Can we take a minute and appreciate Roger Wakefield?

Outlander season 3 can’t get here fast enough so I am allowing myself freedom to fangirl any and every chance I get. This week my obsession falls on good ole Roger… and can we just take a minute to breathe in all that is Roger the cutie Patootie Wakefield? 

Dark careless hair, big blue eyes with a look of mischief and innocence all rolled into one. **Sighs deeply**

I am so excited to see more of Roger in season three, even if it’s only for the first handful of episodes. Now we know that Jamie is the King of men (obviously) but Roger is most certainly the prince. He’s the guy in high school who was super sweet and kind of a book nerd but after college he filled out his lanky frame and grew into his bushy eyebrows. When you suddenly bump into each other years later at the local pub, you think daaaaaaammnn Roger is bringing sexy back! But enough of my imaginary meet cute. **fans self voraciously**

As an avid (more or less obsessed) fan of Outlander I find myself relating more to Bree’s character and for more than just the obvious (ginger) reasons. 

I’m a bit more creative like Brianna is and I like to make things or see how I could make things better (in book 4 you’ll see more of this from Brianna). So naturally her type in men (Roger) is exactly the type of guy I would gravitate to and — well marry, actually. Tall, dark, handsome…and those eyebrows. 

Can we just take a minute to thank god for creating such perfect eyebrows? 

I mean, I kind of have a type. Am I right? I realized in book 4 (spoiler alert) when Roger asks Bree to marry him suddenly, that he reminded me of my husband. Then my literary crush took a serious turn. Roger is eager and falls in love with Brianna quickly (real Husband was the same) and he is just so darn sexy that you can hardly resist. Roger wanted more than just sex with Brianna he wanted a lifetime (again same as real Husband). Brianna is fiercely independent and it was Roger’s consistency, determination and devotion to Bree that ultimately won her over (and yet again we share a parallel life). And then it hits me — we are Bree and Roger. 

Perhaps my favorite aspect of Roger is the accent. I can hardly understand him sometimes but it’s so delicious that you can pour me another tall drink of that, anytime! 

And I will leave you with the good ole “Rat Satire” clip HERE. ❤️

Which couple do you identify more with? Jamie & Claire, Roger & Bree, Ian & Jenny, Fergus & Marsali and dare I mention Jamie & Laoghaire? 

6 thoughts on “Can we take a minute and appreciate Roger Wakefield?

  1. I really like Rik Rankin as Roger, but I wish that they would get rid of the beard on the show. I watched the second season finale with my friend, who hadn’t read the book. She initially had trouble seeing Bree and Roger as a potential couple, because Roger looked so much older than Brianna. I showed her some pictures of him without the beard and she agreed that their age difference (he’s meant to be 7-8 years older than her) looks more appropriate without it.


    1. Roger would have been at least 9 by the time Bree was born. He was 5 when Claire first him + she was gone 3 years (=8), and Claire was pregnant, so about another 6 months, which brings him very close to 9 yrs old. also don’t forget he has his doctorate degree which he didn’t get overnight. By the way, Rik says he is from the Valley (California?) so who can answer that question? I have heard him wa heavy Scots anncent and totally without an accent. Go figure…

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      1. On the show, Claire says at the funeral that he was 7 or 8 the last time she saw him. Depending on when his birthday was (did he just turn 8 when she got back or had he been 8 for several months?) He could have been 8 or 9. But also remember that the dates aren’t exact. People say he was “about 5” or Claire was gone for “close to 3 years” (if memory serves me right she left in May and returned in April so it would’ve been just under 3 years). So give or take a few months either way. You don’t get a PhD overnight but you can definitely get one by your late 20’s. Regardless of whether he’s meant to be 28 or 29 it’s still late 20’s! But I’m getting nitpicky (I do that!) 😉

        IRL he’s 34 and Sophie is 23. With the beard he looks about 15-20 years older than her. Without it, he looks more like 5-10 years older, which is a lot closer to the right age difference. Roger isn’t supposed to look like, or serve as a kind of father figure to Bree. But he came off that way because he looked so much older than her. Really the facial hair is my only problem with him on the show. I think he’s perfectly cast! I just wish they’d shave him.

        According to Wiki Rik was born in Glasgow and raised in Rutherglen (also in Scotland). But actors can learn all kinds of accents. Where did you hear he was from California?

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  2. Yes I agree, gorgeous and intelligent. Not to mention funny and charming. I caught him in the interviews at comic Con and was so impressed with his personlity, which for me is what is the real test of what makes a person truly attractive.

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