The Beach Wedding: and why it has to happen

As most of you know my synopses almost always contain spoilers from the book and this post is no different. If you have an aversion to spoilers, I would suggest you stop reading here and simply scroll through and enjoy the pictures.  

Although it has not been officially confirmed, (that I know of) that this scene will appear in season three, photographic evidence points to the possibility being very strong. Lauren Lyle, who plays Marsali, posted a picture to instagram of her ready for a night shoot. In the book Marsali is described as having her hair down around her shoulders like it is here. In other snap shots of Marsali her hair is always pulled back.

Now that I have convinced myself again that this scene has to happen in season 3, lets dive in.

Here’s a little back story to set up the scene.

The English Man of War Ship called, the Porpoise, commandeered Claire’s medical services. After doing all she could to save the crew from sickness, Claire decides to make her escape. Claire escapes the Porpoise, by jumping into the ocean and letting the current take her, she soon arrives on Hispaniola. 

After drudging through mud, water and mangroves Claire sits down to catch her breath and begins taking to the wild life. 

By a stroke of luck, there is someone nearby who hears Claire talking to herself, Dr. Stern, who is studying the island’s flora and fauna. Dr. Stern happens to know of a place where Claire can receive food, water and hospitality. The come upon the home of an exiled priest with a notable drinking problem. The less than friendly housekeeper is the mother of The Priest’s deceased lover, with whom he ran away with a few years prior. Not your typical B&B vibe but Claire makes due. Claire learns that there is a ship, wrecked on the beach and after cleaning up and putting on a robe, Claire goes down to the beach to investigate. Claire immediately sees familiar faces and runs down to the beach. Fergus, (Jamie’s kind of adopted son) and Marsali (Jamie’s kind of step-daughter) greet Claire. 

Claire (of course) asks where Jamie is and FerSali has a confused response, he’s not with you? Well drat, our happiness was stripped away yet again but wait there’s more. A group of soldiers rides onto the beach to investigate the repairing of the Artemis, that is underway. The soldier in command is none other than Jamie, 

who is for some reason, pretending to be French. Claire and Marsali are hiding in the bushes for quite a long time until Claire decides it is safe. The Artemis is repaired, the French soldiers were bamboozled and locked away in the ship’s hold and all is as it should be, almost.

Jamie is now captain of the Artemis and is relaxing with Claire in his quarters, naked. Now, this next part is perhaps sexier than a sex scene because Jamie is explaining in great detail what he plans to do to Claire once he has the space to do it.

I thought it all out, just what I would do, did I have ye naked and willing, no one in hearing, and room enough to serve ye suitably.

Dear Lord we murmur. **Fans self**

And then,” he said, interrupting, “since ye will, according to the plan, be naked, and—provided I’ve done it right so far—possibly willing as well—”

  “Oh, just possibly,” I said. My lips were still tingling from step one.

“—then I shall spread open your thighs, take down my breeks, and—” He paused, waiting.

 “And?” I said, obligingly. The grin widened substantially.

“And we’ll see what sort of noise it is ye don’t make then, Sassenach.”

—Jamie & Claire in Voyager, Chapter 52

Mind you, this conversation is happening whilst Claire is sitting upon Jamie’s naked lap. Now can we all just take a moment and appreciate the conditions of the aforementioned conversation. A sexy, naked Scottish Highlander, who happens to be your husband, explaining how he is going to perform his marital service to you on the beach of an exotic island. Get the smelling salts cause we all just passed out.

Now to the Beach Wedding —

Marsali, who stubbornly insists that Jamie makes good on his promise to allow her and Fergus to have their marriage blessed by a priest, interrupts this sexy conversation. Fergus and Marsali had a secret hand fasting ceremony prior to joining the voyage to save Ian. The marriage took place with out Jamie’s permission or blessing. Jamie knew full well, that would take awhile to find a priest (or at least he thought it would) thus postponing any consummation activities. As luck would have it, a priest was indeed nearby, a drunk exiled priest but a priest nonetheless.

So here we are on an exotic on the Island of Hispaniola, the sun has set and the wedding is about to take place. I love how Diana describes those attending the wedding; there were sheep and horses in attendance. The entire crew of the Artemis was present and “gaily beribboned.” Claire is there with Jamie, who was dressed nicely and cleaned up but not wearing shoes.

