Outlander Season 3: Advanced Screening 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to an event that Starz put on at The Grove in L.A. I had such a fun time fan-Girling with my best girl Becca. 

We arrived just before 10 AM stood in a really long line to get tickets for the advanced screening. It really didn’t take that long and everyone working the event was super nice. However most of them didn’t know a lick about outlander, which I felt was super annoying. I’m not gonna lie, I razzed all the kilted eye candy on Outlander facts (and they didn’t even know what a sporran was). I’m talking to you David Russell Graham. **rolls eyes**  

Anyway moving on…there was another long line to stand in, to get into the event epicentre that had THE PRINTSHOP **all the heart eyes** with live screen printing and there was a flower crown bar where you could create your own crown with fresh flowers. 

They had a booth for tea leaf reading but by the time we got through the line all of the slots to signup were taken. I was a little bummed about that but  taking a picture against a green screen for it to turn out like this made up for it.

I love you Jamie Fraser. 

Starz was interviewing fans, and me being the big Outlander know-it-all nerd of the century Becca signed me right up for that. Not sure where this footage will appear… But I’m sure I will be thoroughly embarrassed by whatever word vomit I happened to spew during this interview when it does appear on the Interwebs. Also could my giant mouth be opened any wider ha ha?

Me with my bestie Becca looking fabulous. Love you boo. 

And with our new friends Julie and Melinda. We met Julie in line at the beginning of the day and hit it off. With a shared love of Outlander, Disney, See’s Candy, among other things we we’re  a fab foursome fated by the druids themselves. 

Our showing for the advanced screening for episode 1 season three was at 7 pm. We gathered in the movie theater lobby and lined up. The line went very quickly and stars provided free popcorn and drinks for us. I was as giddy as a schoolgirl… or as giddy as a 30 something who has a thing for Scottish Highlanders… Either one…

Executive producer Toni Graphic and producer Maril Davis showed up and gave us a little welcome, so amazing!!!

I met some of the awesome ladies from Outlander SoCal…they were freaking fabulous…shoutout to Heather!

(Pulled this from the Outlander starz official instagram story)

The energy in the theater while viewing episode 1 was unreal. I was so fun to sit in a room with hundreds of fans (who are SO my people) and experience it together! Loved.Every.Moment.

I will not say a single word about the first episode other than these two… Mind blown…

In conclusion it was the best day ever!!! 

I will have a full recap of episode 1 season 3 on the blog the day after season 3 premieres so as not to spoil it for anyone.

8 thoughts on “Outlander Season 3: Advanced Screening 

  1. Lucky you for getting to see the episode 🙂 Looking forward to reading your recap after the premiere episode. I haven’t seen it and I’m dying!! Only 3 more days!!

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