Outlander Season 3 Premiere: it’s 1 month away and we can’t handle it

We are one month out from the Outlander Season 3 premiere and I can no longer keep my cool. I’m losing my ever loving mind with excitement. Droughtlander has been physically painful… yes, I realized that’s very dramatic but when aren’t Outfanders dramatic? I mean he just looks so cold it actually hurts me that I can’t warm him with a nice woolly plaid. 

Sam Heughan accidentally (on purpose, possibly) leaked this photo a couple days ago on twitter and that’s when I officially lost it. He’s about to faint people!!! Thank you SH for the oversight…we all really needed this to actually live until September 10th. Caitriona Balfe gave Sam a hard time calling him a “Numpty.” Gosh darn it they’re just so cute. 

This promo video came out recently and I was so overcome with excitement I couldn’t even do a synoptic breakdown Blog like I typically do.

There is our king of men just talking about stuff. 

And his Queen also talking about stuff.

I’m usually not at a loss for words but that smolder just hits me right in the in the stupids and suddenly, I’m speechless. 

We only have a month to go before we see our beloved Jamie and Claire bring our favorite story to life. Here are some not so serious but important questions you may be asking yourself these days. 

Ummm, highly likely…obviously 

What questions have you been asking yourself in anticipation of Droughtlander finally coming to an end? You guys always have the best commentary… I may be a little biased but I’m ok with that.

Only one more month before we can feast our eyes on this hunk of Scottish fertility boosting perfection. Sláinte ✨💕

11 thoughts on “Outlander Season 3 Premiere: it’s 1 month away and we can’t handle it

  1. Love your post. To answer your questions yes Bree will always annoy me, i love her but sometimes i just wanted to slap her especially in book 4. No i will not feel sad when Frank dies, he was a good father to Bree but he’s not Jamie.

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  2. That print shop photo actually leaked about 12 hours before Sam posted it. I think a fan found it on the directory for the official site. It may have (“accidentally”) been put there on purpose by someone for promo. Or it may have been a legitimate accident.

    I actually like Bree. I feel like she gets a bad deal, because when she’s introduced to readers/viewers, it’s at a traumatic moment and she’s responding to that. Is there really a positive reaction to your mom telling you “That guy who raised you wasn’t your real father. Your biological father was an 18th century Scottish warrior who I met when I traveled back in time”? I would probably think that either my mother was crazy or that she was playing a sick joke. Which is what Bree believes until she has reason to think otherwise. But I felt like that moment we meet her was accurate in terms of how someone would respond in that bizarre situation. Because we’ve come to care about Claire, our sympathy is naturally with her. When Bree says hurtful things, so it’s hard to like her at first, but I felt like by Drums of Autumn she’d matured and had come to accept the truth about her parentage.

    I won’t be sorry to see Frank die. I don’t hate him as much as some Outlander fans do, but I don’t find him to be a particularly interesting character. If he were a real person I might be sad. But for the purposes of fiction, his death is necessary to move the story forward, so Claire can tell Bree the truth, learn that Jamie survived, and go back again.

    I don’t think I’ll faint when Jamie does, if only because I won’t want to miss the rest of the scene!

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  3. Spot on, Lauren, and thank you. I feel much the same way about Frank. I loath Black Jack and some of that rubs off onto Frank, so I don’t think I am going to miss him or mourn for him at all

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  4. Love it; you’re so funny! Um, and accurate! 😀 My answers to the questions: 1) No, I don’t think she’ll annoy us. She makes tremendous progress in book 4. I can’t wait until she gets to meet Jamie (book 5). 2) Well, yes, I’ll feel a tad guilty (I’m prone to that), more for the TV/Tobias interpreted Frank, who’s sweeter and more sympathetic than the book Frank (for the majority of their relationship), BUT what must be must be because Claire MUST be with Jamie, so I will endure! 3) Not likely as being a reader of the books and having read them so many times I revel in the printshop scene, so it won’t come as a shock, but I’ll bet you I’ll be crying! And my husband (who enjoys the show if not always my obsession) will tease me unmercifully.

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    1. I agree Frank is much sweeter on the show then described in the book… He was more of a two dimensional character I felt in the book … but perhaps that was how he was supposed to be and Claire was never really living a completely full life with Frank because Jamie is the life blood that makes everything three-dimensional for her.
      It’s interesting because Brianna never annoyed me in the books at all. I think in the season two finale I just wasn’t convinced of her as Brianna. I saw interviews of Sophie Skelton at, Comicon And I noticed way more of a resemblance between her on screen parents, Sam and Caitriona. Did you catch any of those videos on YouTube?

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