Outlander Episode 301 Recap: The Battle Joined

As the opening credits begin and the Skye Boat song sails us through the title sequence, my eyes fill with tears. Not just because Droughtlander is finally over (thank heavens…and STARZ) but because of the journey our beloved and ill fated (at times) hero and heroine are about to endure. It’s amazing what it does to your senses when you view the enactment of a story that you have read every last word of (until Herself releases book 9). Your mind is filled up with the extra details, backstory, future story, it feels so familiar, almost like you’re coming home. Hence the tears we’re home and we couldn’t be happier!! 

Death, we see Culloden Moor covered in dead bodies of Scottish Highlanders. Jamie is among them, lying face up on top of other fallen warriors.

His eyes are open and we can see he is clearly alive, but hanging on by a thread. If you’ve read the books you immediately notice the red coat lying on top of Jamie, who is none other that Black Jack Randall (but that’s not revealed until later).
Another interesting detail in the books is that the pressure of BJR’s body, stopped a potentially fatal wound Jamie had, from bleeding out and killing him. Jamie watches as a young soldier, near dead, is stabbed with a Bayonet by a British soldier and he can do nothing about it. The battle flash backs begin as Jamie goes in and out of consciousness.
Jamie has a quick flashback at the standing stones, moments after Claire has left. The emptiness that you see on his face is absolutely heartbreaking. I had never thought about those moments before or how Jamie must have felt right after Claire vanished through the stones, like the loss of a limb I would imagine. Oh man that was rough.

















“Claire. The name knifed across his heart with a pain that was more racking than anything his body had ever been called on to withstand.”

From: Voyager Chapter 1 – The Corbie’s Feast

By: Diana Gabaldon


Jamie, badass highland warrior that he is, kills a red coat with a freaking dirt clod…a dirt clod people. Savage.

Murtagh falls in (literally) next to Jamie “where you’ve been? Enjoying a wee whiskey?” Jamie says with a smile with relief to see his comrade in arms. Murtagh stabs a red coat about to take Jamie out (while sitting down because he’s a boss hog gangster) and says heartily “your welcome.” Murtagh helps Jamie to his feet and we enjoy some much needed need porn.

As the highlanders charge Culloden Moor  Redcoats begin firing and men start dropping like flies but not Jamie.

Then the moment happens, and the lighting changes to a warm amber glow like when you reminisce on a fond memory. Jamie sees Blackjack mounted on his horse fighting off Highlanders with his sword. Blackjack gets pulled off his horse. We see Jamie again and the camera zooms in, destiny has waited for Jamie to get his justice.

Black Jack meets Jamie’s eye and he has the briefest look of hesitation cross his face but within that same moment he also sees Jamie’s look of decision. This will be a fight to the death and then the sadistic look or BJR that we all know and hate, takes over.

I’m pretty sure that Jamie broke his arm but Black Jack Rolls onto the ground and use that same arm to hoist himself up… i’m not going to nitpick but I’ll just leave that there.

BJR stabs Jamie in the leg (the almost fatal wound I mentioned earlier). Finally…deep breath…finally Jamie gets his revenge and fatally stabs BJR once and for all.

The soothing song of the druids begins to play as we see Jamie lying half dead in the snow sprinkled night.

I’m sort of glad they choose to leave out BJR saying I love you to Jamie and instead left it at a look of remorse. They are the last standing on the battle field and the tragic one sided love affair ends in a sort of drunken bloodied dance that fate decided long ago.

In the books it was the crow that caught Jamie’s attention while lying on the battlefield but in this episode it was a rabbit for reasons I intend to find out.

With one nightmare put to rest the next one awakens with a vision of Claire in a white angelic night dress, “are you alive,” She asks. Jamie comes to consciousness and sees that the question actually came from Rupert.

Jamie tells Rupert to leave him be and Rupert replies, “I’m not leaving you to die in the cold even if you are a Pig heided nunnuck…” (I’m for sure going to start calling my husband this).

Claire, looking rather blue in 1940’s Boston. Frank and Claire’s exchange is sweet. Frank says the endearing line “rustle me up some vittles,” and we really try to like him for Claire’s sake.

Jesus H. Rooseveldt Christ, Claire does not enjoy domesticity. Claire unsuccessfully tried to light the gas stove with an electric match that wasn’t invented yet. She plops down on the uncomfortable looking couch in resignation and then stares at the fireplace… For reasons I couldn’t figure out until I saw her unload the firewood.

