Outlander Season 3 Official Trailer: It’s Here and We’re Freaking Out 

Yesterday was the day that the official trailer for Outlander Season 3 was released and Lord have mercy do we have so many feeling about it. From the moment the trailer begins, we are on the edge-of-our-seat, biting-our-nails, clenching-our-butts-excited for what’s to come.

We hear a baby cry and see Claire in a hospital bed looking rather panicked, I imagine she most likely awoke from a nightmare involving the loss of her first child, Faith (but that’s purely speculation). From the books, we know that Claire’s second pregnancy was considered high risk, because Claire pondered at one point that she and Brianna would have likely both died in childbirth if Claire had stayed in the 18th century. Frank quickly walks in holding a bundle of baby and brings it to Claire, “Claire, he says, “it’s a baby girl.”

I am already tearing up at this point (6 seconds into the trailer) when Claire is gazing down at her baby and says, “You’re so beautiful.” Oh God! Shot through the heart! And then first husband says, “We’re going to be alright.” Then they kiss, very lovingly. 

Some of you may be thinking, WHAT ABOUT JAMIE?! How could she even kiss that face!? Well, I will tell you, first of all Jamie is dead. Or at least Claire thinks he is. Second of all, Jamie is dead, because technically he would be, no one lives to be over 200 years old afterall. Also, Claire is most likely so incredibly overjoyed to be holding her baby (after previously suffering a miscarriage) that she would most like kissed whomever happened to hand her her newborn baby.

Next, we get a little tour of Boston and what seems to be Frank and Claire’s arrival to the city. Next we see Frank holding a baby Brianna and saying “Come to Daddy, give me a kiss.” Us book readers recognize this scene from Voyager when Brianna rolls over and Claire gushes with pride and tells Frank what just happened. Frank has just gotten out of the shower and is just as proud as Claire is over Bree’s tiny accomplishment.

{Claire is trying to be ok with this} ^^

“The Bargain was, that we would raise this child together. And you will not let me in.” Frank says in the next clip. 

^^{looking way too much like BJR here for me to feel bad for you bro}

The trailer jumps to another scene with Claire sitting in a dark living room {looking pretty gangster if you ask me} smoking a cigarette and in the faded background Frank is on the stairs, from this we gather that communication is rather lacking in the Randall household.

Next we see Claire on the other side of the previous scene’s conversation, “You asked me to leave behind everything that truly mattered to me!” Claire says with tears streaming down her face. Now, here’s what I pulled from that, what did Claire leave behind in England? Well nothing really, she has no family, no friends to speak of, not a career, so what is this everything that she is talking about? Her past, and more specifically Jamie, the location is irrelevant. Frank realizes he does not truly matter to Claire anymore.

^^{why didn’t I think to give my wife a pearl necklace on our wedding night while I was naked? I guess I’ll just lie here and pout.}

Frank alone and sleepless at 3am in one moment and then it cuts to the breakfast table. A little Brianna hands Claire what is most likely a drawing (and if you’ve read the books you’ll know that Brianna is a very talented artist). “That’s wonderful darling.” The picture perfect family ruse that takes place during the day is a far cry from what happens in the night.

“Wish away,” Frank says in the next scene as a teenage Brianna blows out her birthday candles. There is tension in Franks voice and a sidelong glance from Claire that says “this façade is really getting old.” I’ll say, I need some red-headed-hunk in my life, STAT!

Brianna’s high school graduation is shown next; “You couldn’t look at Brianna, without seeing him,” We hear Frank say and then Brianna turns and we’re all likeDAYUM, she does look like Red Jamie, oh snap! Frankie boys got a point.

“What is it that you want from me!” Claire screams in the next scene to which Frank replies, “I want to know when you’re going to come back from the past.” 

In the books, we know it doesn’t really go down that way but it does give a good reflection to what is going on in Claire’s mind. In the text of Voyager, it is clearly illustrated in Claire’s narration that her heart will always be with Jamie and she was rather distant half of her living in the past and half of her living in the present. However, having Claire narrating over the entire show with every detail (while sometimes necessary) it can’t be done at every turn especially if you want to make things especially dramatic, and duh, of course we do.

Next, we see the Scottish flag (oh goody we’re getting closer to Jamie) it says Nemo Me Impune Lacesset, which means, no one attacks me with impunity, which is the motto of Scotland and of the Order of the Thistle. Impunity means immunity from the affects of detrimental acts. So-much-relevance to all the happenings that are happening right now!

Next, we see Lally Broch, and our TV husband waltzes into the courtyard like he’s arrived at Disneyland for the first time only to be ambushed by redcoats and put under arrest, and Jenny looking very guilty. This first time I watched this part of the trailer I thought “HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO YOUR BROTHER JANET FRASER MURRAY!?!” Then I watched it again and realized what was really going on. 

Jamie wanted to give himself over to the redcoats, he was ready to surrender and no longer wanted his family liable for aiding and embedding a criminal. So here’s what I think Jamie did, he set himself up. Obvi.

