs as I like to call him, sits next to Claire and introduces himself. Claire shakes his hand with genuine warmth and eagerness to have found a friend. I love these BFFs.

Next we see Claire getting into bed after a long day. “Bunny was wedged behind the bed again,” Claire says to Frank.

“I think Bree may be trying to tell us something,” Frank replies.

What?? What is Bree telling us?!

I will get down to the bottom of this vague foretelling!

When Claire says good night and the scene pans out and shows the two twin beds, I have to admit it gave me quite and eerie feeling. I guess some people really did live that way and may very well still do. It gives me the heebie jeebies either way.

Next we see Jamie walk into the courtyard at Lallybroch. He’s “in character” and greets Jenny. The redcoat immediately come out from hiding and arrest him. Jenny’s heart is breaking as she plays along with the facade.

“You gave me no choice brother! And I’ll never forgive you! Never!” Jenny yells, and somehow I think she meant it. The brown cap Jamie wore  (Dunnbonet) lays in the mud where it fell at the redcoats ride away with Jamie locked in the paddy wagon.

Jamie looks resigned as he heads off to the next chapter of his life.
Claire is walking to school and a gives money to a bagpiper. It’s seems as though they have both surrendered to being without the other. While it is visibly painful for them both, Claire and Jamie have found reasons to live. Six years down only fourteen to go. We can do this!

What was the most moving part of this episode for you?  Mine was when Jamie told Mary McNab she was a Bonnie lass and the tear rolled down his cheek.




8 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 302 Recap: Surrender

  1. Good pick for fave moment, but the one that ripped my heart out was when Jamie collapses in tears after seeing Fergus, and his sister tries to comfort him. God, this show is good!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Nice recap, Lauren! I won’t lie…my favorite moment was Claire’s dream about Jamie when she was, ** ahem ** helping herself. The most powerful moment (besides Jamie giving himself up to the redcoats and Jenny’s reaction) was when Jamie comes into the courtyard with the stag and sees Claire’s vision…he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) speak, and his whole demeanor was of an empty shell of a man. Heartbreaking!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. When Claire hears the pipes, the memories she’s tried so hard to repress come screaming back to her of what she has lost. Then we see the long shot of her on the almost empty campus…
    could it represent the paucity of people in her life with whom she can share her memories?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Excellent , Lauren..fun read. One thing that bugged me was the black war paint on Jaimes eye area when he staggers into the courtyard while Mary is taking down the laundry….and we hear Jenny screaming in childbirth..anyway….check back and look at his eyes …looks like the Lone Ranger with black mask over his eyes. Hmm. Your commentaries are great…looking forward to next week…but rather dreading the lovely minx Geneva….eyes open then , maybe?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I always love reading your blog, Lauren and many a time I will laugh out loud. So thank you for this labor of love that we all enjoy indulging in. I do, however, believe that Jamie was sniffing deer dung – not the soil – just before he shoots said deer. Um. Yeah. Not a pleasant thought, but hunters rely on animal dung. If it’s still warm then the critter isn’t too far away. ….. And just because I canna leave with such an image in mind, I will let ye know that I loved loved LOVED the part when Fergus says, “There ye are, Milord.” Such a perceptive kid who really was pivotal in getting Jamie to find a part of himself once again.


  6. Lauren I so enjoy your recaps! Since I am not watching the current season as I am waiting to purchase the 3rd season DVD set (when finally released) I have be re-reading Voyager and watching your posts :-)…..Thank You! While my husband watches the show with me, none of my friends have caught Outlander Fever (I really have tried to infect them but we keep in touch on FB and it’s difficult to share that way) so your blog is the next best thing to help enhance my whole fan-ness of it all. I’ll keep reading your posts and enjoying my book then have my own reunion with Outlander Season 3 when I get it! Much Love!

    Liked by 1 person

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