Millie Nelson, helps Claire bring the firewood in from the car. Claire is clearly out of place in her own time. “You’re lucky you won’t find another man like Frank again.” **Cough** yes we will Millie Nelson.

Cut to Jamie, now hiding in an abandoned church with the rest of the Highlanders that survived the battle. The British are still combing the nearby area for the surviving traitors. Rupert decides to stay with the wounded even though he is clearly able to escape if he wanted to, bless him.

Back to Claire sitting, extremely pregnant, at her dressing table. Frank calls to her to be ready in 20 minutes. She looks absolutely miserable, the looks on her face screams, what the hell is my life now? 

Cut to Harvard wear we meet Frank’s new boss who is also a complete douche bag. Unfortunately his misogynistic display was quite normal for the time, however Claire murdered him pretty thoroughly with her eyes. Don’t worry Claire we know you gangster.

The inner turmoil begins to boil closer to the surface for Claire. “I’m fine,” never means a woman is fine…ever.
Back to the abandoned church, Jamie faintly says, “Murtagh, Murtagh, what happened to Murtagh?”

“I dinna ken,” Rupert replies. But in the books we Ken verra well what happened. Mutagh died in Jamie’s arms. I have a feeling that Murtagh is going to show up in the Americas in season 4. Just sayin.

The British arrive…helloooo Lord Melton. Exactly how I pictured him. “Does any man here claim innocence of treason?”

“No my lord, traitors all.” Rupert replies with his badass eyepatch.

I love the level of propriety and honour Lord Melton holds himself to, in this circumstance anyway. The “traitors” are given an hour to prepare themselves before the are executed.

It cuts back to Claire and Frank and a seemingly present breakfast. Frank says something charming about tea bags being and abominations in paper diapers. Things turn haywire after Frank tries to affectionately caress Claire’s belly and she shrugs him away. It was so awkward  I almost couldn’t  watch.

Frank wants to know when Claire is going to come back from the f***ing past.

(Notice the brass Turtle that was sitting next to the ashtray…ahem…subtle ode to Turtle Soup there wink wink)

After a few verbal low blows, Frank reminds Claire that he wasn’t the one f***ing other people. Cue Claire chucking and ashtray at Frank’s head (but he’s kind of got a point right?)… He expertly ducks out of the way. Frank leaves for work as the chasm between them grows even larger.

Back at the church highlanders are being shot one by one. Grant ORourke’s performance as Rupert is pure excellence. He exudes strength, spirit and dignity in these last minutes of his life.

Rupert tries to speak on behalf of two teenage boys in hopes that their young age will spare them execution. Lord Melton relays that His Grace the Duke of Cumberland, has specifically ordered that no exceptions be made on account of age. The two boys are about to lose it and Rupert offers these words. “Steady now lads, it will be over soon. Chin up.”

Jales McMartin and Frederick McBeam head out to there much too early deaths.

“I’m glad you’re awake, I’d hate to say my farewell while you snored and farted in your sleep.” Rupert says to Jamie.

“You always snores louder than anyone I ever heard.” Jamie replies.

Rupert makes peace with Jamie even though he doesn’t forgive him for killing Dougal. These final words create a tragic and tender moment as death awaits them both. Rupert offers these final comforting words.

“The lord will Judge us both and I trust in his mercy. Farewell Jamie.” I just love the way “mercy” sounds with that accent….

“Rupert Thomas Alexander Mackenzie”

“I mean to set a quick pace so try to keep up,” he says bravely and heads out to his end.

Jamie hears the shot confirming his cousin’s death and quietly goes to pieces…”Slàn lealt, a Ràibeirt…” Jaime whispers.

Next we see Frank’s face. I don’t know why it (his face) annoys me so much here but it really does. Oh it’s you again…I almost forgot about you completely like I do every time I see Jamie (said every one). Frank can’t sleep, so he gets up and begins writing a letter to Reverend Wakefield inquiring about a one James Fraser. He’s interrupted by Claire who announces that her “waters have broken.”

“Alright, I’ll warm the car,” Frank says and hurries off like helpful concerned husband should.
Back to the church in the 18th century a soldier ass explored Belton if the soldiers who cannot stand should be shot lying down I love his response, “Prop them up, certainly,” I could almost hear him mutter  duh, you moron.

Jamie volunteers to go next and begins to give his name to be written down in the records. Lord Melton is making his way out of the church when he stops in his tracks as Jamie says his last name.

