Turtle Soup: The Sexy Scene We Can’t Shut-Up About

We are out of our minds with excitement now that we have a premier date of Outlander Season 3, September 10th 2017! Yay! I will definitely fash myself because I canna wait! Ye with me lassies?

( Yes we will )

Those not as obsessed with all things created in the mind of herself, Diana Gabaldon, may have not a clue as to what we are talking about when we mention Turtle Soup every five minutes. I am more than happy to enlighten you. For those of us lovely Outlander fans who have been fangirling about this scene since filming on season three began, sit back and enjoy the recap. The reason we love the Turtle Soup scene is that it is hilarious and downright sexy.

After a little Pirate attack aboard the Artemis, Claire incurs an injury to her arm. The arm gets infected and Claire has to use some of the remaining penicillin that she brought from the 20th century. Claire sleeps it off for a while and awakens rather weak and feverish. Jamie is trying very hard (pun intended) to focus on nourishing his wife by feeding her turtle soup all the while the wife in question is feeling very aroused.

One of my absolute favorite things Diana does in her writing of Jamie is his attempt to relate or grasp elements of the 20th century and it’s always hysterical. 

Take his misquote of a very well-known saying of our time “And they do say that abstinence makes the heart grow firmer, no?” Oh, fictional husband, you are so adorable!
Claire corrects him that it’s absence, and fonder. Jamie goes on to mention that he is feeling “a wee bit firm myself at the moment.” 

Jamie explains that Claire sitting there in her see-through shift and very visible nipples has given him a rather untimely hankering to have his wife in a very carnal way.

Claire is amused and wants to hear more about said firmness. Jamie is abashed at the idea of having such carnal relations with his wife while she is ill and begins to list the reasons as to why sexy time is NOT happening right now. 

Claire is not one to give up so easily and grabs Jamie right on the aforementioned firmness. “Oh, my. Heavens, you do have a problem, don’t you?” Claire aptly observes of her handful of husband.

Jamie again refuses to have sexy time with Claire telling her she is not only ill but also drunk as well from the amount of sherry contained in the turtle soup she has just consumed. 

Claire says she’ll prove that she is most certainly not drunk by standing to her feet if Jamie will bolt the door in the meantime. Claire stands and Jamie bolts the door, the swaying of the boat conveniently throws Claire into horny husband’s arms and then passion takes over. 

The heat of Claire’s body was in stark contrast to what she was accustomed to; Jamie was usually the hot one, this element made things all the more exciting for them both.

Then Claire, our goddess and hero, in her injured feverish state, gets on her knees and begins to orally please her husband. In the midst of this encounter, a one Mr. Lawrence Stern begins a conversation with Jamie through the (thankfully) bolted door. 

It takes all of Jamie’s willpower and concentration to maintain a civil conversation while receiving vigorous sexual pleasures from his wife “…is Mrs. Fraser feeling somewhat improved?” Stern asks, to which Jamie replies with feeling “Verra much,” and we all begin giggling hysterically. I have no doubt that Sam will perfectly capture Jamie’s essence in this moment and I bloody can’t wait to see it!

Claire also finds this whole scenario hilarious because as Jamie repositions his wife to take her from a different angle he whispers to her, “Laugh, and I’ll throttle ye.” Caitriona will, of course, slay in this moment with her always perfectly spot on facial expressions that communicate a thousand words with one look.

Jamie and Claire are now on their knees and bent over the berth, Mr. Stern continues to have a conversation with Jamie to his chagrin. However, this does not impede Jamie from continuing in the task of serving his wife (and himself) with undo pleasure. 

FINALLY, Stern leaves them the heck alone so they can have sexy time in peace. With the rocking of the boat and Claire’s feverish state, make for a very pleasurable sexual escapade with her husband. Claire lets out a squeal; Jaime promptly covers her mouth (I do love when they do that, don’t you?). Their pleasure reaches its peak and we all take a deep breath, the smell of the ocean nearly tangible.

Claire is in her pink cloud of euphoria as Jamie gently sets her back in bed and sweetly asks about her injured arm.

“What arm? I murmured drowsily. I felt as though I had been melted and poured into a mold to set.
“Good,” he said, a smile in his voice.
“Can ye stand up?”
“Not for all the tea in China.”
“I’ll tell Murphy ye liked the soup.”

We really really liked the soup Jamie Fraser and we canna wait to see it in season three!


18 thoughts on “Turtle Soup: The Sexy Scene We Can’t Shut-Up About

  1. This is quite possibly the best article I have ever read. You are very talented in telling a story, laced with so much humor. These two actors will do this scene justice….they are both very daring professionals….and we love their characters. Must admit….Sam’s Jamie is my favorite. Thank you for such fine work…well done.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your writing! You’ve definitely made me giggle with pleasure and made me go back to read this very sentual, terribly funny part of the book.
    Can’t WAIT for Season 3!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. It has gotten so hot in here! My God, I read this in the book about a year ago but it never stops being steamy. Now I can see the two of them when I hear the words. OMG it is going to be pornographic! I can’t wait…

    Liked by 1 person

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