Writer’s Crossroads (is that a thing?)

I feel like writing has been a struggle for me lately. Which is a strange thing in and of itself because writing is my outlet. I have been in the editing phase of my novel, Ellie Bixby and the Window to Darvlian Orpth, for the past nine months and it’s incredible how exhilarating and frustrating that process can be. On one hand I feel like editing my book has helped me refine my writing skills and grow by leaps and bounds. On the other hand, my creative brain wants to move on and create the next story that is bouncing around in my head. For lack of a better term my creative brain feels constipated. Luckily, I’ve finished editing Ellie Bixby, so the type A side of my brain feels satisfied enough to move on to the next project, which (I thought) would be book 2 in the Ellie Bixby series. I’ve sent off the first round of 25 submissions of my manuscript of book 1, to literary agents…so far I’ve received 3 no’s. The best encouragement I’ve gotten during this process is that it only takes one yes. It may take 199 no’s and I’m ok with that. So back to book 2 — I’m the kind of person who must finish something once I start and because I see Ellie Bixby as a 3 book series I feel conflicted about feeling drawn toward my historical romance novel that was abandoned after I had only written 5 chapters because my idea for Ellie Bixby literally took over. So my loyalty and need to finish what has been started has caused me to feel quite torn between the two projects. I’m still developing my creative process as a novelist so I’m not sure if I’m a writer who can work on more than one project at once. I know some author’s do that but I really want to do what feels organic to my writing style. Whenever I have written anything whether it be a song, poem, children’s book, novel or scene — it has always been an epiphany — boom! all of a sudden it’s there and I’m furiously writing. I usually see it beforehand. I can’t really see how book 2 starts, I can see important parts of the book but not everything. As far as my historical romance novel I have the whole story line and it’s really just a matter of finishing it. It will take me much longer to write this particular book because I have to simultaneously research while writing. I suppose I must learn to be patient and accept that not every book takes 6 weeks to write like Ellie Bixby did. So I suppose the struggle of writing is rooted not in how to write but rather in what. Do I continue on with Ellie Bixby or revisit the historical romance?  Decisions decisions. I will keep you all posted. I welcome your thoughts on this conundrum. 

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