“Are you the Jacobite known as Red Jamie?” Lord Melton asks?

“I’ve been called that by my enemies,” Jamie confirms.

Lord Melton closes his eyes with much irritation. “God’s blood,” he mutters.

“Either shoot me or go away,” Jamie replies.

Lord Melton asks if he knows someone by the name of John William Grey… Who happens to be none other than Lord Melton’s younger brother. Through this dialogue we find out that John Grey is the young boy whose life Jamie spared even after as Jamie said, “tried to kill me while I was taking a piss.” And because he be spared this young boy’s life it has incurred on the Grey family, a “bloody great debt of honor,” as Lord Melton described it.

“This is a deuce of a situation Wallace,” Lord Melton says to one of his subordinates. He makes a plan to have Jamie transported home in a hay wagon so as not to discredit his brother’s sworn word by having Jamie’s blood on his hands. Wallace suggests shooting him under an alias and Lord Melton give him this look. It’s says, you idiot, to me, don’t you think?

“I willna tell if you don’t,” Jamie says. How is he that gosh darn adorable even when he’s half dead… I mean come on people.

Next we see Jamie in the back of a wagon traveling through the heather fields heading home to Lallybroch.

Claire and Frank have arrived at the hospital and the rudest Doctor we’ve ever met comes in and begins his condescending instructions in the most irritating nasally voice I’ve ever hear. You can suck it Doctor Jerk Pants. Frank and Claire are starting to patch things up and as he is ushered out of the room he tells Claire he loves her. She don’t say it back…..oh burn. Frank just can’t win can he?

Doctor Jerk Pants does not respect Claire’s wishes to not be put under. As Claire begins to fade from consciousness we all are mentally punching Dr. Jerk Pants in the throat. “You bastard,” she whispers as she falls asleep. Now it didn’t happen this way in the book but I appreciate how real the situation was portrayed for the time… Many women didn’t get a say no matter what their wishes were.

Jenny from the Broch is trying to wake her brother who has just arrived in his hay wagon. Jenny and Ian are relieved to see that Jamie is alive. Jamie looks absolutely dumbfounded that he made it home alive.

And this is where my heart just starts to clinch… Claire could’ve been there, he’s alive and she’s not there. They could have made this work gosh darn it! Although I supposed I’m ok with this because how else would we be able to relish in all the coming drama?

Claire awakens and realizes her stomach is empty, she’s laying alone in her hospital bed and begins asking “where is my baby”… just like she did in season two in the episode entitled Faith. I of course start to cry like a blubbering idiot. Give her, her damn baby people! I yell at the TV screen.

Cue Frank walking in with the bundle of joy. A perfectly healthy baby girl. You immediately see the transformation from woman to mother… Claire’s purpose is renewed and her heart swells with love… The massive emptiness that leaving Jamie left in her heart has been filled up… although not quite all the way as we’ll soon see.

The overly observant unnamed nurse poignantly asks, “Where’d she get the red hair from?”

Ooh ooh! ask me, ask me! I know! **raises hand**

I love you the way that this episode it was written you’re going back-and-forth between two completely different worlds…moments are passing by on Jamie side while months are dragging on and on for Claire. Through the whole episode we’re hanging in the balance between life and death…so very close to death but in the end life prevails.

I can’t wait for episode two! What was your favorite part of episode one? What was the hardest part to watch? Did you totally cry when you heard Rupert get shot? I did.

Until next week my lovelies…

Xo, Lauren

19 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 301 Recap: The Battle Joined

  1. Thanks for the recap. Though I’ve watched 301 a couple times, it’s always great to re-read portions. Rupert will be missed. I think the next several episodes will be both hard & wonderful to watch. Technically knowing what is coming vs watching it unfold…I’ve been a fan of the Books since the first was released over 20 years ago. My heart swells with thanksgiving they’ve made it onto tv. And!! Looking forward to Book 9.

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  2. I was more sad to know that murtagh is dead. It was sad with Rupert. And it’s hard to see Clair and Frank happy. But if you read the books then we all know what happens but still…


  3. Lauren, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your recap !!

    Just wanted to point out one minor thing – that thing she is trying to light the stove with is this ancient thing that just makes sparks, like flint, it’s called a Sparker Lighter. It ignites the gas coming up from the stove. You squeeze the handle together and fire!! When it works…………. https://www.amazon.com/SEOH-Striker-Flint-Gas-Lighter/dp/B00191BZO4

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