 A King Charles spaniel was also present and humping the wooden leg of Murphy, the ships cook. Marsali is wearing a dress borrowed from the Priest’s deceased lover. Torches and a starlit sky illuminate the ceremony.

The very very drunk Father Fogden begins the ceremony and mistakes the wrong groom, not once but twice. Marsali corrects Father Fogden rather testily. Father Fogden goes on to question if Fergus is missing his cock due to the fact that Fergus is missing a hand. Jamie intervenes and firmly tells the priest to marry them, now. So, Father Fogden obliges and asks for Marsali’s name, she gives him the name and interrupts this hilarious rant from the dear old Priest.

Can’t get married without a name. Just like a cock. Can’t get married without a name, can’t get married without a c—”

Then it’s Fergus’ turn to give his name, but as a bastard born in a brothel, he was never given a surname, until now.

“Fraser,” said a deep, sure voice beside me. Fergus and Marsali both glanced back in surprise, and Jamie nodded. His eyes met Fergus’s and he smiled faintly. “Fergus Claudel Fraser,” he said, slowly and clearly. One eyebrow lifted as he looked at Fergus.

Fergus himself looked transfixed. His mouth hung open, eyes wide black pools in the dim light. Then he nodded slightly, and a glow rose in his face, as though he contained a candle that had just been lit.

“Fraser,” he said to the priest. His voice was husky, and he cleared his throat. Fergus Claudel Fraser.”

Voyager Chapter 52

Somebody get me some tissues! I love that Jamie is the most non-traditional father figure ever. His biological daughter is 200 years in the future; his biological son is the 9th Earl of Ellesmere and has no clue that Jamie is his father. Jamie has two sort of step-daughters and now, adopted son who is also his step-son in law. This would make for a very entertaining Jerry Springer episode.

There are so many elements woven together in this scene that make it rather epic if you ask me. The setting is terribly romantic and likely, the first beach wedding ever and you sigh dramatically at the thought of it and then realize Diana Gabaldon may have started the destination-wedding trend. The hilarity of the drunken Priest ranting about Fergus’ possibly missing cock lightens the mood, which nicely offsets the moment when Jamie gives Fergus his own name, Fergus Claudel Fraser. Dear God that was the sweetest darn thing ever, and you brush away the one glistening tear rolling down your cheek. Man, I love me some FerSali.

What scene do you hope makes it into season 3?

7 thoughts on “The Beach Wedding: and why it has to happen

  1. Great piece, Lauren! Really enjoyed it. That is definitely on my list of favorite scenes, but I am hoping, but not expecting, a small bit from the book where when Jamie is pretending to be the French captain, he moves near the trees where Claire and Marsali are hiding. When he sees Claire, he’s stunned. He makes an excuse to go into the trees, and “chats” with them, chewing out Claire for not staying on the Navy ship until he came; she starts to get irritated, and then he starts off, but runs back, grabs her, kisses her heartily, and says, “I forgot! I love you!” It’s just a little bit that could easily be left out and I imagine they won’t due to time constraints. It’s just one of those bits that always cracks me up.

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  2. Love Fergus and Marsali’s wedding! I also love in Written in My Own Heart’s Blood when the Frasers all attend an equally comical ceremony and Fergus whispers “You can’t get married without a cock” to Jamie and Claire. I had deja vu when I read the wedding in book 8 and it was nice to know Fergus saw the commonalities too!

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    1. Yes, indeed! 😀 I was just re-listening to that on audio book! I imagine they must all have a great strength of will to avoid bursting into laughter at the memory! All of Diana’s wedding descriptions are terrific; always enjoy them.

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      1. I’d have to check again to be sure but i think that in the description of the scene it says that Jamie’s mouth kept twitching like he was trying to keep from laughing. That might have been at the memory of Fergus and Marsali’s wedding, but it might also have been at the brides and grooms at this wedding all blaming themselves for absolutely everything!


  3. With the casting of the adult Fergus the addition of Cesar Domboy is spot on! I had the pleasure of meeting him last month. He is very nice in person and laughed when I told him he had big shoes to fill following Romann. Lauren Lyle is exactly how I pictured Marsali! I hope they keep the wedding exactly how it was written i the book

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