First off we know that James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser is no fool.  And if he had room for anymore middle names it would be Discretion. It is likely that  Jamie told Jenny to tip off the redcoats so she wouldn’t look like an accomplice to hiding Jamie for all these years and receive the reward money. The ruse had t be sure believable. The look on Jenny’s face was not one of guilt, but rather one of simply sadness. Jenny wishes she could save Jamie from this fate, too many times has she seen her brother hauled off to imprisonment. 

Next we see Jamie taken to Ardsmuir Prison and we get the first little glimpse of Lord John Grey (hello handsome). “I spoke to you of my wife,” Jamie says as we get a glimpse of the most perfect jawline in human history. 

To which John replies, “You said she was dead.” Jamies corrects him, “I said she was gone,” we see Jamie run his finger through the heather bush, “she’s truly gone,” Jamie’s words trail off.

Roger, honey buns, it’s you! “We have to establish Jamie is alive,” Roger says in a very teacher like manner. 

The scene is in the study at the Wakefield residence and Brianna very confidently tells her mother “We will find him.” Damn right you will Jamie Jr. Claire gives a wary yet hopeful glance.

Cut to Helwater, where Jamie does his parole and we see a glimpse of a very lustful Geneva Dunsany and a half naked Jamie. We can’t be mad at her guys, I mean who of us would be above black mail {or begging, whatever gets the job done} to get a piece of that? Not I.

“Twenty years ago I shut the door on the past,” Claire’s narration says as she looks at a small box of coins, “and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. 

We see a glimpse of Jamie at Culloden before it cuts back to Claire fighting back tears. Our hearts are in our throats. {it wasn’t this particular clip but Jamie just looks too good to leave it out} 

Things start to pick up here and our little hearts can barely handle it. Frank storms out {to his death most likely}.

Claire says she can’t go through that again (referring to shutting the door on the past).

Jamie accosting Lord John (and Lord John probably enjoying it).

Claire running down the hospital corridor.

Roger and Bree {or as I like to call them “Breeger”} making out.

Joe Abernathy looking dashing and important.

Jamie about to kill people on the battlefield.

Claire lying on the floor, with another MAN!!! Followed by a lightning speed clip of Claire covering her mouth (what is happening?!?)

Then a document with James Fraser listed on it.

“I found him,” we hear Claire’s voice say.Then it goes black for a moment and we try desperately to catch our breath. How do we even handle our excitement?

It fades to the title page with the premiere date and we think we are ok to take out deep breath now, but we don’t, because we immediately faint. The next thing our eyes see is Claire walking down the streets of Edinburgh in the good ole 18th century.

Holy Crap. The print shop, the actual mother f***ing print shop people. Deep breaths, we can live through this.

We see the red sign A. Malcolm Printer and Book Seller. Claire’s face is full of emotion and we have literally lost our minds.

Claire opens the door of the print shop and the little bell rings. Then it fades to black, we cry out to the sky and shake our fists shouting How will we even live until September 10th!?!?

Well, we can start by watching the trailer another dozen times. Hang in there Outlander fans, we can do this! We are in the droughtlander home stretch! Please share any thoughts, insights, conspiracy theories and or general excitement! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Watch the full trailer here! 

21 thoughts on “Outlander Season 3 Official Trailer: It’s Here and We’re Freaking Out 

  1. Lauren, you are an absolute delight. Your commentary is spot on and we all appreciate your insights on the series and “our” collective Outlander husband. Thanks for taking the time to write and edit those clips. I look forward to your blog posts and feel a kinship with ye! Lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was thinking the same things. Maybe Claire is on the floor with frank 😦 she was in book. Will they show that as the same time as Geneva 😦 and Jamie. I hope not, I know Jamie says in later books it doesn’t signify. Correct, but I don’t have to see it. 😦
    Cait’s is perfect outside The Print Shop. What I always pictured. Complete joy of Claire face thinking or seeing Jamie. Claire’s face is never like that otherwise. I now can’t wait for the fainting and crying. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it is Claire and Jamie at Lollybroch after she returns to the past. Her and Jamie get in a fight when you know who breaks into there room and announces she is Jamies wife. Claire tries to leave and they land on the floor tasselling she trying to leave and Jamie is determine to have her. But Jenny interrupts and throw water on them. Just My Opinion.


  3. Regarding this… “You asked me to leave behind everything that truly mattered to me!” Claire says with tears streaming down her face. Now, here’s what I pulled from that, what did Claire leave behind in England? Well nothing really, she has no family, no friends to speak of, not a career, so what is this everything that she is talking about? Her past, and more specifically Jamie, the location is irrelevant. Frank realizes he does not truly matter to Claire anymore.

    I don’t think it’s England, family, friends or career she is talking about it’s when Frank made her stop looking for Jamie in books and burned her 18th century clothing … he tried to make her forget the past and leave her memories behind. Those are the things that truly mattered to her.

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