Life Lately

Over the past few weeks I have been a busy lady.

I successfully weaned Lily, my 2.5 year old from nursing {breastfeeding extended way longer than I ever intended and I don’t regret it}.

I also successfully potty trained that same child and transitioned her to a big girl bed. She had her qualms about it all {tantrums, peeing on the floor purposefully and close fist punching me at times } but we’ve gotten through it all and even though she’ll never admit it, she is enjoying her new found independence. 

William had some behavior set backs during all of Lily’s transitions . William wasn’t a fan of Lily getting so much attention but we managed to get through that too and he is in a really good place now. 

Leina is a gem. She really is such a delightful easy going kid. Her cheer competitions start next month and I cry like a blubbering idiot whenever I watch her practice. I am that mom. Leina has worked so hard and I am so incredibly proud.

I have been busy writing a young adult novel, I’m on chapter 13 {that’s over 30,000 words yikes!} I can hardly believe it. It has been a thrill to write it because Leina and my nephews have been reading the chapters as I write them and they are obsessed. And if I can impress Aidan Bach then I know I’m doing something right. {I will be posting a excerpt from the book soon}

The poem I shared on my last post I Found Myself Today  has reached the semi finals of a national poetry contest. I didn’t expect anything to come from it so that was pretty exciting news to get! 

My darling Hubby is the hardest working man alive…and also very busy. I’m so looking forward to having him all to ourselves Easter Sunday. 

We had an early Easter celebration with Matt’s parents on Sunday and got some pretty cute pictures from that day. We plan to do our own little family tradition this Sunday including a traditional Easter dinner. Our kids are all about the surprise eggs… Do your kids watch those YouTube videos? Ours are obsessed. 

Hope you all have a great Easter, I’m looking forward to seeing all the cute Easter egg hunting pictures!


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